WeatherTech vs Husky Floor Mats – Which is Best?

WeatherTech vs Husky Floor Mats – Which is Best?

There are a lot of different floor mats out there, so it’s challenging to decide which one is the best fit for your car. Your car’s carpeting takes a beating daily, so unless you want to decrease the resale value of your vehicle, your best option is to find something to protect your flooring. WeatherTech and Husky floor mats are two mats that are perfect for this task.

Our Top Pick: Husky Liners 99001 Floor Mats

Husky Mats is a better option, mostly because of the price. ALSO, they offer a lifetime warranty and the mats are elastic and lightweight. Our favorite is the Husky Liners 99001 Floor Mats.

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09/23/2020 06:29 am

When looking for the perfect floor mat, there are a few things to consider. The material of your mat determines how much wear and tear it can put up with. The most common materials are vinyl, rubber, and carpet. In this article, we picked two rubber-based mats as rubber is easy to clean, tough, and waterproof.

Rubber mats are also resistant to dirt, dust, and spills. They’re also an excellent insulator, so your car becomes a little bit warmer as a result. Outdoor exhibitors and people who like to go to the beach or prefer to camp on weekends will definitely benefit from rubber mats. The hard and fast rule of rubber is: how dirty does your family get? This includes your dogs and children.

WeatherTech and Husky are two of the most reputable manufacturers of floor mats around. We’re going to take a look at both companies and see which mat better suits your individual needs.

The Main Differences Between WeatherTech vs Husky Floor Mats

The main differences between WeatherTech vs Husky Floor Mats are:

  • WeatherTech is a more ridged tri-extruded (HDTE) material which makes it more durable, whereas Husky Floor Mats are more flexible and made out of an elastomeric compound.
  • WeatherTech mats are custom fit to vehicles, whereas Husky Floor Mats takes a universal approach and needs to be cut to fit specific cars.
  • WeatherTech offers more expensive mats for vehicles which are universal and easy to be installed, whereas Husky Floor Mats tend to be cheaper, but are well-liked amongst car owners.


floor mat

WeatherTech floor mats are incredibly popular among consumers. Their popularity is from their durability and custom design that fits your car or truck for a seamless, clean look. WeatherTech mats are also light and easy to install in your vehicle as they require no tools, and often no cutting before insertion.

WeatherTech floor liners are laser-measured, so they completely fit the interior of your car. You won’t have to cut any mats that fit in the front and passenger side. Universal mats have the disadvantage of fitting any vehicle, which means moisture, mud, dirt, and grease can fall through the sides. With WeatherTech, that isn’t an issue.

These mats also have advanced surface channels, which means your spilled fluids will sit in a lower reservoir, which will minimize the movement of the fluid as well as further damage to your car or clothes. This also makes it easy to pick up and empty outside. The durable material also withstands temperatures and most hot liquids, so the mat will also stay intact even when dirty.

WeatherTech’s line of products is made in Bolingbrook, IL. The company is committed to keeping its manufacturing headquarters in America while using American workers and American equipment to make and sell their products.


• Made in American.
• Protects the car’s carpets.
• Available in grey, tan and black.
• Simple installation.
• Advanced surface channels that direct fluid spill away from the driver.
• Price: Price varies depending on the year of construction and the size of the mats. The average price of mats is between $50-$150
• Where To Buy: You can find these mats on Amazon.
• Has This Item Been Recalled?: The only recall that has been made was for incorrect cutting of the mats that made them not fit properly in specific car models.


• Uses Tri-Extruded (HDTE) materials for its mats, which gives a rigid, robust core with a non-slip surface.
• Custom-fit for automobiles and can be cut for a better fit if necessary.
• Easy to clean.
• Year-round protection against all weather, rain, snow, and sand.
• Uses laser technology and 3D modeling in the creation of the mats.


• Front row is custom, but the back row often isn’t. You’ll likely have to cut to get the perfect fit which can null the warranty.
• More expensive than Husky.


“Great fit for 2017 Ford F-150 FX4 XLT. These came in a Weathertech box and arrived a day early. They were folded…thus, to begin with, didn’t fit perfect…but after using a hairdryer to heat up the areas that needed attention they quickly fit in the truck like a glove! They vacuum off easily and are a 1-time purchase as they will last as long as you have the truck. “- Review of 2015-2018 Ford F-150-Weathertech Floor Liners-Full Set by Kswanb on

“What’s there to say. WeatherTech are the best. They fit so good they look like they grew there. Can’t wait for the back one I ordered to come in. It’s nice to know that the carpet of my vehicle is totally protected and not going to get destroyed. They are definitely worth the money. You have a customer for life.” – Review of WeatherTech 440661 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners by Rich Matthews III on

“Love WeatherTech floor liners. This is our third pair, different vehicles. Wouldn’t own a car, new or used without getting a set. They really make all the difference.  I guess GM’s reasoning was an issue from years ago with floor mats getting caught by the gas pedal. Weather Tech floor liner fits perfect but still manages to cover that spot which will protect the carpet.” Review of WeatherTech (446071 FloorLiner by Deborah L on

WeatherTech has an average of 4 stars on all of their products and are highly recommended or recommended by most users.

