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Best F150 Mods You Need to Know Of

One of the most popular trucks on the road is the Ford F150. Some have been upgraded to move faster. If you haven’t upgraded yours and you want to, you may be looking for the best Ford F150 mods in the market.

Knowing what to buy and what to avoid is a challenge for many Ford F150 owners. There are some factors you should consider when you want to buy performance mods or your F150. The following information gives you everything you need to know to make your F150 faster.

Mods You Need

Some mods and upgrades that you can use to make your F150 faster include:

  • Buying higher octane gas
  • Installing a turbocharger
  • Installing a cold air intake
  • Replacing the exhaust system

Before you begin choosing modifications, you need to determine what you need. Start by answering several questions. What budget do you have? Can you do the mod by yourself?

Once you have answered these questions, you can now decide what can be done to meet your preferences. Take a look at the mod buying guide below to help you make an informed decision.

Best F150 Mods

Guide to Buying Ford F150 Mods/Upgrades

Driving is only enjoyable when you have peace of mind. There are some accessories you may need to make your F150 look and feel the way you want. When you are buying upgrades the following factors need to be considered.


The popularity of vehicle modifications has led to an influx of counterfeit mods. You need to find an offline/online store that sells the best quality items in the market.

One of the best ways to know a good auto store is by looking at their customer reviews. They will give you an insight into what the store is all about and the quality of their products.

Great Reviews from Previous Clients

The reliability of any auto shop is determined by some factors. For instance, if you visit a site recommended by friends, family, or previous clients, you are more likely to buy from the same store.

It is easier to purchase from such stores due to the positive comments and testimonials from friends and previous clients. Use this as a criterion for choosing an auto store for upgrades and mods.


Thorough research gives you information about the authenticity of any online auto shop. Avoid shops without updated and approved licenses. For example, if your browser gives you a security warning about an online store you wanted to use, move on to the next one.

Payment Modes

The majority of auto shops require you to pay for your purchase before they are delivered. The few that do not may be local or those that require you to pay on delivery.

If you are not sure about the integrity of the shop, find out if you can pay after you have seen the part. This way, you avoid issues related to returning the item should the shop send you the wrong F150 mod.

Value of the Mods

Will the mods add value to your car to the level the manufacturer claims it will? You do not want the mods to fail while you are driving. Additionally, the cost of the mod should be reasonable while offering the stipulated benefits.

A good place to start is online reviews. You can gather information such as how long the mods last and whether their price is fair. Furthermore, such reviews give you insight into the performance of the part.

Delivery Speed

How fast do you need the item delivered? Check the estimated delivery times to see if they fit your needs. For example, you may be planning to go on a road trip over the weekend. If you place your order three days prior, will it be delivered on time? Make sure you consider this as you can go to alternative shops for quicker delivery.

Demos and User Manuals

The best and most reliable online auto shops offer you guidance on the best way to install accessories to your vehicle. Most Ford F150 mods auto shops understand the need for user manuals and demos. They understand you may be using them for the first time and may need to be steered in the right direction.

Return Policies

Policies regarding the return of wrong, incompatible or faulty products should be reasonable and friendly. Getting your money back during any of these instances is an incentive for you to buy from them in the future. Look at their return policies and ask questions on anything you do not understand.

f150 mods

3 Best Ford F150 Performance Mods

To enhance the performance of your F150, there are three upgrades you need to consider:

  1. Turbocharger or supercharger
  2. Air intake
  3. Exhaust system

The following is information on each upgrade including why you need it and our top pick.


Also known as “turbos”, these are devices that increase the amount of air going to the combustion chamber of your car. Additional air results in more power because it causes a bigger explosion in the chamber. Forcing more air into the vehicle’s combustion chamber without damaging it means more power.

Superchargers work similarly, but they are directly connected to the engine. Turbochargers get their power from the exhaust system. The extra speed you get from a turbo is considered the boost.

There are boost gauges that monitor the amount of boost a turbocharger is giving your car. Take note they measure the output of the device and not what the engine is using. Both a supercharger and a turbocharger use a forced induction system.

How Turbochargers and Superchargers Works

The standard atmospheric pressure is about 15 PSI at sea level. Increasing this pressure allows you to force more air into the small space of your car’s chamber. The result is more fire, air, and power without increasing the size of the chamber. It is how a turbocharger works.

A turbocharger is powered by a turbine triggered by the exhaust system. Energy is delivered to the compression component of the product when this turbine spools. The compressed air created by this process is forced into the combustion chamber.

On the other hand, a supercharger’s power comes on a belt connecting the device to the engine. A supercharger uses your truck’s battery and engine, unlike a turbocharger.

