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Amy Gilmore

Honda CRV Recall Tracker: Full Updated List [2022]

Honda makes excellent vehicles, and the CR-V is no exception. However, the popular SUV is not fault-free. Since the CR-V debuted on North American markets in 1997, there have been 53 recalls. If you own one of Honda’s popular mid-size crossovers, you need to know which of the 53 recalls affects your car.

So, we created a guide to help you navigate them. In it, you will find information regarding which vehicles each recall covers and what you should do if your SUV has an open recall.

Recalls Keep Consumers Safe

All automakers issue recalls from time to time. These campaigns encourage vehicle owners to bring their vehicles to a dealership to have potential safety issues repaired before they cause an accident or injury. Recalls are part of the automotive industry’s process to keep consumers safe.

Most of the time, an automaker activates a recall, but from time to time, NHTSA does it based on random safety testing. When the NHTSA issues a recall, the automaker has to adher

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Chevy Cruze Recalls Tracker [2022]: All You Need to Know

Chevrolet has been producing the Cruze for American markets since 2008. Since then, there have been nearly two dozen recalls. Knowing which recalls affecting your vehicle is essential so you can avoid buying a lemon and have necessary repairs completed as soon as possible.

Check out the active Cruze recalls below to ensure you are not risking your safety every time you get behind the wheel. Initiating a recall is costly, and automakers tend to avoid them unless there is an actual necessity. So, these should not be taken lightly.

Background on the Chevy Cruze

Chevrolet debuted the Cruze at the 2009 Paris Motor Show. It hit American and Canadian dealerships shortly after. The vehicle was Chevrolet’s answer to the 2008 recession. It offered consumers a new car with plenty of tech for an affordable price.

Generation One – 2009 to 2016

Despite being an affordable option, sales of the first-generation Cruze started slowly, with only around 25,000 the first year. In 2

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Best Dodge Challenger Mods [2022]: How to Mod Your Particluar Model

Are you wondering what the best Dodge Challenger Mods are for your new ride? If so, you will be interested to see what we’ve found. There are tons of modifications you can install. Some are worthwhile, while others are frivolous.

There are several reasons that people modify a new or used Challenger. If you are purchasing a used model, you may be open to upgrades that would potentially void a new model’s vehicle warranty. So, determining the best modifications may depend on your particular model.

Background on the Challenger

Dodge started selling the Challenger as a vehicle model in 1969. Before that, the company gave the name to the Coronet a the form of the Silver Challenger trim. The Challenger was the automaker’s response to Ford’s Mercury line of vehicles. Consumers wanted cars that were larger and had options for more powerful engines.

Nevertheless, the classic Challenger was only made from 1969 to 1974, when Dodge halted production mid-way through the year. Durin

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What Happens When an Idle Air Control Valve Goes Bad

A bad idle air control valve is one of the most frightening vehicle malfunctions you can experience. When the part is wearing, it can cause your car to idle roughly and at times sputter out. 

It can happen anytime. So, this is something you should address as soon as you start to notice signs of a bad idle air control valve. Otherwise, you could put yourself, your passengers, and other drivers in danger. 

What is an Idle Air Control Valve?

On fuel-injected vehicles, the idle air control valve attaches to the throttle regulating the airflow and ensuring smooth idling. When the throttle plate closes during idling, the air control valve bypasses the plate injecting air, so your vehicle is smooth at stops. 

The motor needs air to burn fuel. When your car is in ‘Park,’ or you are at a stop. In modern vehicles, the compute

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