How to Find the Best Struts – What to Consider & Top Recommendations!

How to Find the Best Struts – What to Consider & Top Recommendations!

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Every motor vehicle comes with a specific set of components that allow it to operate efficiently. One very important component of your vehicle that many people hardly think about is the strut system.

The primary purpose of struts is to assist in absorbing shock in addition to supporting the weight of your vehicle so that you can maintain an evenly balanced ride at all times.

With consistent use over time, your suspension system will begin to decline in stability and strength, and it’s important to understand what the signs of bad struts are so that you can replace them quickly before it becomes a problem while driving.

When your struts begin to deteriorate, you will notice it almost instantly due to the fact that your vehicle will begin to bounce and shake uncontrollably while driving.

car struts

Struts, in general, tend to be pretty durable and reliable however they do degrade in quality with time which is why you need to pay attention to the stability of your vehicle consistently.

People oftentimes confuse struts with shocks however they are not the same at all, the only purpose of your shock system is to absorb features such as potholes while your struts are really creating that smooth ride we all enjoy.

 If you need new struts or are curious about what signs to look for to tell whether or not yours are going bad, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading below to find out all of the information you need to know about struts and how they operate.

Our Top Recommendations

Struts are complex pieces of machinery and not all of them are compatible with every vehicle type. This is the reason why you will want to check and see if your desired struts are made for your vehicle prior to buying them.

Below, we’re going to give you our top recommendations for high-quality struts that you can purchase today so that you can ensure your vehicle remains in top running condition regardless of the road conditions.

Before you make your final purchase decision, keep in mind that certain struts come pre-assembled while others require assembly. There are also other factors that you’ll want to keep in mind such as the warranty that your struts come with and how well they perform while on the road.

Take all of these factors into consideration before installing struts on your vehicle so that you can make the optimal decision for your particular needs.

#1 ECCPP Complete Struts

ECCPP Complete Struts

The ECCPP Complete Struts were designed for all 2001-2012 ford escape vehicles in addition to all 2001-2011 Mazda tribute vehicles.

These struts also come with the integrated functionality that speeds up the attenuation of the amount of vibration that is transferred to the frame of your body and vehicle which results in a comfortable and smooth ride experience.

This particular set of struts comes pre-assembled with coil springs, struts, bearings, a strut bumper, strut boot, strut mount, and a strut isolator.

The hassle-free installation of these struts makes it easy for you to put them on your vehicle while also saving you time and money when compared to the traditional installation process.

These struts are made from top-quality ISO/TS16949 in addition to a SAE9254 steel spring that is treated with a unique surface protectant.

These struts are made with longevity and toughness in mind, in addition to having an anti-corrosion component which ensures that you never have to worry about water damage when driving in the rain or on wet roads.

These struts are very tolerant of rough vibrations in addition to extreme temperature changes which makes them very long-lasting, they also come with a one-year warranty which helps keep you protected in the event of any accidents on the road.

#2 Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100164PR Front Strut Assembly Pair

Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100164PR Front Strut Assembly Pair

The Prime Choice Auto Parts CST100164PR Front Strut Assembly Pair is a set of ready-to-install struts that don’t require any special tools to install. With these struts, you will be able to replace and remove them all in one piece.

These struts can also be tuned to meet the exact specifications of any vehicle currently in production, each strut in this set are nitrogen gas charged which adds an extra level of stability to your vehicle overall. These struts have a tough gloss black finish and come coated with a special powder neoprene dust boot which helps maintain their finish even with consistent use over time.  

This strut set comes with the complete strut assembly which includes the coil spring, boot, strut mount, bumper kit, isolator, and the spring seat.

Before you buy this strut set, you will need to choose which vehicle you’re going to install them on so that they come with the exact specifications needed for immediate installation without any issues.

#3 Detroit Axle 171361 Front Quick Strut

Detroit Axle 171361 Front Quick Strut

The Detroit Axle 171361 Front Quick Strut is designed for 4×4 model vehicles only and comes with a pre-made OEM design that ensures a direct fit.

