Unity Struts Review

Unity Struts Review: Everything you Need to Know

In our Unity Struts review, we’ll go in-depth into the features and performance of these struts which are available for a wide range of vehicles.

When we think of upgrading parts of our vehicle, struts aren’t something that normally comes into our minds. However, they play an important role in absorbing shocks, impacts, and ensuring you have a smooth ride.

Riding with worn struts isn’t only uncomfortable but it can be dangerous too.

There are several telltale signs that you may need to replace your struts.

We’re going to look at those signs, things you need to think about when buying struts as well as how Unity Struts actually perform.

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Signs you need to replace your struts

Like any part on your vehicle, there will be some common signs that it is time to replace your struts. In fact, this is an important part of maintaining your car in general.

Driving is becoming uncomfortable

If you find that your ride is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, it could be time to replace your struts.

One of the main things that struts do is absorb shocks and bumps on the road. If you are starting to feel every little bump during your drive or your car feels a lot bumpier than normal, the struts might very well be worn out.

Uncomfortable driving is generally a sure sign that something is wrong with your suspension system and struts are commonly one of the main culprits.

Fluid is leaking

A fluid leak could be a sign of many things wrong with your vehicle. For example, the oil filter might need to be changed, however, it can also be an indication that you need new struts. Struts contain a piston and hydraulic fluid. As they absorb more impacts and bumps, the fluid can leak out.

If you find that fluid is leaking underneath your vehicle and this is combined with an uncomfortable drive, then the struts are most probably the reason.

Unresponsive breaking

While struts aren’t the main reason the breaking on your vehicle is becoming more unresponsive, they can be a contributor towards it. Struts play an important part in the whole system of your car.

It could be that you require new brake pads but it could also come down to an issue with your struts. Upgrading your struts will have a positive impact on your car as a whole and allow all the components to work better in tandem with each other. This can help improve braking and responsiveness.

Your mileage is decreasing

Finding that your vehicle is guzzling up more fuel and you’re getting fewer miles out of it can also be a reason your struts need to be replaced.

Again, like a fluid leakage, less mileage can be caused by a number of reasons. Replacing your exhaust is a common solution however your struts can play a part in this as well.

Struts normally last around 50k miles as a general rule (although some can last well over 100k miles) so any more than this and you may start to encounter problems.

Things to consider when buying struts

Compatibility with your vehicle

Before you hop online and buy new struts for your car, you need to make sure that they are compatible.

This goes with any kind of component or part for your vehicle. Different struts are designed for different cars.

Even though they may be under one brand and all look the same, do your research first and ensure that they will fit your car properly.

Installing struts that aren’t designed for your specific vehicle will only cause more problems than they’ll solve.

Their longevity

You don’t want to buy a new set of struts and then find that you need to replace them after 10k miles.

Now, how long your struts last depend on several factors. The conditions you drive in and your driving style are two of them. Another one is the struts themselves and how long they can last. Most struts will remain in good working order for a lot of miles but ensure you look at how durable they are.

Changing your struts isn’t a quick 10-minute process and it isn’t something you’ll want to do very often.

How much they cost

Struts come in many different designs with different technology and this also means that they come in at different price points too.

You can get struts that are quite cheap and struts that are pretty expensive. So, consider what your budget is. One thing that we would recommend you take on board is thinking about both price and longevity.

A set of struts might be pretty cheap and very affordable but will you need to replace them regularly? If you spend a few more dollars on better struts, will they last longer? The cost is an important thing to consider but also weigh it up with their durability and how they are going to perform.

Unity Struts Review – how do these struts perform?

Let’s get into the real reason we are here – our Unity Struts review.

As we know by now, struts play a vital role in the overall running and efficiency of the suspension system on your car. So, how do Unity Struts perform?

Shock absorption

The main function of struts is to help absorb shocks and bumps on the road.

Unity Struts do offer a pretty comfortable ride. If you have been experiencing trouble with your OEM struts (or perhaps you have replaced these and still have issues), they will bring your vehicle back to its original state. This means you should notice a pretty big difference in ride quality.

Those small bumps and shocks won’t be felt as much.

You’ll also notice a much more even ride too. When struts start to fail your vehicle can feel and appear a bit uneven and lopsided which further impacts on how well it drives and how comfortable it is. The Unity Struts will help to level out your car so that it has a consistent ride height and this will assist with overall driving performance.

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The brand

Unity is a fairly well-known automotive part brand. They have been around for about 40 years now. While they perhaps aren’t as recognizable as some others such as Monroe they are still a big company.

Unity specializes in suspension systems and components and this includes struts and suspension lowering kits. So, because they have a predominant focus on these components their struts tend to be of high quality as well as reliable and durable.


If you are going to install new struts yourself then they need to be as straightforward as possible.

The Unity Struts do have a pretty easy installation process. You won’t need any special tools beyond the standard things you require to install struts. Even if you haven’t done this before, it shouldn’t really be a massively tough job.

