Best Nissan Titan Mods

Best Nissan Titan Mods You Need to Know of

Looking to upgrade your Nissan Titan? There are a plethora of Nissan Titan mods you can choose from. Finding the ones that match and will take your Titan to a whole new level is not easy.

You need to consider modes for the interior, exterior, and performance of your Nissan Titan. These mods will give your car a facelift and will also improve performance and fuel efficiency. Check out our buying guide and list of two of the best mods for each of the three areas mentioned.

Mod Buying Guide

When you are modifying your car, you need to decide the areas you want to modify and those that you may want to leave with stock parts. There are three main categories of car mods:

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Performance

You need to decide the mods you will get for each category, or the categories you don’t plan to modify at all.

best nissan titan mods

Interior Mods

Interior mods are those that involve the interior of the car. They can be anything from car seat covers to floor mats. They also include the interior décor of your car. For example, you may want to modify the indoor lighting of your car. This falls under interior mods.

Nissan Titan interiors mods are plenty in the market. When you plan to modify your car’s interior, you need to decide the areas you need to concentrate on. You can either decide to modify the car seats, the floors, interior lighting, dashboard and armrests, cup holders, and so forth.

A good idea can be changing the car seats. Stock car covers and car seats rarely need seat covers as part of the modification. However, you may consider this option if you want the interior of your car to have a specific design.

For example, some people paint their dashboards to a different color or a mixture of several colors. This may mean the original color of your seats may not go well with this change. As such, you may be required to get some seat covers to complete the new look. The same will apply to cup holders, glove box, and armrest mods, interior door covers, and lighting. Take these factors into consideration as you decide on the mods you want.

Exterior Mods

The exterior of a car is something every car lover is keen on maintaining and improving. The nods of approval you get from other people are all because of exterior mods. These are items like rims, bull bars, bug deflectors, muffler tips, and the color of the car.

All vehicle manufacturers produce cars with exterior colors limited to a certain number of colors. For example, you may want a maroon Nissan Titan, but you can only find a white one. Some vehicle manufacturers allow you to choose a specific color, but this happens only when you make a personal order with your specific preferences. Not everyone can afford this.

This means you will need to find other options such as a paint shop. Since this is the case here, you need to consider a few factors before you go for exterior color mods. For example, you need to consider the color of your rims and their pattern. Believe it or not, these will affect the overall outlook of your car.

Other exterior mods include bull bars, blacked-out lights, rims, tonneau covers, and so forth. Making such modifications to get the best results is not easy. Try and find an auto shop that can let you see a virtual image of the changes you plan on making. This is usually done using a computer-generated image or video.

Such systems will give you an insight into what you expect your Nissan Titan to look like when you have completed your mods. The virtual image is generated based on the colors you choose, the types of rims you have/want, and accessories such as bull bars. When you look at the generated images and videos, you can get a better idea of what to expect. This will help you make a better exterior mod decision.

Performance Mods

These are mainly for people who are looking for more miles per gallon, a faster car, or even a louder car. You may feel like your vehicle is consuming more miles per gallon than you would want. You can get items such as air intakes or performance chips to improve your fuel consumption.

Take note when you get these items, you need to make sure they are compatible with your specific Nissan Titan model. Some performance chips may be compatible with only newer versions of Titans. Remember to also confirm if they will give you the improved consumption you want. If the difference is minimal, it is not worth your investment.

nissan titan performance mods

Exhaust systems will also have an impact on your fuel consumption and the overall performance of your car. There are a plethora of exhaust systems to choose from. Popular companies such as Borla and Magnaflow have exhaust systems that can fit almost every model of Nissan Titans. You just need to decide what you want.

Some people love that rumbling sound from exhaust systems. The roar comes at a cost. Some exhaust systems make your car consume more fuel, but give you a louder rumble or roar. On the other hand, some are loud enough without compromising fuel consumption.

It all boils down to what you want, what is available, and what you can afford.

6 Best Nissan Titan Mods

In this guide, we are going to take a look at two of the best modes for the interior, exterior, and performance. Let’s start with the interior.

2 Best Nissan Titan Interior Mods

The interior of your car is important as this is where you will spend most of the time when you are using your car. Seat covers and floor mats are a great way to spruce up your Titan’s interior. Let’s take a look at the best floor liners and seat covers.

