We are real car people, helping ‘normies’ solve real car problems. You can choose to become one of us or just use our information to help you when you have a problem.

Whether it’s basic diagnostics or finding the best direct-to-consumer car parts, we have a guide for that.

Founded in 2018, Axle and Chassis has aimed for an authoritative, but relatable approach to helping the average car owner with advice on everything cars.

The team is small but growing. Everyone at Axle and Chassis loves cars and wants you to love cars, too. Whether you check out our maintenance articles so you can keep your car in good working condition or you’re learning more about engines from our engine articles so you can know more than most, we’ve got your back.

Our Mission

Not everyone knows a lot about cars. And that’s okay except for—everyone owns a car!

The danger of owning something you don’t know a lot about is that you could end up trusting someone who seems like an expert, but isn’t. Or you could spend a lot of money on unnecessary maintenance and repairs because you don’t know any better!

We aim to fix that. We would love nothing more than to enable you to take the power of car ownership into your own hands. Our mission is to make you feel confident in your ability to own and maintain your vehicle.

Whether it’s how to buy a car, how often you should perform routine maintenance, how to fix your radio, or how to upgrade your accessories, we have you covered. Even if you don’t perform these tasks yourself, you’ll know more about how to do it and how to find someone you can trust to do it for you.

Our comprehensive article will help you get started. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. We’d love to write an article about it to help you and others in the future.

How It Works

When you read the information on our site, you should know that we thoroughly vet everything we recommend. We love what we do, so it makes it easy for us to get into the products, tools and services we talk about.

Each of the experts that takes on a topic not only uses the product themselves, but they also research the topic. Having their personal experience to draw on as well as information from other experts makes us the prime source for all things cars.

The Team

Our entire team enjoys more than 100 years of collective experience in the car industry. From auto maintenance and repair to sports car and exotic car enthusiasts, we do and know it all. Or we like to think we do!

We’re always learning, just like you, so even if we don’t know something, we’re not afraid to figure it out, either by in-depth research or trying it out on our own cars.

Most of our team started young in the car industry with our dads or grandpas, on farms, and with unconventional vehicles like tractors and other machinery. It helped develop our love for all cars, even if they’re not fancy or expensive.

Now that we’ve been at this awhile, together we cover all kinds of topics with our expansive expertise. If one of us doesn’t know the answer, someone else on the team does. We rely on one another to increase our knowledge and build up the site for people just like you.

David Borgogni​ – Automotive Technology Nerd

David has been working with cars for over 10 years and is a freelance writer who specializes in automotive technology. He covers the topics that matter most to the consumer. Anything new in the automotive industry? David will likely be able to tell you about it.​​

Why are you giving advice on Axle and Chassis?

I believe that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Writing about different
types of vehicles and providing owners with valuable information that helps them maintain their
cars or trucks is what I love doing. I also enjoy being a part of a community that is as passionate
about vehicles as I am.

When and how did you first develop an interest in vehicles?

I used to collect toy cars when I was a kid. As I grew older, I became fascinated by the technical
aspects of vehicle production. This passion was the driving force behind my decision to study
engineering and start writing about the automotive industry.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give any vehicle owner?

Choose your mechanic wisely. Proper vehicle maintenance can extend its life by tens of
thousands of miles.

Barry Juma – Long Time Car Lover

Barry loves cars, always has, and so learning how to repair them came naturally to him. All the little bits and pieces; how they come together to work in total cohesion is fascinating. His love for auto repair and his passion for writing unite in this website, where he shares his knowledge with the world by writing informative reviews and guides that will be of help to someone.





Katrina Dent​ – In Love with Cars

Katrina Dent loves working on cars and finding new gadgets and accessories that will make her life easier.

Why are you giving advice on Axle and Chassis?

Kat has loved classic cars and car maintenance since her mom taught her how to change the oil filter on her ‘78 Challenger. Combined with her mom’s love of sports cars and her dad’s interest in pickup trucks and 70’s era Cadillacs, she grew up around vehicle enthusiasts that frequented car shows, and swap meets. Thanks to her family and her love of DIY, Kat has worked on multiple automobiles and is currently souping up her friend’s Kawasaki Ninja 400 motorcycle.

When and how did you first develop an interest in vehicles?

Kat became interested in vehicles when her mom let her play with her brother’s dinky cars, but her Barbie’s pink corvette definitely kickstarted her obsession. She blames (but thanks) her mom for getting her into the more technical aspects of car maintenance.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give any vehicle owner?

Read your manufacturer’s manual and learn how to do essential car maintenance on your vehicle, like changing your oil and coolant and replacing your air filters. This tip applies more to women, but if you know how to service your car (or at least what it costs to service your vehicle), you won’t be overcharged at the mechanic. Women are often charged more than men for the same service because there’s an assumption they don’t know what the service is worth. Protect your vehicle and your wallet by performing most general car maintenance yourself.

Justin Caldwell – Car Enthusiast

Justin Caldwell is a car enthusiast that enjoys working on and discovering more about cars. The information he learns, he loves to share with readers of Axle and Chassis.

Why are you giving advice on Axle and Chassis?

I’m a part of Axle and Chassis because I enjoy working on, tinkering with, and discovering cars. The cool thing about cars is that there’s always something new to learn.

When and how did you first develop an interest in vehicles?

I started to develop an interest in vehicles when I was in high school. My uncle was restoring an El Camino and I would go and help him with it. When my Mustang had a problem, he would take the time to show me how to replace parts. Would say he’s the biggest influence on my life when it comes to vehicles.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give any vehicle owner?

Cars don’t last forever. You have to take care of them. At a minimum, change the oil regularly and have good tires. Vehicle maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, if you’re into cars, you can get down and dirty into the nitty-gritty, but even if you’re not, you can perform the basics required to take care of your vehicle.

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