Best Dodge Challenger Mods

Best Dodge Challenger Mods How to Mod Your Particluar Model

Are you wondering what the best Dodge Challenger Mods are for your new ride? If so, you will be interested to see what we’ve found. There are tons of modifications you can install. Some are worthwhile, while others are frivolous.

There are several reasons that people modify a new or used Challenger. If you are purchasing a used model, you may be open to upgrades that would potentially void a new model’s vehicle warranty. So, determining the best modifications may depend on your particular model.

Background on the Challenger

Dodge started selling the Challenger as a vehicle model in 1969. Before that, the company gave the name to the Coronet a the form of the Silver Challenger trim. The Challenger was the automaker’s response to Ford’s Mercury line of vehicles. Consumers wanted cars that were larger and had options for more powerful engines.

Nevertheless, the classic Challenger was only made from 1969 to 1974, when Dodge halted production mid-way through the year. During this period, the Challenger had options for an inline-6 or V8 engine.

The V8 Four years later, Dodge loaned the Challenger name to Mitsibushi. From 1978 through 1983, the Mitsubishi Galant Lambda wore the name. The car shared the same platform, and many features as the  Plymouth Sapporo and Mitsubishi built both.

Sales never really took off in the United States market, and the vehicle was scrapped from 1983 until 2008 when Dodge decided to reintroduce the car that was gone before people had a chance to realize its worth. What made it worse for car collectors is that so few were produced.

So, when Dodge announced that it was bringing the car back and giving it the classic style with an updated look, some people were ecstatic. Upon the reintroduction of the Chalsz

Before 2008, most Challenger owners limited modifications to upgraded paint jobs, upholstery, and tuning. Post-2008, it is not uncommon to see an array of Challenger mods that span from interior amenities to performance parts.

Best Performance Modifications

Dodge Challenger Mods

Your ability to tune your Challenger engine to receive more horsepower is part of Challenger’s appeal. It has always offered impressive engine options, but you can get even more out of the car when you add aftermarket parts.

Cold Air Intake

Installing an air intake helps your engine more effectively pull cooled air in during the combustion process. When you remove your factory intake and replace it with a quality product like the Spectre Air Intake, you increase your car’s horsepower no matter if you drive the inline-6 or larger V8. However, fifty percent more airflow will make your vehicle run smoother.

Custom Exhaust Headers

Custom exhaust headers will give your car a mean sound and increase your vehicle’s horsepower. The Borla Performance Exhaust Manifolds are an excellent choice. They are corrosion-resistant and come with a 1-million-mile warranty. So, once you install your exhaust manifolds, you never have to worry about replacing them.

Read our full guide on how to find the best exhaust for your car.

Cat-Back Exhaust

The term cat-back means that you are replacing the exhaust system after the catalytic converter. Owners opt for this modification to reduce airflow restriction and increase the power output. Doing this upgrade will also help your car produce more horsepower.

There are dozens of options on the market, but they are not all the same quality. You want to invest in a system that will last for a long time, increases your vehicle’s power, and sounds great. You can’t go wrong with the Magnaflow Competition Series.

See how Cat-Back vs Axle-Back exhausts compare.


Superchargers are another way to get cool air into your engine. When you install one, it has fans that force air into the engine at a higher rate. The larger quantity of air is then compressed in the port, which causes more fuel to inject into the engine. Essentially, a supercharger is just a larger air intake.

There are many superchargers on the market. Kenne Bell makes high-quality superchargers for many Dodge models. The supercharger is something that you should have professionally installed and tuned.

Best Safety Modifications

Dodge Challenger Mods

Believe it or not, the Challenger has always been a safe vehicle. It receives a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA. However, some modifications will make your car even safer, especially if you have an older model.

Upgraded Brake Pads

With an increase in power, you want to make sure that your vehicle stops when you need it to. The standard brakes Dodge outfits each Challenger with are sufficient. If you want to replace your brake pads, it is a good idea to wait until you need new ones.

If you choose to switch out the stock pads with aftermarket ones, try an option like the Challenger Power Stop Z23 Extreme Performance Ceramic pads. Ceramic brake pads are easier on your rotors, and they make braking more precise. However, you should be aware that the softer the pads are, the more frequently you will need to change them.

Back-Up Camera

Back-up cameras are a standard feature the law requires automakers to install in all newly manufactured vehicles. If you own an older model Challenger, installing a backup camera will make your vehicle a bit safer. If you own a 2011 or later model that includes a uConnect screen, there are affordable options that integrate with the screen you already have in your vehicle.

Camera Source offers an easy-to-install plug-and-play backup camera that comes with all of the parts you need to complete the job, which should only take an hour or so to complete.

Clutch Delay Valve Delete

Newer model manual transmission Challengers have a clutch delay valve (CDV) that delays the clutch to prevent damage to the drivetrain. However, many owners have actually had issues with this component. It can actually make your vehicle feel like it is skipping gears. It can also cause the vehicle to shift into a lower gear at inopportune times, like driving around a corner or in traffic.