These struts are ready to install and require no special tools, they come with the complete strut assembly which includes mounts, springs, and coil. These struts are an OEM part which means that they should fit your vehicle perfectly without any extra parts or processes involved.1

#4 Detroit Axle – 171616 Sedan Only – Both (2) Rear Driver & Passenger Side Complete Strut & Spring Assembly

Sedan Only - Both (2) Rear Driver & Passenger Side Complete Strut & Spring Assembly

The Detroit Axle – 171616 Struts only fits sedan vehicles and fits both the rear driver and passenger side of your vehicle.

This set of struts is a complete assembly that comes with a spring, coil, struts, and mounts. These struts do not require any additional tools or procedures which means that they are ready to install right out of the box.

#5 Front Pair Driver & Passenger Side OREDY Complete Struts

OREDY Front Pair Driver & Passenger Side Complete Struts

The OREDY Front Pair Driver & Passenger Side Complete Struts were designed for the Nissan Sentra and they fit all models from the years 2007-2012.

All of the components included in this strut kit are manufactured using the highest quality material so you never have to worry about them degrading in quality over time with use.

These struts come with insulated spring seats which ensure that your vehicle maintains a quiet and balanced ride. This particular set of struts also comes with the US-backed customer service to ensure that you’re never without the right type of assistance you need to solve any issues which may arise with your struts after the installation process is complete.

#6 Detroit Axle 2.2L- 4-Cylinder Only – All Front & Rear Driver & Passenger Side Complete Strut

Detroit Axle - 4-Cylinder Only

The Detroit Axle – 4-Cylinder Only – All Front & Rear Driver & Passenger Side Complete Strut was designed for all Toyota Camry vehicles with a 2.2L engine. These struts come equipped with a coil, springs, and mounts to ensure that you can easily install them as soon as they arrive.

These struts are completely assembled as soon as they arrive for easy installation and they are considered to be an OEM quality part which is more than suitable for aftermarket installation purposes.

#7 Monroe 172263 Quick-Strut Assembly


Monroe 172263

The Monroe 172263 Quick-Strut Assembly is a pre-assembled upper strut mount that comes with OE-style bearings and SAE-grade bolts & nuts in addition to a superior rubber-to-steal bonding element which makes them last much longer than your standard struts.

They are made from plated steel for enhanced durability and longevity, the bearing plate on these struts help to eliminate the issue of steering noise when driving your vehicle which maintains a smooth and consistent driving mechanism regardless of the road conditions that you encounter.

These struts are designed to eliminate memory steering and they come with an upper spring seat that is engineered to work with the premium Monroe struts system produced by the company.

These struts provide maximum support for your vehicle body in addition to allowing the strut tower to perform at optimal conditions. If you want to make a comparison between Gabriel, Monroe or Kyb shocks and struts, here is all about the two you need to know of.

#8 AUTOSAVER88 Complete Struts

AUTOSAVER88 Complete Struts

The AUTOSAVER88 Complete Struts is a full-strut assembly that is compatible with all Chevrolet cobalt 2005-2011 vehicles, these struts are also compatible with all Pontiac G5 2007-2009 vehicle models, and they are able to be mounted onto PURSUIT vehicles from years 2005-2006.

These struts come with buckle holes that are consistent with any of the vehicles listed above allowing you to remove and replace them without having to dismantle any existing infrastructure on your vehicle.

This entire set-up makes it quick and easy to install these struts and they also meet all OEM specifications which means that they come with the coil springs, struts, strut mounts, boots, isolator, and the spring seat.

All of these strut recommendations provide varying levels of support and stability for your vehicle while on the road. Take the time to read through all of the detailed specifications about each of the above strut options so you will be able to make the right purchase decision for your specific vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Struts for Your Vehicle

Struts typically should be replaced every 60,000-100,000 miles however this can vary depending on your driving style and the type of vehicle that you have.

As a best practice, you should consider replacing your struts as part of your routine maintenance process to ensure that you avoid any issues at all.

There are a lot of different factors that you want to pay attention to when purchasing a new set of struts for your vehicle. All of these factors play a key role in helping you choose the right strut system for your vehicle so it’s important to take all of them into consideration before finalizing your purchase of new struts. Important features to look for when choosing the right struts for your vehicle

Installation Procedure

Every strut system requires a different procedure for proper installation, this is an important feature to consider because not all struts are as easy to install as others.

When you’re searching for the right struts for your vehicle, you need to look for struts that require no extra tools for installation. You also want to make sure that your selected struts are rated as OEM parts so that you will be able to install them on your vehicle without making any unique fabrications.