Neosupreme Custom-Fit Seat Covers

One of the advantages of these seat coves is they are available in 8 lovely designer colors. You can use one color or a combination of two or more colors to complement the interior of your Titan.

Neosupreme Custom-Fit Seat Covers

Coverking is careful when making seat covers. Everything is done professionally from the best-engineered patterns to the use of quality materials. Some of the benefits you get include:

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the Neosupreme Custom-Fit Seat Covers or you just don’t like them, you can return them for a replacement. The company offers you 30 days to check out the seat covers. You can return them anytime within this period for a change or refund.


All seat covers from Coverking are American made. This means they don’t compromise the quality of the products. The location of the company is in California, and all materials used are high-quality American made materials.

Installation Guide

With every purchase, you get an installation guide. For popular cars like the Titan, the installation guide is in form of a video. These videos offer you a step-by-step installation guide to make installation easy.

Buckles and Zippers

Coverking has engineered the straps, buckles, and zippers for the best performance. For instance, brand zippers like Velcro are used on the seat covers. This is a high quality and popular brand for zippers on seat covers.

Installation Tool and Safety Kit

To make the installation easier, an installation tool is part of the seat cover package. A safety kit is also included. The kit comes with a pair of safety gloves and glasses.

True Custom Patterns

3D imaging equipment is used to digitally scan all their covers. The result is a true custom-fit that is hard to find. Coverking also has a plethora of patterns for all Nissan Titans. Their engineers spend weeks perfecting and refining patterns specifically for your Titan’s center consoles, headrests, and seats.

Each pattern undergoes testing for durability and precise fit. The design process is an art where ease of installation and the best fit need to be balanced. All their patterns are engineered to ensure this goal is met.


Coverking is keen to ensure the quality of their car seats and satisfaction is guaranteed. You can buy with confidence thanks to lifetime repair, industry-leading warranties, and easy returns. You get a 2-year warranty, lifetime care, and 30 days return and refund policy.

Neosupreme Custom-Fit Seat Covers | Amazon

Neosupreme seat covers are water-resistant and are an affordable alternative to Neoprene. Tailor-made to the exact specifications of your vehicle's seats and protects your seats from spills, stains, and damage.

Buy at
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02/18/2024 03:50 pm GMT


  • Consoles are covered if they are combined with a middle seat that has a seat belt
  • Map pockets, airbag cutouts, armrest, and headrest covers are included
  • Available for front, middle and rear seats
  • Custom designed to suit your exact specifications
  • A plethora of designs and patterns available


  • Costs more than other generic seat covers
  • Refund does not include the cost of shipping

WeatherTech Digital Fit FloorLiners

When it comes to interior protection, WeatherTech is an industry leader. It is an American company that manufactures high-quality floor liners. As a thrifty customer, you may be wondering why you should get the WeatherTech Digital Fit FloorLiners when there are others at a fraction of the cost. Knowing the features of these floor liners can help you make an informed decision.

WeatherTech Digital Fit FloorLiners

Laser Measured and Custom Fit

The Digital Fit FloorLiners from WeatherTech has ramped up the Nissan Titan vehicle floor liner industry. These products are custom fit to your specific Nissan Titan. Apart from giving you added peace of mind, these liners will up your resale value while protecting your upholstery.

These are features that are helpful if you have children or people who are known to make frequent messes in your Titan. It is a great investment if you are on the go. The floor mats are a good investment whether you drive in the city or you go off-road for trips, hikes, or you just love traveling.

The Breakdown of Digital Fit FloorLiners

There is a plethora of information with regards to Digital Fit FloorLiners from WeatherTech. To make things simple, we have come up with a bullet list to give you a simple yet educative list of features.

Here we go:

  • A perfect fit offering you a “just-drove-off-the-lot” condition
  • Top of the liner vehicle floor mats
  • Sufficient flexibility to allow you to remove, clean, and reinstall
  • Top of the line spill protection
  • Conforms to the shape of your Titan’s floor

Heavy-duty OEM Floor Mats vs WeatherTech

Traditionalists will favor purchasing directly from their OEM supplier instead of buying from other manufacturers such as WeatherTech. We did our research on people who used WeatherTech and those who opted for OEM floor mats.