The result of your vehicle downshifting is rapid acceleration. So, although the CDV should protect your drivetrain, many drivers feel that it makes the Challenger unsafe. Performing this modification takes about 10 minutes.

After you remove the CDV, you may need to refill the transmission fluid. You may also notice it is difficult to engage gears at first. That is because you need to depress the clutch a few dozen times so the line can fill with fluid. After you do that, this mod makes a huge difference in the feel of your ride.

You will notice the biggest difference when switching between first and second and third and fourth gears. The transmission will be much smoother, and your car will transition faster.

Best Exterior Challenger Mods

Dodge Challenger Mods

The first thing people notice about your Challenger is the way it looks. You can have a ton of power under the hood, but if your vehicle doesn’t command attention, no one will even notice. So, here are some upgrades that make a big impact.

Lowering Springs

The height of the Challenger can make a big difference in the way the vehicle looks. Mopar sells lowering springs that give the Challenger a mean look. The Mopar Performance Lowering Springs cost around $300 plus installation for a 1.25-inch drop.

Halo/Demon Eye Headlights

Adding unnecessary lights makes some vehicles look tacky. However, on 3rd generation Challengers, the demon eye lights look great. These LEDs create a colored ambient light around projector headlamps.

The effect is a soft, colored glow. You can use a kit from Diode Dynamics. The Challenger kit comes with Demon Eyes and Halos. However, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth controller for each set and butyl strip, which you will need to put your headlamps back together.

You will need to remove the headlight lens to install the LEDs. So, if you are uncomfortable doing that, you need to let a professional handle the task.

Best Interior Challenger Upgrades

You spend a lot of time in your car. So, you want it to be comfortable and reflect your personality. There are tons of aftermarket customization kits and components sold to help you customize nearly every piece of part of your Challenger. Here are the best ones.

WeatherTech Floor Liners

WeatherTech makes excellent vehicle-specific floor liners. Aside from adding a finished look to the inside of your Challenger, WeatherTech mats protect the carpeting. The entire front and rear set will run you around $170.

EL Wire

EL or electroluminescent wire is an easy modification that you can easily complete at home. The parts cost less than $20, and the job will take you less than an hour. You can purchase a kit like the San Jison 16-ft interior lights. When you install the EL wire, it is good to connect it to the footwell light because those lights turn on when it gets dark outside, which is likely when you will want your interior lights to turn on.

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Learning the most frequent questions asked by Challenger owners can help you determine which upgrades are worthwhile and which you should pass on. So, here are some of the most common questions asked by Challenger owners when searching for information on the best vehicle modifications.

Question: How can I increase the horsepower of my dodge challenger?

Answer: There are a few ways to get more horsepower out of your Challenger. Cold air intake is one of the most affordable and effective ways. Plus, it may help to extend the life of your vehicle. If you are purchasing off the showroom floor, consider opting for the larger V8 engine. With the bigger motor, you have more opportunities to increase horsepower.

Question: How can I make my Dodge Challenger look better?

Answer: There are a ton of aftermarket parts you can add to any vehicle to alter the visual appeal. One of the most beneficial is window tint. Adding window tint gives your Challenger a sleeker look. Color changing lights are another common Challenger upgrade, and while it is not for everyone, adding lights tactfully can make your car more appealing.

Question: Which Challenger Model is the fastest?

Answer: The Dodge Challenger Demon is the fastest model while running in high octane mode. However, in-stock mode, the title goes to the Challenger SRT Super Stock, which receives more than 807 horsepower from its 6.2-liter, 8-cylinder, supercharged engine. That is just one horsepower short of the Demon’s impressive 808 hp.

The impressive aspect is that the new SRT Super Stock does so without high octane fuel in the engine. Plus, it is likely possible to get even higher horsepower out of your vehicle.

Question: What is the best year for Challenger to buy?

Answer: Car enthusiasts throughout the world idolize the 1969 through 1974 Challenger. However, few are left today so, if you want a newer model that is easier to locate, the 2008 Challenger SRT8 and the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hell Cat. Of course, there are many other great years, too.

If you are opting for a V6, you will likely want a 2011 or later model. Before that, the Challenger with a six-cylinder engine only produced 250 hp. In 2011, the standard V6 engine was tuned to produce 305 hp. That is a big difference, and you can definitely tell when you are behind the wheel. So, you will want to take advantage of the increased power.

A Word of Advice on Challenger Modifications

There are so many mods available to customize the aesthetic, performance, and comfortability of your Challenger. Most mods add little to no resale value to your car. So, you should be comfortable paying for the mods to enjoy driving the car.

If you are going to install costly performance parts, start with the easiest components to change out and keep your OEM parts so you can take out the expensive components and replace them with the original equipment before the sale.

For less expensive mods, make sure they are easily returned to the factory equipment. That allows you to reinstall them on your next vehicle or sell them if the new owner does not pay you what they are worth. If you have a new Challenger, it is also a good idea to check with your vehicle warranty and delay modifications that would void it.

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