Oredy Struts Review: Are They The Right Choice for Your Vehicle?

Oredy Struts Review: Are They The Right Choice for Your Vehicle?

Every part of a car no matter how insignificant it may seem is equally important because even a tiny problem can make the driving experience less enjoyable and put your life at risk.

Struts are certainly not the first car part that comes to mind during the discussions about automobiles, but without them, every pothole you hit would cause serious damage to your vehicle. Oredy struts became commercially available just a few years ago, but after such a short period of time, they are already regarded as one of the best struts you can get for your car, truck or SUV.

That is why we decided to review Oredy struts and take a closer look at what makes them a near-perfect option for a broad range of vehicles.

The benefits of acquiring industry-leading struts

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A strut is a component of a car’s suspension system that enables the drivers to react promptly to the terrain they are driving through.  They are commonly composed of just two parts, a shock absorber, and a spring. To make things more complicated there are no clear patterns you can follow in order to determine which car has struts and which doesn’t.

Consequently, finding the best struts for the car model you own will improve the quality of your driving experience considerably, and it would make it easier for you to maintain control over your vehicle while driving through uneven parts of the road.

Oredy struts are built to last which makes them a perfect option for drivers who want to make sure their vehicle’s suspension system is equipped with state of the art struts that are known for their ability to perform well is a broad range of contexts.

Replacing OEM struts with Oredy struts



Your car has a suspension system that is developed by the manufacturer, and in most cases, the struts these systems utilize are capable of delivering admirable performances.  In other words, chances are that you won’t have to replace the struts on your vehicle within the first couple of years after you purchase it.

However, if you start noticing that your car’s or SUV’s suspension system is starting to underperform, you should consult with your mechanic on the best course of action.

Oredy offers hundreds of different strut models that are compatible with different types of vehicles.  Whether or not an Oredy strut is a good replacement for your car’s OEM struts depends on the car model you own. Furthermore,  it is advisable to check the manual in order to find out if your car has struts on all four wheels or just on the front or rear axle.

How good are Oredy struts?

The quality of each part in your car’s suspension system can improve your safety while you are on the road and it can make steering a vehicle easier. So, in case your car uses struts instead of shocks, you should prioritize quality over price and get the best struts for the car model you own. Oredy struts stand shoulder to shoulder with brands like Detroit Axle, Monroe or Rancho.

All Oredy strut models are made out of sturdy materials, which reduces the need to change them often to the very minimum. Moreover, you can get only front or rear Oredy struts for your car or opt to purchase a kit that can be installed on both axles.

However, the process of installing an Oredy strut is highly technical, and you shouldn’t attempt to do it on your own unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Installing Oredy struts on different types of car models

Different car models have different suspension systems, which is why you must make sure that the Oredy strut model you’re considering is compatible with your car.

Toyota Corolla Matrix, Honda Civic or Nissan Sentra are just a few car models on which you can use Oredy struts, but it is best to consult your mechanic before opting for any of these models since it is hard to know which one is the best choice for your car.

The company produces struts for a broad range of vehicles, so chances are that you can easily find a model that matches your car, but this doesn’t mean that you can use Oredy struts on all vehicles. What’s more, struts for rear and front axels are not identical, which is why it is important to check if the model you are interested in can be used for the purpose you have in mind.

There are hundreds of Oredy strut models available that are compatible with a broad range of cars, but you should consult an expert in order to find out which one of them would work best with your vehicle.

Are Oredy struts expensive?

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Oredy struts are divided into several price tiers and the least expensive options cost just under a hundred dollars. The vast majority of Oredy struts cost between one and two hundred dollars, and it is unlikely that you will have to spend more if you want to replace just one strut.

Models that cost over two or three hundred dollars are also available, but whether or not you are going to have to spend this much money on struts depends on the car you have. However, Oredy struts are more expensive than models produced by other brands, so it is highly likely that you can find cheaper options on the market.

Nonetheless, spending a little more on Oredy struts can prove to be a great investment, as these struts don’t break down easily and are known to improve the driving experience. You should also check out our tire buying guide, if you would like to ensure your car is capable of great performances on any type of terrain, regardless of the weather conditions.

Comparing Oredy Struts to the Competition

Oredy brand was established in 2015, but despite being present on the market for a relatively short period of time, struts produced by Oredy are highly esteemed among the leading industry experts. The fact that Oredy struts are compatible with a broad range of vehicles suggests that finding the model that matches your car shouldn’t be too difficult.

Struts have only three parts that enable them to absorb the shock caused by the terrain through which you are driving.  Even though this is a simple car part, its quality can increase your safety and overall experience during both short and long rides.

Oredy’s struts may not be the best choice for off-road driving, but they perform admirably on most roads and highways. Even though brands like Monroe or Detroit Axle are still dominating the strut market, Oredy’s models have secured its place among the industry leaders.

How durable are Oredy struts?