Heavy-duty OEM rubber floor mats are thicker and heavier than liners. These features offer a cushion and prevent the mats from sliding around. They are a great improvement over the mats currently in your car. The downside is they don’t protect your car from tiny debris, dust, and spills. Liners do a better job especially against the sill plate and behind the pedals.

WeatherTech floor liners are not mats. They are more like a second lining for your car. Once installed, they feel like they came with the car from the manufacturer. They become your Titan’s new and improved footwell! Go for WeatherTech if you want to make cleanup easier while protecting the interior of your car.

WeatherTech 444931 Digital Fit Floor Liner | Amazon

The WeatherTech FloorLiner accurately and completely lines the interior carpet giving "absolute interior protection"! Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit.

View on Amazon View on AutoAnything
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  • Easy to clean spills and debris
  • Made using waterproof HDTE and TPO materials
  • Offers complete interior protection
  • Custom and laser fit to match the shape of your Titan’s floorboard
  • Protects upholstery against mud, muck, and spills
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty


  • Pricier than OEM floor liners or mats
  • The process is long from the design to the end-product

Exterior Mods

The exterior of your vehicle makes it stand out from the crowd. The number of modifications available for the exterior of any car is high. To make your Titan look great and protect parts of the exterior, you can look for mods like a bug deflector and tonneau cover.

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Tonneau Cover

The Tonno Pro Tonneau Cover is excellent for occasions such as carrying a small load or just covering your truck’s bed. They have many sizes to choose from that can fit your Nissan Titan’s truck bed. The cover is made using vinyl, and clamps are used to secure it. Make sure you have both the rear and front bed clamps in place before you start installing the cover.

Quick Summary

The cover comes with quick-release straps and buckles. This means you can unfold the cover starting from the bed’s front. When you get to the rear, tighten down the clamps. Make sure the lid is properly centered as you tighten down the corresponding clamps.

Avoid tightening the front and rear slide clamps too much unless you have made sure the cover is correctly centered. This may lead to sealing issues. Ensure the rear clamps are secured properly. If you drive without securing them, you may end up damaging the cover. Lastly, you can easily fold up the cover thanks to hinges that secure it together. Folding the Tonno Pro Fold Tonneau Cover is easy and it can be removed in one piece.

Built to Last

We discovered that the 24 oz vinyl used on the Tonno Pro cover is durable. If the right precautions are taken, it can last for several years. The company does not recommend placing anything or leaning on it since this could potentially weaken and stretch the cover.

The clamps and frame are made from aluminum and come with a limited lifetime warranty against any defects from materials or workmanship. Additionally, there is a ten-year warranty on the vinyl cover.

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | Auto Anything

E-Z clamping system locks down the cover from the inside, securing your belongings from the elements and any on-lookers.

Check Price Buy at
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  • Cover and frame come with a factory warranty
  • Made from high quality 24 oz vinyl
  • Can be stored or removed quickly
  • Simple installation without the need to drill
  • Frame and clamps come with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Possibility of stretching if items are placed on it
  • Damage may be caused if the clamps are excessively tightened

Auto Ventshade 25045 Bugflector II

A huge stone or bug can cause a lot of damage to your Nissan Titan. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure you avoid such damages: a bug deflector. It is a vehicle accessory that covers the front edge of your car’s hood. It protects from sediments, stones, insects, and other similar hazards when you drive.

One of the best bug deflectors in the market is the 25045 bug deflector made by Auto Ventshade. It is a Nissan Titan mod built and designed to perfectly fit all Nissan Titan models. The full wrap-around and height design allows you to easily install it giving your Titan a customizable design.

The installation ensures you effectively protect your car from stones, sediments, and bugs. Furthermore, the sleek design enhances the aerodynamics of the car while ensuring improved aesthetics. This gives your vehicle enhanced protection and performance.

One of the features that make it popular is it is safe to use in a car wash. You can easily wax or clean it without having to remove it. Impact-modified acrylic materials are used to make it.

This type of material is wear-and-tear proof to make sure you get added protection and maximum durability. A dark smoke finish is featured that makes your Titan stand out from the crowd by offering a sleek appearance. The following are features you should consider when you are looking for a bug deflector.