This is something that definitely works in its favor. Unity Struts not only offer good performance but you won’t have a difficult time getting them onto your vehicle either.


Longevity and ensuring that your struts hold up over a period of time is one of the most important metrics to find out how good the Unity Struts are.

These aren’t the most long-lasting struts you’ll find on the market. Will they fail after 10k miles? Very unlikely however there have been many reports of these struts not lasting as long as others.

A lot of this will depend on your driving and the type of roads that you regularly find yourself on. Consistently driving over very uneven and bumpy roads will wear out your struts quicker.

The Unity Struts certainly aren’t the worst we’ve ever come across for longevity and durability but it is an area of concern. They could be better in terms of how long they last however when you weigh up the price you are still getting value for money.

Pros of Unity Struts

  • Affordable struts that are easy to install on your vehicle
  • Absorb shocks and impacts well
  • Made by a reputable brand
  • Ideal replacement for OEM struts

Cons of Unity Struts

  • Questions over how long they will last

Alternatives to Unity Struts

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut

Monroe is a very recognizable name when it comes to struts and suspension systems. We’ve looked at these struts before and they are a good alternative to the Unity Struts.

The Monroe Shocks & Struts is a pre-assembled strut and they come with a rubber-to-steel bonding element which gives them added durability.

This ensures that these struts provide a comfortable and quiet ride. They do a good job at absorbing impacts and bumps on the road.

These struts tend to be better if you are driving at high speeds on a regular basis. If you regularly drive on the freeway then these struts are a good choice.

They will perform fairly well on rougher terrain however you might want to look at the KYB Struts for more ‘off-road’ kind of driving.

The Monroe Struts are very affordable as well. While not exactly the cheapest on the market, they aren’t going to break the bank. Considering the technology and durability of these struts, they are certainly worth the money.

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KYB Struts

For anyone that needs struts that are designed for rougher terrain then the KYB Struts are a good choice to go for.

These are actually very affordable too and will usually come in cheaper than both Monroe and Unity depending on what model of struts you need.

We looked at Monroe v KYB struts previously if you want to get a better idea of how they compare to our other alternative to Unity Struts.

The KYB Struts hold up very well in a variety of conditions but as we mentioned, they are mainly designed for rougher roads.

These struts also perform better at slower speeds. If you’re regularly cruising down the highway we’d probably stay clear of these struts.

That being said, overall they offer great value for money, have durability, and absorb even the biggest of bumps on the road very well indeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Unity Struts

Question: Is Unity a good brand?

Answer: Yes. They have been in business for over 40 years and specialize in struts and other parts of vehicle suspension systems. They might not be as well0known as some other brands such as Monroe for example, but they are still a reputable auto part manufacturers.

Question: How do I know I need to change my struts?

Answer: There are a number of indications that your struts need to be replaced. This includes an uncomfortable drive and feeling every bump on the road. Other signs can include fluid leakage, unresponsible braking, as well as getting less mileage from your fuel. These don’t necessarily mean you need new struts, but they can be a sign that you should have them looked at.

Question: Are Unity Struts for the front or back of my vehicle?

Answer: Both. You can buy Unity Struts for both the front and back of your suspension system. It depends on what the design of your suspension is but you can buy Unity Struts to fit both ends.

Question: Can I install Unity Struts myself?

Answer: If you want. Installing struts on a car, pickup truck or any other vehicle can be a little bit tricky if you haven’t done it before. That being said, the Unity Struts are quite straightforward to install and you shouldn’t need any special tools to get the job done.

Question: How many miles will Unity Struts last?

Answer: There is no definite answer to how long these struts will last. Struts can last anywhere from 10k to over 100k miles depending on how durable they are and the roads you drive on. There have been some reports of Unity Struts not having a lot of longevity, but it depends on many factors.

Question: Do I get a warranty with Unity Struts?

Answer: Yes. Unity offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty with their struts and suspension parts. You can find out more information about their warranty on their website.

Conclusion – Unity Struts offer an affordable OEM replacement even if they might not have the greatest longevity

If you are looking for an affordable set of struts to replace what is already on your vehicle, the Unity Struts are a fairly solid choice.

They do sit firmly in the affordability category. That being said, they do their job really well. If your OEM struts are starting to wear out and you can feel bumps and impacts when driving a lot more than you did before, these are a good choice.

They absorb bumps on the road really well and work in tandem with the rest of your suspension system.

We really like how straightforward these are to install too. Some struts can be pretty complicated to get on your vehicle however the Unity Struts are easy enough. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience installing struts they aren’t the hardest to install. You can also get someone who knows what they are doing to put them on for you.

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There are some questions about the longevity of these struts. They aren’t going to fail right away but whether or not they last for a long time depends on many factors. Some people have no problem with these struts for over 50k miles and some people report issues after 10k miles. A lot of this will depend on your own driving and the roads you travel on.

Overall, the Unity Struts are a pretty good part of your vehicle. They are affordable, do their job well and even though the longevity might not be the best, these struts are certainly worth some consideration.

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