The DuraGo Wheel Bearing Review: Is it the Best Wheel Bearing Brand?

The DuraGo Wheel Bearing Review: Is it the Best Wheel Bearing Brand?

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Wheel bearings serve the sole purpose of keeping your wheel hub, tires, and wheel assembly together. Wheel bearings enable the friction-free rotation and movement of your hub assembly which results in a smooth, synchronized wheel and tire rotation.

The primary purpose of wheel bearings is to help promote wheel rotation efficiency, and when your wheel bearings begin to fail, they can begin to create a lot of problems and severely impact the overall operation of your vehicle, and even your engine and brake pad, especially for heavy duty or any kind of truck.

Wheel bearings play an integral role in the drivetrain of any vehicle. They are what make the first connections between the static and moving areas of your vehicle. In a sense, wheel bearings at their core is a device that reduces friction, which helps the efficiency of wheel rotation.

The bearings on your vehicle will often be located in between two metal rings, and when in action they rotate the axle in synchronization with your wheel’s rotation. If you feel looseness in your steering wheel or you hear a grinding or rattling sound coming from your rear or front wheel, it may be time to change your bearings.

One of the best wheel bearing and hub brands available on the market is DuraGo, the company produces a wide range of auto parts however their wheel bearings are well-known for their durability and longevity, who promises to protect your brake system.

If you’re in need of a new set of wheel bearings, DuraGo Premium Hub Assemblies is the brand to go with, this DuraGo Wheel Bearing Review is going to cover all of the most important aspects of DuraGo and their premium line of wheel bearings so that you can make the right purchase decision for your vehicles heavy duty needs.

Who are DuraGo Wheel Bearings For?

wheel bearings

DuraGo produces wheel bearings for several different vehicle types and models like Mazda and Nissan. The primary individual who would be interested in a set of DuraGo wheel bearings is a vehicle owner who is looking for high-performance and long-lasting auto part quality.

With over 50yrs of experience in the industry, the company knows how to manufacture premium auto parts and their wheel bearings are nothing short of fantastic.

When you need a reliable set of wheel bearings to install on your vehicle that you can rest assured won’t break, DuraGo has what you need.

Out top recommendations

Take a look below to see some of our top alternative recommendations for wheel bearings so that you can get the best performance from your vehicle for years to come. Keep in mind, all of the recommendations we list below will vary in terms of their compatibility with certain vehicle types and how well they perform once installed in your car.

#1 DuraGo 29510055 Front Wheel Bearing

DuraGo 29510055

The DuraGo 29510055 Front Wheel Bearing is a standout in DuraGo’s wheel bearing line up. These particular bearings will reduce friction in your wheel hub while improving fuel economy which is great for everyone from soccer moms to racecar drivers.

These bearings undergo a heat tempering and treatment process which helps to provide enhanced strength and long-lasting service life. Another feature of these wheel bearings, in particular, is that they operate with very little vibration so you will feel the road less while driving resulting in a smooth and enjoyable ride.

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of wheel bearings to put on your vehicle that will last a long time, these are a great choice to go with.

 #2 DuraGo® Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

DuraGo® Wheel Bearing

The DuraGo® Bearing and Hub Assembly utilizes a maintenance-free unitized design that comes with a pre-greased and pre-sealed pre-set. This wheel bearing assembly is compatible with both non-ABS and ABS vehicles which makes them very versatile in terms of the type of vehicles you can install these bearings on.

These wheel bearings are known for their long-lasting design quality in addition to their excellent serviceability. These wheel bearings, in particular, are crafted from high-grade material and they use the latest bearing technology to ensure that you can achieve maximum performance quality all of the time.

The DuraGo bearing and hub assembly kit reduce overall friction and will also improve your vehicle’s fuel economy over time. When you install these wheel bearings on the right vehicle, you will be guaranteed a perfect fit and second-to-none performance.

#3 DuraGo 29513024 Front Wheel Bearing

The DuraGo 29513024 Front Wheel Bearing is made out of precision machined parts that are crafted to achieve a precise fit in addition to providing you with prolonged functionality. These bearings come with a superior bearing design which provides smooth operation and reduced overall noise.

This wheel bearing set undergoes a heat tempering and treatment process which adds a layer of strength and extended service life to the bearings overall. These bearings are sealed which means that they are protected from exterior contamination while also maintaining high levels of lubrication during use.

On this set of wheels bearings, you will also find induction har0dened raceways which results in vibration-free performance and increased durability overall.

#4 DuraGo 29510034 Front Wheel Bearing

The DuraGo 29510034 Front Wheel Bearing is crafted with precision machined components that ensure a tight fit in addition to smooth functionality.

This wheel bearing set is heat-treated and tempered which adds strength and stability to the design overall. You’ll also find sealed bearings on this bearing set which helps to keep contamination out of your wheels while also sustaining a high level of lubrication to ensure smooth operation.

