DuraGo Rotors Review: All You Need to Know

DuraGo brake rotors are often mentioned in conversations about the available aftermarket rotor options. Even though OEM rotors are usually durable, sooner or later you will have to find a replacement for them.

So, if you are hearing squealing, grinding or experiencing vibrations during the braking process, this may be a sign that you need to change brake rotors.

Opting for a relatively unknown brand like DuraGo, can be a difficult decision, especially because there isn’t much you can find out about the products this brand offers online. That’s why I created this DuraGo rotors review, with the aim to help you determine if you should install them on your vehicle or not.

Great Pick
Is The DuraGo Brake Rotor Right For You?

The DuraGo Brake Rotors are great for people who are looking for a budget-friendly replacement option. The DuraGo Rotors have high corrosion resistance, but lack durability, therefore, they are ideal for vehicles you use to commute to work.

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The benefits of installing DuraGo rotors

The type of vehicle you own will determine which type of brake rotors you should get since the manufacturer offers several different products. As a result, you must make sure that DuraGo’s rotors are compatible with the brake pads that are already installed on your vehicle. 

Whether the DuraGo’s brake rotor model you selected is going to improve the quality of your driving experience or not depends on a broad range of factors. However, all traditional brake rotors produced by this manufacturer meet the industry standards. 

Computerized machining results in tight tolerance controls and 100% tested metallurgy are just a few among numerous benefits of acquiring DuraGo rotors. 

The precise hub hole chamfer guarantees that the hub has a centric fit, while the non-directional swirl finish reduces the need for machining the brake rotors before you install them. The manufacturer offers models with different vane configurations that ensure effective heat dissipation and improve a car’s braking performance. 

How many different types of DuraGo rotors are there? 

Currently, DuraGo offers three types of brake rotors: 

  • Traditional brake rotors
  • Titanium series brake rotors
  • Electrophoretic brake rotors 

Each of these products is different, so it is advisable to look at the list of their features if you are considering buying any of them. 

For instance, traditional brake rotors can be used on most car models, although finding information online in which car models are compatible with these brake rotors can be difficult. However, the manufacturer offers product literature and it provides the link at which you can check your vehicle’s compatibility with their brake rotor models.  

That is why you shouldn’t purchase DuraGo traditional brake rotors or any other model before you consult with your mechanic and make sure that these rotors can be installed in your car.

DuraGo’s titanium series and electrophoretic brake rotors provide additional protection against corrosion, while their non-directional finish enhances the brake pad bedding.

The brake rotors from the titanium series have titanium gray finish that matches with open-wheel designs, while electrophoretic brake rotors are best suited for car owners who live in cold climates.   

Switching from OEM rotors to DuraGo rotors 

The quality of the rotors your car has, largely depends on the car you have. In most cases, OEM rotors are only capable of modest performances, which is the reason why car owners often choose to replace them.

Even though DuraGo rotors are generally lighter and less expensive than OEM rotors, switching from OEM to DuraGo rotors doesn’t necessarily have to be an upgrade. 

After fifteen years on the market, DuraGo is still a relatively unknown brand, which indicates that their products are not among the leaders in the industry. So, if you decide to replace your car’s OEM rotors with DuraGo’s rotors you should first ensure that they are actually an upgrade from your vehicle’s original parts.

Aftermarket brake rotors are commonly considered better than factory rotors, but this is not a rule, which is the reason why you must make sure that the brake rotors you are getting can improve your car’s braking performance. 

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that brake rotors are always purchased in pairs and that you should check if the DuraGo’s brake rotor model is designed for front or rear wheels. Follow this link if you are looking for rear rotors, or click here if you are searching for front rotors. 

Evaluating the quality of DuraGo rotors 

The manufacturer doesn’t provide the information regarding the durability of the brake rotors it offers, but it is safe to assume that any of DuraGo’s brake rotors can withstand at least 30.000 miles of usage. 

It is difficult to say how many months or years you can use DuraGo’s brake rotors before they break down because their durability depends on how often you drive your car, the weather conditions, terrain, and a myriad of other factors. However, all of the DuraGo’s brake rotors are coated with materials designed to prevent corrosion that is the most common reason for brake rotor failure. 

The fact that the manufacturer doesn’t make the details of the warranty publically available is somewhat worrisome because you won’t really know how long the warranty period is unless you contact the manufacturer.

Even though all of the DuraGo’s products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities, there are still better brake rotor brands you can opt for. 

The price of DuraGo rotors 

One of the biggest advantages of getting DuraGo rotors is their price because none of their models cost more than $50. The amount of money you will have to spend on two or four GuraGo rotors depends on the model you choose, but most rotors cost around $40, which means that the cost of two brake rotors should be around $80. 

You shouldn’t attempt to replace brake rotors on your own if you don’t have any previous experience, because you might end up damaging your car’s braking system. A mechanic may charge anywhere between a hundred and two hundred dollars for this service, depending on where you live. 

However, investing in your car’s braking system will increase your safety while you are on the open road or during short rides through the city.    

Testing the durability of DuraGo rotors 

Brake rotors are usually durable car parts that don’t break down so easily. This is the reason why there is no reason to replace them often because other than corrosion there are very few things that can cause serious damage to them. 

However, brake rotors warp and wear thin over time as the byproduct of frequent overheating they endure. 

That is why it is advisable to change rotors after you cover 30.000 miles or more with them. Furthermore, in recent years it has become more common to replace rotors every time you need new brake pads because rotors become too thin to be machined by the time brake pads should be replaced. 

So, the chances are that you will have to replace DuraGo’s rotors every time you have to install new brake pads. That is why both rotors and brake pads you purchase need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use for at least a few years. 