Supercharger or Turbocharger?

Now that you have an idea of how each system works, you can decide which will work for you. The chart below shows the differences between the F150 and the Miata.

Supercharger Turbocharger
Won’t generate any exhaust issues May create backpressure in the exhaust system
Boost at lower RPMs Doesn’t boost at low RPMs
Uses power from the engine Doesn’t use power from the engine
Easy to install Can be a challenge to install
Pulls extra energy from the engine Uses “wasted” energy from the exhaust stream
High initial cost Lower initial cost


Both can make your F150 EcoBoost faster. A turbocharger is more difficult to install because it uses your exhaust system situated at the bottom of the truck. A supercharger sits at the top near your engine making its installation easier.

Take note a turbocharger is more efficient due to the system it uses and its placement. Superchargers are ready to go as soon as the engine is turned on. Turbos need the exhaust system to provide enough exhaust stream to spool up the compressor. Since turbochargers are more efficient, below is our choice for a Ford F150 turbocharger.  

PowerMax Performance Turbocharger

This is a direct fit performance turbocharger engineered for F150 enthusiasts looking for increased engine performance and maintaining OEM direct fitment. With professional engine tuning and calibration, the optimized aero increases flow. It also outperforms the stock turbocharger. 

For example, the Garrett PowerMax turbocharger is designed for the 3.5L EcoBoost engine. It is designed to maintain OEM installation specifications while increasing engine performance. The direct drop-in stage one upgrade offers an increase of 22% flow more than OEM. It will also support up to 300HP from the turbo. 

Improvement in flow and efficiency is attributed to the lightweight forged fully-machined compressor wheel. The boost response of the PowerMax turbocharger compared to OEM was tested and found to be marginally higher.  

The turbocharger kit comes fully calibrated and assembled. It is interchangeable with the OEM hardware to make sure it is a perfect fit. You can find turbocharger in online stores such as Amazon.

Garrett Powermax Turbocharger | Amazon

Supports up to an additional 175 HP over stock with no sacrifice in drivability.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 03:01 am GMT


  • Large bore inducer
  • Advanced design compressor wheels
  • Exclusive rue ball bearings
  • Performance-enhancing oil restrictor
  • Ultra high pressure/high-efficiency turbine


  • Needs professional installation

Cold Air Intake

If you didn’t know, colder air carries more oxygen making it burn faster and hotter. When you put cold air into the combustion chamber instead of air warmed by the engine, you get a bigger bang. This translates to more speed.

A cold air intake device moves the air filter away from the engine to make sure it is protected from the heat. Typically, such devices are placed low to avoid any heat rising from the engine. However, you can have them installed anywhere as long as the air gets to the chamber without heating up.

The whole process increases your fuel efficiency and horsepower. More oxygen in the chamber means you use less gas. This saves you a couple of miles with each gallon. You will also save on air filters. 

Air filters are required to prevent dirt and debris from building up in your engine. The downside is these devices are designed to be replaced once they have worn off or are full of debris and dirt. Cold air intakes have reusable filters meaning you don’t have to replace them.

Factors to Consider 

There are some things you should consider before you add a cold air intake. They include:

  • Your filter may clog faster than the stock filter
  • Idling ability may be affected by bends of 90 degrees or more in the piping
  • Depending on the system installed, your truck may be louder
  • You risk hydro-lock (when the engine locks up because it has taken on too much water)

The good news is that the above factors occur rarely. So if you are looking for more power, a cold air intake is a good investment. There are many products to choose from. This is why we did due diligence and discovered the cold air intake below to be the best for your Ford F150.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

The K&N cold air intake kit is designed to offer the best performance features for Ford F150 engines. It is a durable kit that boosts the performance level of your truck to facilitate towing, hauling, and climbing steep slopes with ease. The kit replaces the air path to the engine by virtually eliminating air path restriction. 

K&N is an international leader in the production of high-quality performance air intake systems for all kinds of vehicles. With this in mind, this kit, a sequel of the manufacturer’s products, increases engine horsepower by giving the engine better airflow.   

One of the kit’s notable features is a sleek and aesthetic appearance that looks great under your F150’s hood. This K&N cold air intake system is an oversize high-flow filter (washable) that fits the engine compartment. It can be fitted using various factory holes and mounting points on your truck. 

The size of the filter offers minimal restriction with more airflow. It also captures more debris and dirt, increasing the service life and efficiency of the product.

One of the reasons it is popular is the easy installation process. You need basic hand tools and a knack for D-I-Y to install it. Tools you need are pliers, a ratchet set, and a screwdriver.

