magnaflow vs flowmaster

Magnaflow vs Flowmaster: Which Exhaust System is Better?

It can be challenging to decide between a Flowmaster vs a Magnaflow exhaust system. However, ultimately, it would be down to how much output you want — and, most importantly — the sound you want to achieve from your rig.

The upgrade of your exhaust system is arguably the perfect way to improve your engine’s power output, toughen up its sound, and even wear your outward look. All three of the advantages of premiere exhausts, of course, are given by Magnaflow and Flowmaster.

The brand you choose from will vary tremendously since each producer looks for another tone. Magnaflow and Flowmaster are two of the most common aftermarket production lines because of their distinct designs and tone. Both brands were established in the ’80s, and by now, they are one of the few brands with quality products.

Despite how useful they are, however, each brand comes with its own pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss which one is the right choice for you, so you can make an informed and decision on your truck’s exhaust system.

The Main Differences Between Magnaflow vs Flowmaster

The main differences between Magnaflow vs Flowmaster are:

  • Magnaflow and Flowmaster vary mainly in building and sound-canceling.
  • Compared to chambers by Flowmasters, the perforated stainless steel heart of a Magnaflow muffler does not have any flow constraints.
  • Magnaflow Systems are made of stainless steel, while most Flowmaster products use aluminum as the primary material for their exhausts.
  • The primary objective of Magnaflow is the development of exhaust components to optimize the vehicle’s efficiency.

Regarding the differences between Magnaflow and Flowmaster’s sound canceling abilities and construction, they are definitely notable. For instance, Magnaflow mufflers are straight and acoustically packaged around a perforated tube of stainless steel, while Flowmaster mufflers are constructed in a chamber format and do not use acoustic packaging materials.

It’s also true that the stainless steel center of the Magnaflow muffler bears no flow contraints. This means the exhaust gases are moving at average speed through the muffler. These mufflers are quieter than stock and provide more power to your engine.

Magnaflow vs Flowmaster

Its chambered nature produces a lovely grump in a Flowmaster muffler, as it slows down the gas exhaust. The chaos in a Flowmaster muffler is intended to create a scavenging effect to counteract this effect. The muffler has a consistent, well-tuned sound, but also has notably less power.

Finally, regarding Magnaflow’s efficiency, Flowmaster modules offer priority to reducing exhaust system noise. All in all, it makes for several notable differences between the two exhaust systems.

All about Magnaflow

Established in 1981, Magnaflow has become one of the best in cars’ exhaust and sound technology. The headquarters of Magnaflow is based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. You can find a Magnaflow exhaust as one of the most suggested tools when searching for a muffler, a full exhaust system, or even a silencer for your car.

Magnaflow also has excellent efficiency and various advantages in providing efficiency, thoroughly tested with proven output numbers tuned with a dyno. A smooth, profound sound is the critical point of sale for Magnaflow.

The exhaust gas from the motor cylinder is captured by a Magnaflow exhaust system and taken out of the car, while excessive noise and harmful emissions are minimized. In other words, an exhaust system from Magnaflow provides engine power and improves fuel efficiency for cars, trucks, or SUVs, while also preserving clean air and sound.

For budget-aware customers searching for a more resonant sound, Magnaflow is a common alternative. The exhaust is covered by a lifetime warranty, meaning you can rely on this system as long as the car is owned by you. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a Magnaflow exhaust system.

Magnaflow Exhaust Features

There are numerous notable features to the Magnaflow exhaust system. These include:

  • It’s made in the USA
  • It’s crafted from stainless steel as the primary material used for construction
  • It features a tuned rumble

In addition, it’s worth noting that the company has been around for almost four decades, and was founded by Jerry Paolone in 1981. Furthermore, they also have a diverse product line, allowing discriminating buyers an opportunity to select from a wide assortment of products. Their products range from exhaust systems, standard mufflers, and racing mufflers. They are also proud to provide over 120 well-trained production employees with American jobs, as well.

magnaflow vs flowmaster

The Magnaflow exhaust system also features several pros, which make them a top contender for the ideal exhaust system for your truck. However, that said, there are also a few cons to recognize, as well. As with every product, there are both benefits and downfalls, though it would seem that the pros do certainly outweigh the cons.