Husky Liners

mogo floor mats

Husky Liners floor mats are fit to mold to the floor of your vehicle. Their rugged, diamond plated mats feature a FormFit design that has protected cars since the 1970s. They can be inserted into your car, truck, or SUV. The cleats help your mat stay put and won’t shift, tear or slide like other liners that come with a flat bottom.

Husky Liners are made with a flexible elastomeric compound that imitates the look and feel of rubber. Classic style liners are resistant to chemicals like oils, gas, and battery acid. They’ll hold tight and stay intact through all kinds of weather, including rain, snow, sand, and dirt. They are easy to clean and can be dumped out or sprayed with a hose.

The laser scanning technology makes the mat contour to your floorboards. This allows the mats to fit well into your truck. Floor mats are available in black, grey, and tan, so they match the interior of most cars. With no tool installation, Husky Liners can be placed directly into your vehicle, and likely won’t need to be cut.

All Husky liners come with a lifetime warranty that can be used if the mat wasn’t damaged or torn in any way deemed abnormal. Make sure to use proper chemicals when cleaning the mat so that it doesn’t get damaged unintentionally and voids your warranty.


• Made in American.
• Protects the car’s carpets.
• Available in grey, tan and black.
• Simple installation.
• Cleats, located at the bottom of the mat, make the mat stay in place, and not shift.
• Diamond tread pattern allows your feet to remain elevated and away from dirt and grime.
• Chemical resistant to oil, gas and battery acid
• Price: Price varies depending on the year of construction and the size of the mats. The average price of mats is between $30-$100
• Where To Buy: You can find these mats on Amazon.
• Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent or current recalls of Husky mats.


• Made out of a thermoplastic rubberized material that is flexible and elastomeric.
• FormFit laser-measurement and design.
• Lifetime warranty against breaking and cracking
• Lighter than WeatherTech mats as it’s elastomeric construction is light and easy to bend.
• Tall external walls will prevent dirt from creeping out of the mat.
• Cheaper than WeatherTech.
• Mats are more elastic than WeatherTech’s mats.


• Mostly supports older models.


“I got these for my 2012 Ram 3500 Crew cab and they fit great! I wish they were a little more rubbery because they are a little on the stiff side. They do a great job of covering a lot of “exposed” carpet. I’m extremely happy with them. Everyone that gets in my truck is impressed with them. Thank you!” – Review of Husky Liners 99001 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners by Tino Kalantzis on

“I have WeatherTech Liners in our Honda Pilot and honestly I like the Husky Liners much better. Just bought them for our 2017 F-150 Super-Crew. Had to trim the rear mat as per the instructions as we have the 40/20/40 front seats in our truck. These did a good job of holding the sand in place until I could vacuum the truck.” Review of Husky Liners 94041 WeatherBeater Combo Set Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners by Brian M on

“We live in the mountains, with plenty of snow and mud. I got these to protect the carpeted floor of my F-150. The price was right but I wasn’t sure how they would fit. They look good, fit well, and were super easy to install. I’m completely happy and would buy them again.” – Review of Husky Liners Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners by Kindle Customer on

Husky Liners have an average of 41/2 stars on all of their products and are highly recommended by most users.

How do you Clean Husky Floor Mats?

Husky liners should be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water if the mess is dirt, grime or food. If you’ve spilled oil on the mat, citrus-based cleaners are recommended as the citrus cleaners contain d-limonene which is a natural solvent that cuts through oil and grease.

Windex is excellent for restoring the luster of the mats. Don’t use Armor All or Armor All like cleaners as they make your mats slippery. Keep in mind that black floor liners will show more dirt and will wear quicker than other colors.

If you want to restore the original look of your mat completely, suggests using soap and water on the mudguards first. Then, once the mudguards are clean, dry them and wipe them down with an automotive detail spray.

How do you clean WeatherTech mats?

WeatherTech makes a formulated TechCare Cleaner that is biodegradable and cuts through oil, grease, dirt, sand, and salt. It’s phosphate-free and can be easily disposed of in any trash can. You could also use warm water, a mild detergent, and a soft-bristle brush to clean the mat if you don’t have TechCare.

Don’t use harsh chemicals on the mats, or silicone-based cleaners like Armor All. After washing the mat outside your vehicle, rinse the mat and scrub away the access dirt. If you want to condition your mats, WeatherTech makes a TechCare protector.

TechCare gives your mats a durable, strong coating that protects your mat against staining, marks, scuffs and wear and tear. Gently take a sponge or cloth and spread the product over the whole mat. Wait for TechCare to dry, then put the mat back in your car.