Just like any vehicle accessory, not all bug deflectors will fit on your car. This means it is wise to look for one that is designed to suit the make and model of your truck. Always check the specifications of the accessory before you buy it. If you don’t check compatibility, you may have to purchase a different bug deflector. Alternatively, you may have to drill holes on your hood which can be costly and tedious.


The construction of any bug deflector determines how good it is in protecting your windshield and hood paint from small stones and big bugs. It will also impact the durability of your bug deflector. If you are looking for the best quality, go for a bug deflector made using high-quality materials like impact-modified acrylic. They ensure enhanced longevity and protection.

Ease of Installation

You want to consider bug deflectors that are easy to install if you are on a budget. It is also good to look for a deflector that doesn’t require extra modifications. The Ventshade 25045 is designed for all Nissan Titan models. It can be easily fit by following the simple instructions that come with it.

Auto Ventshade 25045 Bugflector II Dark Smoke Hood Shield | Amazon

Auto Ventshade's Bugflector II Hood shield is custom-molded and precision-engineered to fit perfectly, designed to protect and complement the contours of your vehicle's hood.

Buy at
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  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • A sleek appearance thanks to the dark smoke finish
  • Maximum durability is guaranteed by the tear-proof impact-modified acrylic material used to make the deflector
  • Design lets you clean and wax it easily
  • Car-wash safe


  • The screws are small for some car makes and models
  • Does not come with many designs to choose from

Performance Mods

The performance of your Titan is as important as the aesthetics of the interior and exterior. There are many performance options to choose from. One of the best combinations is getting a good air intake mod with a great exhaust system. The following is a look at the best air intake kit and exhaust system compatible with most Nissan Titans.

K&N’s AirCharger Kit

K&N’s AirCharger performance kit can turn your Titan into a mud-slinging monster with more torque and horsepower. The kit optimizes flow at all possible locations by replacing your engine’s air intake tract.

One of the benefits of using this air charger is the signature Filtercharger from K&N. It is a filter specially designed and crafted using woven cotton fabric. The fabric is sandwiched between 2 layers of a wire mesh screen. Incoming air is smoothed and straightened thanks to the grid-like effect resulting from the combination of screen and fabric.

Air flows faster the “straighter and smoother” it is. This kind of air ensures your engine can “breathe” easier. Increased airflow has a direct impact on increased performance. Turbocharged or supercharged engines with a high sensitivity to airflow get better gains when they use an air intake filter like this one.

When there is a weak link in the airflow your car will produce below average horsepower. The weak link is usually the air path the manufacturer created for the engine. K&N air intake kits get rid of the air path restrictions your vehicle manufacturer installed. The kit replaces the entire path to the engine as well as the air filter.

Such kits have an aerodynamically engineered tube that drives a lot of air into the engine. This in turn translates into power. K&N 63 series are state-of-the-art and that is why we recommend them for your Nissan Titan.

For installation, you can start with the largest conically shaped air filter. This can be fitted into the engine compartment while using original mounting points and factory holes. The extra size of this filter offers more airflow compared to the standard K&N O/E replacement filter. The latter is limited to the size of the airbox that originally comes with your Titan.

The filter from this air intake kit also holds and captures more dirt increasing service before you need to clean it. The good thing about such kits is you can service them after more than 80,000 miles.

The filter has a heat shield to shield it from high engine temperature. The heat shield is also designed to lower the temperature of the air entering the engine. This in turn increases your car’s horsepower. The filter is then attached to a rotationally molded tube. Interlaced high-density polyethylene is used to make this molded tube.

The process allows the manufacturer to shape the tube precisely. It also provides acceleration in airflow and reduces turbulence to the engine. The above are reasons why you may notice some unique indentations and shapes from some of their tubes. These are features specifically designed for each application.

Lastly, the tube is connected to the engine through adapters made from high quality and strong materials such as silicon. Reinforced nylon is another material used to ensure long life. When you put all these together, you get the best high-flow intake system you can get in the market.

K&N air intakes are developed for many different vehicles including the Nissan Titan. They are a dramatic improvement over any O/E replacement filters you find in auto shops. A metal tube is used to reduce intake over sound while the rotationally molded tubes reduce the temperature of air coming in. The biggest disadvantage is that restriction between the engine and air filter reduces the benefit of a K&N air filter.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit | Amazon

Improves acceleration and uphill performance when towing by improving throttle response.