  • Excellent high-flow architecture
  • Solid construction using stainless steel
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Eliminates heat and backpressure for the engine
  • Increases the combustion engine exhaust system at the same time.
  • Magnaflow silencer eliminates the effects of power theft and significantly restores motor torque and performance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Loss of backpressure could reduce power
  • Some Magnaflow products may not look that great on trucks, although this is subjective

Depending on what you’re looking for, you have a wide selection of Magnaflow products from which you can choose. These can affect both appearance and performance, allowing you to make the best choice for outfitting your truck.

Rock Crawler

rock crawler

This series is primarily found for Jeep Wranglers. It is designed for rear bumpers on the aftermarket and gives full ground clearance for vehicles with severe off-road conditions.

Stainless steel is used as the primary material in the Rock Crawler, and this product has an aggressive sound.

Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler

Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler
The 10416 muffler from the Performance series will meet your standards to enhance your vehicle’s sound quality while offering a little performance enhancement.

This muffler comes with a simple universal design, which comes with a high-quality finish, and the shiny look makes it beautiful. This product comes with a smooth sound, and this muffler helps to improve clarity. It’s easy to install and set-up, make it user-friendly, as well.

Magnaflow 12198 Exhaust Muffler

Magnaflow 12198 Exhaust Muffler

This exhaust muffler from Magnaflow will definitely meet your standards, as it’s shaped to match most vehicles together with a unique structure that improves reliability and accuracy.

It is possible to receive many years from this 12198 exhaust system, as this uses a stainless-steel build that can survive even rough use. The most thrilling part of this silencer is that it doesn’t make your car look ugly, and it is one of the most good-looking mufflers available in the market.

All about Flowmaster

Established in 1983 by Ray Flugger, Flowmaster is one of the world’s oldest custom exhaust vendors. In the performance exhaust industry, Flowmaster exhaust has built a powerful reputation — and with good cause.

The Flowmaster brand is legendary among hot rod purists and sturdy muscle car maniacs, with durable fabrication and strong race-intensive colors. With revolutionary technologies and high-quality components, Flowmaster makes some of the best exhaust systems in the world.

magnaflow vs flowmaster

The exhausts emit a deep groan each time you press on the accelerator, and they’ve got a nice rumble if at an idle. This tone of signature comes from the ingenious mufflers of Flowmaster.

Another thing that separates Flowmaster from the others is its extreme longevity and solid buyer warranty.

Flowmaster exhausts are made from both robust materials and state-of-the-art technology that go the distance, and every device from Flowmaster is made to suit your vehicle perfectly.

Flowmaster Exhaust Features

Like the Magnaflow, the Flowmaster also comes with an assortment of attractive features that allow it to stand apart from other brands. These notable distinctions include:

  • American-made construction
  • Aluminized or stainless steel construction
  • Flowmaster’s legendary chambers are used.
  • A broad range of finishing choices, style, and fit
  • Precise sound profiles precisely tuned
  • Chambered or laminated construction uses sophisticated sound muffling mechanisms during airflow acceleration

Furthermore, it has a myriad of pros that are worth consideration. And, like the Magnaflow, they also have their own share of cons, as well.


  • The chambered design provides a crisp and clear sound from the first time onwards
  • Features an aluminum steel frame with actual mandrel curves for a seamless flow and completely customized designs for simple installation
  • Allows you to get the vehicle to sound louder (or quieter) based on what sound you prefer
  • From the ultra-aggressive Flowmaster 40 Series to the strength-enhancing Flowmaster 70 Series, Flowmaster provides a wide range of chambered modules that satisfy the specifications


  • Flowmaster exhausts are generally on the more expensive side
  • Mufflers that are made with aluminum come with only three years of warranty

Like the Magnaflow, the Flowmaster brand also has quite a few products from which you can choose. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is something for every Jeep or truck enthusiast out there.

Flowmaster Super 44

Flowmaster Super 44

You may think that the classic can’t be changed, but Flowmaster did it with the Super 44. They reworked the 40 series and made the series 44.

When you think of the Flowmaster Super 44 versus 40, you will find a sound that could be represented to the ancient hair metal vibes as a contemporary rock.

