We help "normies" solve car problems. Whether it's basic diagnostics or finding the best direct to consumer car parts, we have a guide for that.


Empowering car owners to take charge of their vehicle maintenance and auto problems with confidence.


To make you the expert on every facet of car ownership.


Trustworthiness, simplicity, convenience, style.

Founded in 2018, Axle and Chassis has aimed for an authoritative, but relatable approach to helping the average car owner with advice on everything cars.

The team of 5 is small, but growing. Everyone at Axle and Chassis loves cars and wants you to love cars, too.

Our Mission

Not everyone knows a lot about cars. So what’s the problem with that? Everyone owns a car!

The danger of owning something you don’t know a lot about is that you could end up trusting in someone who seems like an expert, but isn’t, or you could spend a lot of money on unnecessary maintenance and repairs, because you don’t know any better!

We aim to fix that. We would love nothing more than to enable you to take the power of car ownership into your own hands. Harness the horsepower and start your education today!

Whether it’s how to buy a car, how often you should perform routine maintenance, how to fix your radio, or how to upgrade your accessories, we have you covered. Even if you don’t perform these tasks yourself, you’ll know more about how to do it and how to find someone you can trust to do it for you.

Our comprehensive articles should give you everything you need to get started. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. We’d love to write an article about it to help you and others in the future.

About the Team

Our entire team enjoys more than 100 years of collective experience in the car industry. From auto maintenance and repair to sports car and exotic car enthusiasts, we do and know it all. Or we like to think we do!

We’re always learning, just like you, so even if we don’t know something, we’re not afraid to figure it out, either by in-depth research or trying it out on our own cars.

Most of our team started young in the car industry with our dads or grandpas, on farms, and with unconventional vehicles like tractors and other machinery. It helped develop our love for all cars, even if they’re not fancy or expensive.

Now that we’ve been at this awhile, together we cover all kinds of topics with our expansive expertise. If one of us doesn’t know the answer, someone else on the team does. We rely on one another to increase our knowledge and build up the site for people just like you.

We’re here because we understand that not everyone knows as much about cars as we do, but practically everyone owns one. There’s a large gap in the world of car ownership, and we need to fill it.

Everyone who owns a car should have some basic knowledge of how it works and how to fix it, so we bring these topics to you in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. Our goal is to help you learn a little, save some money, and have fun!


Car experts, but approachable.

Sarah Caldwell

Sarah's love of cars started with a love of trucks and tractors that her father and her grandpa instilled in her early. She can still remember when the starter went out in her grandpa's 1972 Dodge pickup and he installed the first push button start she'd ever seen. It wasn't fancy, but in 1992, it worked. Since then, she's been pursuing her love for cars recreationally by reading, playing, and writing. Her all time favorite? Eleanor.

David Borgogni

David has been working with cars for over 10 years and is a freelance writer who specializes in automotive technology. He covers the topics that matter most to the consumer. Anything new in the automotive industry? David will likely be able to tell you about it.

Barry Juma

I love cars, always have, and so learning how to repair them came naturally. All the little bits and pieces; how they come together to work in total cohesion is fascinating. My love for auto repair and my passion for writing unite in this website, where I share my knowledge with the world by writing informative reviews and guides that, hopefully, will be of help to someone.

Katrina Dent

Katrina Dent loves working on cars and finding new gadgets and accessories that will make her life easier. She is a jack of all trades and loves to write about multiple topics. One of her favorites is to write about car deals and tips to finding the best classic cars around. A published writer and author, Katrina can always be found at a coffee shop with her laptop.