The easiest struts to install will come with all of the bolts, screws, and other pieces of equipment that you need to put them on your vehicle. Look for all of these variables to ensure that you choose struts that are easier to install once purchased.


Not all struts are compatible with every vehicle, because of this you need to make sure that you check the compatibility of your product prior to purchasing.

The struts will list what vehicles they are compatible with and important information you may need to know on the box. If you fail to install struts that are compatible with your vehicle, they simply will not work, that is why it is so important to make sure that you get the right struts for your specific vehicle.


When you install a new set of struts on your vehicle, you want them to last for a long time. This is why it’s important for you to look at the materials and production processes used when creating them so that you can make sure you’re choosing ones that are able to withstand consistent use over prolonged periods of time.

By choosing a set of durable struts, you will be able to avoid the issue of having to replace your existing ones on a consistent basis. Some of the best struts are made out of premium-grade steel components, this can include coated steel and other sorts of materials which have been treated to resist high amounts of heat and pressure.

You also need to make sure that your struts are rated for high vibration reduction so that you can maintain a smooth ride regardless of the type of terrain that you’re traveling on.


The primary purpose of your struts is to sustain the weight of your vehicle while also keeping the wheels on the ground which helps to stabilize your vehicle when encountering bumpy features.

A quality set of struts will be able to take on rough terrain without transferring too much vibration or resistance to the rest of your vehicle.


The price of your struts is very important because while you don’t want to spend too much money, you also want to make sure that you’re purchasing a quality product.

Cheap struts may sound like a good deal if you’re looking for an affordable solution however oftentimes cheap struts will break very easily over time.

Make sure that the struts you choose come with a reasonable price and are backed by a solid warranty to keep you protected and safe in the event of any issues while driving.

What are the symptoms of bad struts?

There are a lot of factors to look for when trying to determine whether or not your struts are going bad. Some of these symptoms are more obvious than others however all of them will have the same impact on your vehicle’s drivability and maneuverability which is why you need to know how to identify them.

Below, we’re going to go over some of the most common symptoms that you’ll encounter once your struts are beginning to go bad on your vehicle.

Signs of bad struts

  • Fluid leakage from your shocks and struts
  • The body of your vehicle rocks or sways when driving in turbulent crosswinds
  • You notice that your vehicle is beginning to bounce a lot more while driving
  • Your tires are shaky while driving, you experience wheel shimmies and enhanced vibrations when driving
  • Suspension bottoming occurs when you drive over rough terrain or back out of your driveway
  • The nose of your vehicle starts to dive when braking

These are some of the most common issues that you’ll notice once your struts start to go bad on your vehicle. If you begin to see any of these signs, you need to take your car to a local mechanic as soon as possible because the longer you ignore the signs of bad struts, the worse they will become over time.

How important is it to replace your struts?

car strut

When your struts begin to degrade in quality, you will begin to notice a significant increase in shaky joints and impaired steering capability.

The longer your struts are used without being properly fixed, the more severe the issue becomes which can lead to your joints displacing from your vehicle entirely.

Another issue you may face when dealing with bad struts is having to replace all of the joints on your vehicle together. Due to all of these reasons,

It’s very important for you to replace your struts the moment that you begin to notice issues arising in terms of how well you can steer your car and how much control you have over it in general.

FAQ’s About Car Struts

How often should I check to see if my struts need to be replaced?

It’s the best practice that you check the condition of your struts about every 5,000 miles, another great way to see if your struts are going bad is by looking to see if there is any oil leakage on the bottom of your vehicle components.

How do new struts feel after installation?

After installing new struts, you will oftentimes find that your steering becomes very stiff. This is normal and to be expected until your new struts have had enough time to calibrate to your vehicle’s specifications.

Is strut replacement costly?

Struts themselves tend to be very affordable and reasonably priced however the installation of them can vary all depending on the mechanic that you decide to go with for installation.


Now that you know everything there is to know about strut replacement, diagnosis, and installation, it’s time for you to utilize all of this knowledge so that you can make the right decision when it comes to which struts will be optimal for your vehicle.

As long as you take the time to follow all of the tips that we’ve given you, you will have no problem finding the right set of struts for your vehicle in no time.

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