The manufacturer designs the product to leverage the existing mounting points and factory holes to ensure easy installation. This means you do not need to cut or drill for it to fit.  

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit | Advance Auto Parts

K&N air intake systems are engineered for increased performance, outstanding durability, and sleek aesthetics—and are available in an assortment of finishes and powder coatings.

Check price Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Protects the engine
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Improves the sound of your engine
  • Guaranteed increase in horsepower


  • Availability is limited to a few online stores

Exhaust System

The stock exhaust system that comes with your F150 may not be the most efficient in the market. Usually, it is the most affordable, without compromising quality, your vehicle’s manufacturer could find. 

Typically, people want the smallest amount of restriction possible with the fastest velocity. Restricting the airflow restricts the velocity of your exhaust fumes. So how do you maintain the restriction without increasing the velocity?

The point is to increase the exhaust output by the engine in proportion to the decrease in the restriction. The majority of exhaust systems are restrictive when compared to the engine they have. This means you can install a different make and model of exhaust without modifying your engine. 

Choosing the Right Exhaust System

If you added a supercharger or turbocharger, you need to modify your exhaust or replace it. However, some systems are too loud and surpass the emission restrictions in your region. Changing your exhaust system is a decision you should not take lightly. 

The cat-back system is the most popular system people install. It is simple to install the system. If you are handy with tools and have a little mechanical knowledge, you can install such a system instead of going to a mechanic. 

Some people add more horsepower to their Ford F150 by removing the catalytic converters of their exhaust systems. In some states this is illegal. Check with your local laws before making modifications to your exhaust system. 

Keep in mind replacing the stock exhaust of your F150 increases your truck’s noise level. If you live in California, avoid removing the cats. The state has some of the strictest exhaust and noise laws in the United States. If you are looking for a great exhaust system for your Ford F150, check out our recommended choice.

Flowmaster 717785 Exhaust System

The Flowmaster 717785 is our top pick for the best exhaust system mod for your Ford F150. The system features a double 2.5-inch system making it perfect for your F150. If you want to moderate your truck’s exterior and interior with belligerent sound, this is the exhaust for you. 

Developed to deliver a forceful sound and down to moderate, the Flowmaster 717785 is a novel framework. For instance, the fumes leave from a position that is not common in other exhaust systems. This is directly in front of the back-traveler wheel. The move gives the Ford F-150 a different look. 

For aesthetics, the exhaust system has 4-inch dark artistic tempered steel clips. It is associated with the framework’s 2.5-inch tailpipe channeling. Take note the delta tubing is of three inches breadth. They are hardened steel mandrel-twisted segments. It is upheld by a lifetime guarantee and uses the production line holder areas.  

As for the sound, it is marketed as a forceful exhaust, which you notice by the sound it produces. The interior of the Flowmaster 717785 is slightly boisterous compared to other similar products from different manufacturers. Unfortunately, your ears will either detest or cherish the sound the same way you would with other single uproarious exhaust systems. 

Not sure if Flowmaster is the right exhaust system for you? Check out how it compares to Magnaflow Exhaust Systems in our full comparison.


  • Fits most Ford F150 trucks
  • Aggressive/moderate sound
  • Full stainless-steel construction
  • Dyno tuned for maximum performance 


  • The sound may be irritating to some people 

Flowmaster Doss Exhaust System | Amazon

This dual 2. 50 inch system is perfect for the person looking for a moderate to aggressive exterior and interior sound level with all of the performance benefits that you would expect from Flow master. 

Buy at
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02/18/2024 09:41 am GMT

Other Ford 150 Mods

Apart from buying performance parts that require you to modify your car, there are other ways you can make your F150 go faster if that is what you were looking for. Two ways you can go about this are:

Weight Reduction

The weight of the F150 contributes to it not going as fast. To give you an idea of the weight of a truck and a typical car, we have compared the F150 with a Mazda Miata.

We use the Mazda Miata because it credits its lightweight for its speed. Take note the chart below has been created using information from Ford’s and Mazda’s official websites. 

2020 Ford F150 XL Specs 2020 Mazda Miata Specs
265 pounds of torque 151 pounds of torque
290 horsepower 181 horsepower
3.3-liter engine 2.0-liter engine
4,500 pounds 2,339 pounds

If you look at the specs of each car above, you find that the Miata has half the weight of the F150, while the truck has a lot of power. The F150 is designed to go mudding or haul trailers. This is the reason for more horsepower, torque, and a larger engine.