What are All-Weather Floor Mats?

all weather car mat

All-Weather Floor mats are made out of durable rubber that can handle anything the planet throws at you, including dust, dirt, mud, grime, snow, and ice. Key features of all-weather floor mats include:

• Simple to clean: Materials are simple and easy to wash and clean. Anything that spills can be sprayed or washed away easily with soap and water. Once the mats are dry, no smell is left to linger.
• Visually appealing: All-weather mats come in a variety of colors that match your interior like black, grey or tan: They add style to the cars look.
• Protects your interior: Mats give the best protection to your interior. They’ll keep your carpet clean and dry.
• Durability: All-weather mats use heavy-duty rubber which makes them last longer than vinyl or carpet mats. The material is flexible, yet sturdy and can withstand everyday wear and tear. Rubbing shoes won’t ruin these mats, even in the long term.
• Traps dirt and moisture: The waterproof surface traps spillage, sand particles, and dust.

What are the Best All-Weather Floor Mats?

Husky Liners 99001 Black WeatherBeater Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners

husky liners

If you’re looking for a well-built mat that will give you full coverage of your car, look no further. Easy to install with no tools and only takes a couple of minutes to settle into the nooks and crannies of the floor. Can be used on trucks, cars and in cargo.

The containment wall is raised slightly to give the design a better fit. These walls will keep your carpet clean if you drop anything on it, or once the snow starts to melt off your shoes. Husky Liners are also less expensive than other mats.

This floor mat liner is made of strong materials with nubs that grip onto the back of the carpet. The mat won’t slip and slide underneath you, making your drive safer and more stable. Husky offers a lifetime warranty if the mat cracks or breaks.

Weathertech FloorLiner Digital Fit


The WeatherTech FloorLiner Digital Fit is the perfect balance between features and price. It offers durability that’s best for sedans and SUVs. This is one of the best anti-slip mats around, so it’s perfect for outdoorsy types.

These mats are elevated and provide a nice cushion beneath your feet. This provides comfort for long road trips. The Digital Fit is simple to maintain and clean, as the inner grooves catch all debris which can then be picked up out of your car and hosed off.

WeatherTech mats are also odorless. The only downside to these mats is that the ridges on the sides can make the fit awkward and may need to be cut. WeatherTech mats, in general, are on the expensive side, so if want a mat for a better price, I would suggest the Husky Liner brand instead.

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The Verdict

The Husky Liners are the better option here. Although both mats are similar in many respects, what separates Husky from WeatherTech is the price. Husky Liners are also much lighter and elastic. The only real downside to Husky is that they aren’t as form-fitting as WeatherTech, which means you’ll have to clean your floor carpet more.

Husky also offers a lifetime warranty that is difficult to void. As long as you don’t physically rip it with your hands or spill corrosive chemicals on it, you’ll get your money back. I also like that these mats are slip and move resistant due to the teeth at the bottom of the mat.

Both mats offer a high-quality product that will protect your carpet flooring from getting ruined. Still, for the price, you’re better off with Husky.

FAQ’s About WeatherTech vs Husky Floor Mats

Are WeatherTech floor liners slippery?

The plastic combined with release agent makes the liners slippery in the beginning, but with time they get less and less slippery with exceptions when it’s raining and you get water or dirt on them.

How do you keep floor liners from slipping?

Slipping floor mats are trouble that every car owner has, and if you want to prevent the dirt to be directly on your carpet you can apply carpet tape underneath them.

Are Husky Floor mats a fit for every car model?

No. Husky Floor mats usually are not a fit for the newest types of vehicles, so it’s always better to search mats according to car model and year of make in order to avoid making a mistake and paying for something that doesn’t fit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a mat, I would choose rubber over other materials, so even if you aren’t interested in these two mats, you’re better off getting a similar one with a rubber base. Mats, in general, are an excellent investment because they protect the bottom carpet of your vehicle while maintaining the factory warranty of your car. If you leave a stain too long on your carpet, it’s unlikely it’ll come out.

Keep in mind that if you have a newer car, you’re better off going with WeatherTech. Husky mats are a little behind with new car models and tend to support vehicles that are at least 1-2 years older than the newer models. If you still want to get a Husky, you could cut the mat to fit, but that would void the warranty and make the diamond grooves useless as liquid will now leak into your car.

Just because we picked the Husky mats, it doesn’t mean that the WeatherTech mats are bad. They’re popular for a reason. The extra price point on these mats gives you better protection because they are form fit to your car. They’re also heavier and provide better insulation for your vehicle. You can’t go wrong with either of these, but the Husky is still the best bang for your buck.

Our Top Pick: Husky Liners 99001 Floor Mats

Husky Mats is a better option, mostly because of the price. ALSO, they offer a lifetime warranty and the mats are elastic and lightweight. Our favorite is the Husky Liners 99001 Floor Mats.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
09/23/2020 06:29 am

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