This super 44 series is a direct upgrade from the 40 series, making it a more suitable option for modern vehicles.

Outlaw Series

The Outlaw Series is one of the most aggressive sounding exhausts from Flowmaster. The Outlaw Series has a straight pipe inside, and it is mostly used in sports cars or competitions.

Using this muffler in cities is not recommended, as it is very loud and authorities may cite you for creating excess noise. Stainless steel is used as the primary material, and the Outlaw Series does come with a lifetime warranty.

Flowmaster 42443 Delta Force 40

This Delta Force 40 model comes with a perforated steel core, and the design used is quite simple and straightforward. This is also designed while keeping racing performance in mind, but it can be used in standard vehicles.

Delta Force 40 is the customized version of the Classic 40 Series, one of the significant advantages of delta force 40 over its predecessor is that this exhaust can be used for everyday travel.

Delta Force 40 increases the horsepower, and the efficiency of the engine is increased. With this, you will get a quicker, heavier, and more affordable option for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Source: (Flowmaster website)

Question: Is Magnaflow quieter than Flowmaster?

Answer: Yes, Magnaflow exhausts are more subtle than their counterparts. As already described, Magnaflow has lower sound levels than Flowmaster. While Magnaflow products have usually had subtle sounds, it may also happen that some Flowmaster products are better sounding. A Flowmaster with a performance orientation can sound as subtle as a Magnaflow display. However, Flowmaster typically offers the highest ones.

Question: Will Flowmaster exhausts become louder over time?

Answer: Yes, Flowmaster exhausts will become a little bit louder over time. This is because of the lack of insulation of chambered construction in Flowmaster exhaust systems, and the interior could break down over time and make the sound louder. It may be the same for a Magnaflow, but it is less likely that it would break down too quickly with its proprietary heart.

Question: Which among Magnaflow and Flowmaster has the loudest sound?

Answer: It’s quite evident from the specifications and rewiews that Flowmaster creates very loud exhausts, and some of the models are not recommended to use in the cities. Flowmaster specializes in making exhausts for racing and muscle cars, and because of this, they understandably ought to have strong sound. If you’re an owner of a muscle-car or someone who tries to make their presence felt with the loud rumbling sound, Flowmaster will be a great choice for you.

Question: What is the warranty period for Magnaflow and Flowmaster products?


Magnaflow Warranty

Stainless Steel Systems: Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
Black Finish Systems: 1 Year Warranty on Black Finish, Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
Titanium Finish Systems: 1 Year Warranty on Titanium Finish, Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
Carbon Fiber Systems: Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects on Stainless Steel, No Warranty on Carbon Fiber.
Aluminized Systems: 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Stainless Steel Mufflers: Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.
Source: (Magnaflow Website)

Flowmaster Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty applies to Flowmaster stainless steel mufflers (excluding FlowFX series), all stainless steel exhaust system (including FlowFX series), stainless steel pipes, air intake kits, and oiled type filters (except cleaning kits), and other stainless steel exhaust accessories (except exhaust tips and racing products).
Three (3) Year Limited Warranty applies to Flowmaster aluminized steel mufflers, aluminized steel exhaust systems, aluminized steel pipes, exhaust tips, and other non-race exhaust accessories.
Two (2) Year Limited Warranty applies to Delta Force Dry air intake filter elements.
One (1) Year Limited Warranty applies to FlowFX series mufflers, Elite Series exhaust headers, and electronic components such as Delta Boost modules.

Final Verdict

Both Magnaflow and Flowmaster have excellent results and a great sound, so much more of it has to do with your exhaust system and your budget. Exhausted reviews are inherently ambiguous because of their diverse sound qualities.

However, that said — and without any hesitation — we can say with confidence that Magnaflow is your best bet if you want a more extended and quieter exhaust system. A touch of rumble and echo can always be felt, and you can hear the right exhaust as your vehicle appears.

It is, therefore, worth it for the premium. Nevertheless, Flowmaster is still a fantastic option, and it’s great for all who want to rumble and echo better. The architecture is also really nice, too. However, the prototypes are a bit narrower and would not be ideal for all cars.

Both options are a significant improvement to your exhaust system, with a lot of great features to give your ride a heartbeat. Both are excellent and reliable companies, and you can’t go wrong with any of these.

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