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Katrina Dent

Katrina Dent loves working on cars and finding new gadgets and accessories that will make her life easier. She is a jack of all trades and loves to write about multiple topics. One of her favorites is to write about car deals and tips to finding the best classic cars around. A published writer and author, Katrina can always be found at a coffee shop with her laptop.

The Best Clutch Kits for Dodge Cummins To Consider in 2022

Manual cars all have a clutch component, but not everyone knows that this part even exists if you’re used to automatic vehicles. If you’re changing from an automatic to a stick shift, or you’re in the market for a new clutch for your Dodge Cummin, we expect you need some advice on the best clutch for your favorite truck.

Never fear, we are here to help. First, we’re going to explain what the clutch is for automatic car newbies and explain the individual parts that make clutches function. Finally, we’ll give you a list of our top recommendations related to all clutch kits available for the Doge Cummin.

What is a Clutch?


The clutch is one of the most overused, underappreciated, and least understood part of your car. In simple terms, the clutch is the mechanical device that transfers the rotational power from the engin

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