The fact that the company offers an 18-month guarantee on all of its strut models speaks volumes about their durability. Furthermore, Oredy’s after-service teams assist all of their US-based customers even after the successful strut installation process.

All of the Oredy’s struts are made out of sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The weather conditions do not impact the performance of the Oredy’s struts, and they are equally effective in the summer and in the winter.

In general, you can cover more than 50.000 miles before you should start considering replacing a strut produced by Oredy. How often you are going to have to replace Oredy’s struts depends mostly on how frequently you are using your vehicle and the type of terrain you drive through.

As the amount of shock a strut absorbs increases, so do the chances of failure which is why it is important to drive carefully and avoid hitting potholes or road bumps hard.

Finding the Oredy strut model that is compatible with your vehicle

Currently, there are more than three hundred Oredy strut models available on the market and each of them is compatible with a different car model. Mounting a strut on an incompatible car model is not possible, and you must make sure that the strut you want to buy is compatible with your vehicle.

Ford, Nissan, Honda or Oldsmobile are just a few car manufacturers whose models are compatible with Oredy struts. However, not all car models produced by these companies have suspension systems that utilize struts and Oredy struts are not compatible with all car models made by these companies.

So if you don’t consider yourself an expert, it is best to consult with your mechanic and purchase the strut they recommended.

Is it difficult to install an Oredy Strut?

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The process of installing a strut takes around half an hour, but you shouldn’t attempt to do this on your own, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. Besides having a strut that is compatible with your car, you also need access to the tools that will enable you to install a new strut.

Hiring professional help is a much better option for anyone who doesn’t know much about how suspension systems work or the actual steps of installing an Oredy strut on a particular car model. Trying to go through this process on your own can cause significant damage to your vehicle and create additional repair costs.

Is there any difference between the front and rear Oredy Struts?

Oredy produces both front and rear struts and you can purchase them separately or as a kit. Moreover, some cars only have front struts, but it is best to check the manual in order to be sure whether your car employs shocks, struts or both.  Front and rare assemblies are also available, which enables you to changes struts on both front and rear wheels.

You should pay attention when buying an assembly because you cannot install a front assembly on back wheels. Furthermore, it is important that the left and right struts are placed in their correct positions during the installation process.

Pros and Cons


  • All Oredy struts come with an 18-month warranty
  • Compatible with a large number of cars, SUVs, and trucks
  • Made out of sturdy materials
  • Excellent shock absorption capabilities
  • Changes are required after 50.000 miles
  • Doesn’t break down easily
  • Excellent support for US-based customers
  • Improves the quality of the driving experience


  • Installing Oredy struts on your own is not advisable
  • There are less expensive options on the market
  • Oredy struts don’t perform well on rough terrains
  • Finding an Oredy strut for your vehicle can be a time-consuming task

The Best Alternatives to Oredy Struts

Which after-market struts you can install on your vehicle depends on the model, since it can happen that Oredy or any other strut manufacturer doesn’t offer struts that are compatible with the vehicle you own.

Brands such as Monroe, Detroit Axle, Rancho or Bilstein are some of the best alternatives you have at your disposal. However, if you are considering a strut model manufactured by any of these brands you must first make sure that they are compatible with your vehicle.

Most strut models are built to last, and with proper and regular maintenance you won’t have to change them often. Furthermore, each of these brands offers warranties so in case you encounter any problems you can replace the strut that isn’t functioning properly free of charge. However, chances are that you will have to change struts on your vehicle after 50.000 miles regardless of the brand you opt for.

FAQ’s About Oredy Struts

Is it necessary to change OEM struts?

No, it isn’t, since most car manufacturers invest a lot of time and effort into the development of suspension systems for their vehicles. However, if the original part breaks down, acquiring an after-market part is your only solution.

Is it difficult to recognize when struts are malfunctioning?

Not at all, because you will easily notice fluid leaks from struts or nose dives while hard braking. These are only a few of the most obvious symptoms, and you should consult a professional to find out more.

Are Oredy struts fully loaded?

Yes, they are, because they can be installed on your vehicle as soon as you purchase them.

Our recommendation: Are Oredy struts worth investing in?

oredy struts for car

In a short period of time, Oredy struts have become synonymous with quality, as growing numbers of car owners choose to enrich their car’s suspension systems with them.  These durable struts will reduce the force of the impact when your cars hit a road bump, which in turn will enable you to drive smoothly even on bad roads.

However, Oredy struts are not designed for off-road driving so you shouldn’t expect too much from them if you are planning on driving your vehicle on dirt roads. Even so, the 18-month guarantee has you covered in case front or rear assemblies stat to malfunction during this period.

In most cases, you won’t have to think about changing the struts before 50.000 miles, but their lifespan can shrink if you don’t perform regular maintenance checks.

Oready struts may be a bit more expensive than those produced by other brands, but spending a little extra on high-quality struts can save you a lot of money on suspension system repairs down the line. It’s for this reason that we recommend them.

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