The Miata is designed to go fast. Miata’s engineers opted to cut down on the amount of power it had to reduce the weight. Settling for 2 liters, they were able to lose more than 100 pounds of horsepower but ended up increasing speed.

The size of the Miata is another reason why it is lighter than the F150. Weight reduction means the smaller the vehicle the faster it will be. Trucks are larger and heavier than sedans. However, you can still reduce their weight. Here is how to reduce the weight of your Ford F150.

Reducing Ford F150 Weight

For obvious reasons, the Ford F150 is not lighter than the Mazda Miata. The key to weight reduction and increase in speed is to balance the power of the vehicle with the weight. So why can’t you keep the weight of the truck and increase its power?

You can! You can use the mods above to increase the power of your engine. However, these mods cost more than reducing the weight. If you cannot afford the mods, the better option is weight reduction.

ford f150 mods

The following is a list of items you need to consider to reduce the weight of your F150:

Removal of Nonessential Heavy Electrical Components

There are some electrical components that you may not need depending on your preferences. These are quite heavy, although they provide some comfort when driving. These components will not interfere with the overall electronic system of your F150. They include:

  • Heating system
  • Stereo with its speakers
  • Air conditioning unit

Stripping the Interior

You can downsize your interior by removing items that are not necessary per se. You can start by:

  • Removing the carpeting
  • Removing any junk from your truck
  • Getting rid of extra seats
  • Not carrying a jack or spare wheel (only when you have good tires and you are not going off-road)

Check out our list of the best tires and shocks you can buy for your F150.

Replacing Stock Parts with Lighter Options

Some stock parts come with the Ford F150 that you can replace with lighter options. If you use your truck for normal driving within the city, you should consider doing the following:

  • Go for lighter wheels without as much tread
  • Opt for lighter plastic and metals where possible
  • Use fiberglass instead of heavy metal body panels
  • Search for a lighter weight battery

Other Items you can Remove

There are some things you can do to increase weight reduction. They may not seem to make an impact, but they do. They are:

  • Removing the truck’s bed when you are not using it
  • The toolbox you may have mounted on the truck’s bed
  • The bed of the truck when not in use

Once you make your F150 lighter, you will notice an increase in speed.

Use Higher Octane Gas

The above list is about mods that vary in intensity. There is a simple upgrade you can make to boost the speed and performance of your truck. Getting higher octane gas is a simple mod you can use. It contains fewer chemicals and contaminants. So how does this affect performance?

When the gas has more chemicals and contaminants, the spark plugs struggle to “spark”. It also causes the plugs to wear more. The result is regular replacements of the plugs. The only downside of buying higher octane gas is the cost. It is referred to as “deluxe” or “premium” gas. The cost is usually 10 cents or more compared to standard gas.

Over time the price difference will stack up. If you are looking for a straightforward and quick way to improve the performance of your Ford F150, this is it! It does not require purchasing and installing performance upgrades.

Ford F150 Mods FAQs

Question: What is Ford F150 EcoBoost?

Answer: F150 EcoBoost engines are designed to provide torque and power similar to larger engines. It allows the F150 to get approximately 30% increased fuel efficiency. EcoBoost also produces 15% fewer greenhouse emissions.

Question: How Many Trim Levels are Available for the Ford F150?

Answer: There are 7 trim levels you can choose from. They are

  1. XL
  2. XLT
  3. Lariat
  4. King Ranch
  5. Raptor
  6. Platinum
  7. Limited

Question: Which is the Best Ford F150 Engine?

Answer: The best engine is the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6. It is the best for hauling and towing. Payload and towing are significantly improved measuring 3,230 pounds and 13,200 pounds respectively.

Question: Does a Cold Air Intake Add Horsepower?

Answer: The majority of cold air intakes increase airflow by approximately 90%. Testing showed gains of 19 – 22 horsepower with impressive power-off the line increases.

Question: Is a Catback Exhaust System Worth the Cost?

Answer: For performance, Catback exhaust systems are not the best in the market. The cat and downpipe are the two most restrictive parts of such an exhaust system. However, it is worth it for the sound.

Bottom Line

The easiest F150 mod is switching to higher octane gas. It will make your truck faster without installing anything. If you get your car professionally tuned, higher octane gas extensively extends the life of your truck.

Getting regular tune-ups is another thing you can do to ensure you improve the performance of your truck. Additionally, staying on schedule for tune-ups and oil changes is mandatory when you make any kind of modification on your truck.

The rest of the mods used together or separately, increase your performance and speed significantly. The more mods you install, the faster your F150 will get. Take note that overloading the system is not advised. If you install many performance mods, you are likely to visit your mechanic more often.

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