Great Pick
Is The DuraGo Brake Rotor Right For You?

The DuraGo Brake Rotors are great for people who are looking for a budget-friendly replacement option. The DuraGo Rotors have high corrosion resistance, but lack durability, therefore, they are ideal for vehicles you use to commute to work.

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Are DuraGo rotors difficult to install?

The process of replacing DuraGo rotors isn’t necessarily complex, but you shouldn’t go through it alone if you are unfamiliar with the exact steps you need to take in order to install new brake rotors. 

You will have to remove the front or rear wheels during this process and perform a series of simple but technical tasks. So if you don’t have all the necessary equipment to lift the car and remove the wheels, you should ask your mechanic to do this job for you. 

In case you decide to go through this process on your own, you should ensure that you have enough space to approach your car’s wheel and replace the rotor. 

The difference between the front and rear brake rotors 

Even though front and rear brake rotors look very similar, they are not identical, which makes it easy to confuse one with the other. Probably the biggest difference between rear and front rotors is that rear rotors have parking brake assemblies. Moreover, the hats of front and rear rotors have different thicknesses, and front rotors are slightly bigger. 

DuraGo’s front and rear rotors are designed to meet the industry standards, and they have the same features as all other models produced by other manufacturers. However, it is paramount to check if DuraGo’s model you are interested in is designed for front or rear wheels because it isn’t possible to install a rear brake rotor on a front wheel. 

Check out our review on DuraGo wheel bearing and see if its the right fit for you.

Are DuraGo rotors better than the competition?

No, not really. Despite being on the market for more than fifteen years, DuraGo’s brake rotors can hardly be considered industry leaders. There are so many other brands that offer high-quality rotor brakes that it is really difficult to advocate choosing DuraGo over more popular brands. 

DuraGo’s brake rotors are an economical solution you should consider only if you don’t want to invest in your car’s braking system. This, however, can prove to be an ill-advised decision, since the quality of the brake pads and brake rotors you have installed on your car can largely contribute to your safety while you are on the road. 

Opting for electrophoretic brake rotors may be a good decision if you live in a cold climate, but these DuraGo’s rotors don’t have much else to offer other than high corrosion resistance.

There is no guarantee that they are not going to warp at high temperatures or grow thin over time, and you should explore other aftermarket options if you are looking for brake rotors that can deliver high performances under any weather conditions. 

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable 
  • High level of corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with a broad range of vehicles 
  • Manufactured at ISO-certified facilities 
  • Non-directional finish that reduces the need for machining 
  • Titanium coated models are available 
  • Great performance in cold climates
  • A solid replacement for OEM brake rotors 


  • DuraGo’s brand name isn’t well known
  • Cooling features could be better
  • No warranty information available 
  • Wears thin easily 

The best alternatives to DuraGo rotors 

DuraGo is a relatively unknown brand whose products are most attractive to buyers who are looking for an inexpensive replacement for OEM brake rotors.

The brake rotor market is dominated by brands like Bosch, Power Stop or EBC and opting for any of the models produced by these manufacturers is a better choice than choosing to install DuraGo rotors on your vehicle.  

Are EBC Brakes Really Worth It?

Absolutely! EBC Brake products are a great investment that will certainly pay off. Choosing high quality braking system that won't malfunction is very important and the EBC Brand provides exactly that. Their brakes offer great performance that will improve your overall driving experience and safety, for you, and those around you as well.

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This is particularly true for sports car owners since DuraGo rotors can’t handle too much heat since they warp and grow thin over time. In addition, there is no saying for how long DuraGo’s rotors are going to remain in good condition because the manufacturer doesn’t really offer too much information regarding the warranty. 

In case you are also looking for brake pads, you should check out our Akebono brake pads review or you can follow this link if you would like to learn more about brake pads for trucks. Click here if you are searching for best brake pads for Chevy Silverado 1500. 

The verdict: Are DuraGo rotors a reliable option? 

With so many different options on the market, it’s difficult to know which brake rotor manufacturer to choose. DuraGo brake rotors are only a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive replacement for the brake rotors you already have. 

Despite providing high corrosion resistance, DuraGo’s brake rotors lack the durability of ceramic rotors, which is the reason why they are a good choice for a vehicle you use to commute to work.

 However, if you are in need of brake rotors that can provide superb performance regardless of the terrain or the conditions on the road, then DuraGo’s rotors are not for you.  

How often you will have to change the rotors also depends on the brake pads you have, and you should keep in mind that brake pads and rotors need to match.

Failing to do so may cause serious damage to the braking system and the entire vehicle. If you are thinking /about buying DuraGo’s rotors, then you should also consider getting DuraGo’s brake pads.

Even so, DuraGo’s brake rotors are not among the best you can find on the market, and you can probably find better rotors at a slightly higher price. 

Great Pick
Is The DuraGo Brake Rotor Right For You?

The DuraGo Brake Rotors are great for people who are looking for a budget-friendly replacement option. The DuraGo Rotors have high corrosion resistance, but lack durability, therefore, they are ideal for vehicles you use to commute to work.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are DuraGo brake rotors expensive?

No, they are very affordable, although installing them can be a bit pricey. 

Is there any difference between the front and rear DuraGo brake rotors?

Yes, there is and you must pay close attention if the rotors you want to purchase are designed for front or rear wheels.

Can I buy just one brake rotor? 

Even though brake rotors are usually bought in pairs, buying a single brake rotor is possible.

Do I have to get DuraGo brake pads if I purchase DuraGo brake rotors?

No, not necessarily, although you have to make sure that brake pads and rotors match.

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