Buy at
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02/18/2024 11:30 am GMT


  • Does not void your Titan’s warranty
  • Replaces factory air intake tube and filter
  • Engineered to provide exceptional filtration and high airflow
  • Guaranteed to increase torque and horsepower
  • Roto-molded HDPE intake tube combined with an oiled cotton air filter (oversized)


  • May cause restriction between the engine and air intake
  • Pricier than most OEM or O/E replacement parts

Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System

Let’s be honest you love your Titan and you want it to run at its best while getting noticed. One of the best exhaust systems is the Flowmaster American Thunder. It will enhance your performance in terms of power and it comes with a great sound.

Some people want a great sounding exhaust. However, an exhaust system that does not boost your engine’s performance is not worth the sound. American Thunder ensures your engine’s performance is enhanced by optimizing travel from the engine to the muffler tip. This means your car easily emits exhaust fumes resulting in boosted power and great sound.

So how does Flowmaster American Thunder create great sound from its exhaust kit? The secret is in the muffler tip. It has been designed to offer optimal mileage and power while providing great sound. Every exhaust system has been calibrated to work the best with your vehicle.

This system’s tubing is another reason why you get a great and unique sound. 16-gauge stainless steel is used to construct the tubing. For even exit and flow, each American Thunder exhaust has the mandrel bent. Each system is sold complete with tips, hangers, clamps, and mufflers for easier installation. You can modify your Nissan Titan with a dual exhaust kit.


As a company, Flowmaster offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their stainless steel exhaust systems like the American Thunder. Aluminized steel exhausts come with a three-year limited warranty. It covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials. Contact their customer service team for any questions regarding their exhaust systems.


The good news is you can install American Thunder on your Nissan Titan at the comfort of your home. You just need the right equipment and tools. All exhaust systems come with an installation guide. They are also available on Flowmaster’s official website. Welding may be required for installation on certain vehicle makes and models.

Flowmaster 817709 American Thunder Cat Back Exhaust System | Amazon

Stainless steel Construction ,dyno tuned for maximum performance, patented delta flow technology and lifetime limited warranty.

Buy at
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02/18/2024 09:05 am GMT


  • Louder than stock exhaust with a throaty rumble
  • T-304 stainless steel used to construct the exhaust tips
  • Maximum flow thanks to mandrel tubing
  • Tested and proven dyno for increased performance
  • USA made
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Welding or drilling may be required on some makes and models
  • Pricier than OEM or stock exhaust systems


Question: Can I Use LED Light Bars on the Highway in the USA?

Answer: No, you cannot! LED light bars extremely handy when you are navigating off-road tracks especially if you are driving at night. These lights are infamous for being extremely powerful and bright. Having them on regular highways or roads can blind oncoming vehicles increasing the possibility of accidents.

In the United States, the law requires you to cover them when you are not using them or when you are driving on a road with traffic. This prevents you from blinding oncoming traffic should you accidentally turn them on.

Question: Is it Right to be Pulled Over Because of a Loud Audio System?

Answer: You can play your music as loud as you want as long as you don’t pump the bass beyond legal limits. The law varies from one state to another. There are laws about the loudness of a vehicle’s music system and the volume you can play in different areas. Make sure you consult with your local state office to get information on what is legal and illegal.

Question: Can I use Automatic License Plate Covers?

Answer: The thing about this mod is it is legal to buy and own. If you install them on your car, get ready for big trouble. If you are caught using them, you will have a lot of explaining to do if it was due to traffic or other violation.

Question: Why was I Pulled Over for Dark Window Tint?

Answer: You may have installed a darker tint than legal in your area. This is one of those mods every county and state treats differently. Some states or counties have hefty fines for purchasing and installing the darkest 5% tint. Manufacturer designed tints are the best as they are designed to provide proper visibility without comprising the intended privacy features.

Bottom Line

Modifying your Nissan Titan should be a breeze if you know what to look for. When it comes to performance mods, we recommend caution and due diligence. Make sure you do not break any of your area’s laws.

For instance, check out your state or county laws regarding loud music or exhaust systems before installation. They have recommendations that will help you avoid getting tickets on the road. Remember, make sure the mod you want is compatible with your car before you buy it. Do not forget to have a professional install it for optimal results.

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