This wheel bearing set is also structured to reduce vibration while simutaniously increasing the durability and performance capability of your vehicle.

#5 DuraGo 29510081 Front Wheel Bearing

The DuraGo 29510081 Front Wheel Bearing undergoes rigorous testing during the development phase to ensure that they will be able to meet all performance and durability standards once installed on your vehicle.

This bearing set uses sealed bearings which provide an enhanced level of protection against contamination. They also help keep your wheels highly lubricated for prolonged performance.

DuraGo Wheel Bearing: Pros & Cons

Before installing any set of wheel bearings on your vehicle, you need to know what some of the main pros and cons are about them. When it comes to DuraGo wheel bearings, there are several different pros and cons that you will need to consider before purchasing them to go on your vehicle.

Below, we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of all the pros and cons that you can expect to encounter when installing DuraGo wheel bearings.


  • Bearings are compatible with Type 1, Type II, and Type III hub assemblies
  • Made using a maintenance-free unitized design which comes with pre-sealed, pre-greased, and a pre-set composition
  • 98% of passenger light trucks and car wheel bearing assembly sales are protected by the DuraGo hub assembly program
  • Friction reduction and improved fuel efficiency
  • Precision fit for maximum performance and fitting


  • Can be quite costly
  • Installation may require expert assistance if you have no prior experience with wheel bearing installation

DuraGo Wheel Bearing: Core Features

wheel bearing 1

DuraGo wheel bearings set themselves apart from the crowd for a variety of different reasons. One of the main ones being their unique overall design and the process they undergo before being released to the consumer market.

Read the following section in full so that you will be able to understand why DuraGo wheel bearings are highly sought after when compared to other brands available.


All DuraGo wheel bearings are designed with a vibration-free mechanism which helps to reduce the amount of “road noise” that you experience while steering. Other wheel bearings may transfer the texture of the road to your steering wheel while driving which can lead to an impeded performance in terms of handling and control. Wheel bearings from this brand do not do this which is one of the reasons why they are so highly sought-after.

Sealed Design

All of the bearings produced and manufactured by this company use advanced sealant technology which helps keeps contaminants out of your tires while also providing you with sustained lubrication so that you can experience a smooth ride all of the time. The sealed design of these bearings also helps to prolong the durability and lifespan of your bearings so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down.

Fuel Efficiency

You will also find that DuraGo wheel bearings are designed with fuel efficiency in mind, which means that you never have to worry about the efficiency of your vehicle being impacted simply because you decided to change the bearings.

This should never be an issue, and DuraGo does a great job of making sure of that. This is a great feature especially for high-performance vehicles that require components that can withstand intense usage over extended periods of time.

Precision Fit

Wheel bearings produced by this company also are outfitted with precise fitting measurements straight from the factory. That means that you won’t’ have to waste time trying to fabricate your wheel bearings during installation because they come with a pre-fit manufacturing design which ensures optimal performance straight out of the box.

All of these features combine to create a powerful set of wheel bearings that are practically unbreakable during operation. Regardless of how large, small, or performance-intensive your vehicle is, you will be able to find a set of DuraGo wheel bearings that meet your exact needs. These wheel bearings come in all sizes, shapes, and designs which means that there is the right fit for any vehicle currently in production.

Our Honest Opinion

When it comes to quality wheel bearings, DuraGo definitely is in the top percentile of manufacturers who have gotten it right time after time. From the design, integrated durability, performance perks, and all of the other benefits that you get when purchasing a pair of their wheel bearings, nothing comes close to the quality and sustainability that their products provide.

If you own a high-performance vehicle and need to install a new set of reliable wheel bearings that will be able to withstand everything you throw at them, this brand provides stellar options.


What does a wheel bearing go bad?

One of the most common reasons that wheel bearing goes bad is faulty installation by using inappropriate tools like hammers or an impact wrench that can damage the wheel bearing and cause it to fail prematurely.

What happens if I drive with a damaged wheel bearing?

We strongly suggest you don’t do that because it can be very dangerous if one of your wheel bearings has gone bad, for example, it may cause the wheel drive to stop steering, and it puts a lot of stress on the transmission, hub, and the CV joint.

Should I be replacing the wheel hub or wheel bearing?

Wheel hubs are just a box of steel and not often have any issues and they are rarely replaced. One of the main reasons for replacing a wheel hub is because the wheel bearing attached to it has failed.

Is DuraGo legitimate?

DuraGo is has been a trusted business for over 50 years now. Through the years they have developed different high quality products such as a complete Brake kit, Brake Rotors, and Drums, Electrophoretic Brake Rotors, Brake Pads and Shoes, Wheel Bearings, etc.


We’ve covered all of the main features and important information that you need to know in regards to DuraGo wheel bearings and what to expect when installing a set on your vehicle (even if you have a pickup truck). Use this DuraGo Wheel Bearing Review to help you decide on whether or not they are the right fit for your vehicle and specific performance needs.

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