Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra

Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra: How to Find The Right One?

The dynamic of a vehicle during steep climbing, braking, and acceleration is affected by the efficiency of its exhaust extraction system. A faulty or inefficient exhaust system also affects any vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Increased fuel consumption, loss of engine power, and reception are usually associated with exhaust system problems. Other issues are gas odor inside the car or under the hood, increased vibration under the bottom, and rattling.  

If you own a Toyota Tundra and you have the same problems, check your exhaust system. If it is faulty you will need to find a replacement. There are hundreds of options to choose from even when you decide to go for aftermarket exhaust systems. Knowing the right one for your Tundra is not an easy task. 

We have done thorough research on all the types of exhaust systems for Toyota Tundra currently in the market. They are many and it is not easy to find a perfect match for your needs. However, we came up with five of the best systems according to customer reviews and expert opinions. 

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Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101 Exhaust

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Flowmaster 817692 Outlaw Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System | Amazon

Flowmaster Outlaw Series exhaust systems are mandrel-bent for maximum performance and include specially designed mufflers.

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5 Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust Systems

Every exhaust system manufacturer will state their system is the best. This is why we found five of the best and a description of each. With the following information, you should have enough to get one that will put an end to your exhaust woes. 

Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101


genuine toyota parts ptr03


Conventional wisdom says you will not find a better replacement exhaust system than one made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The PTR03-34101 exhaust system is proof of it. It is a replacement exhaust that does not void your vehicle’s warranty. 

The main advantage of this system is you know what to expect. Performance and sound are identical to what your Tundra could do when it is new. This is the best way to go if you are looking for a replacement instead of an upgrade. 

Durability and construction quality are strong points of the PTR03-34101 exhaust system. The fit of the components is on point, and the stainless still does not degrade or rust. The downside is you will not get everything you may need with this product. 

For instance, you need to buy the tailpipes separately. Furthermore, you have to purchase any bolts and gaskets you may need for installation. Take this into consideration when you are making your budget to avoid spending more than you planned.

Premium Choice
Genuine Toyota Parts PTR03-34101 Exhaust

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Key Features

  • For Tundras manufactured between 2010 to 2019
  • Cat-back exhaust style
  • Made using stainless steel


  • Reduced back pressure improves horsepower and adds torque
  • More tone and rumble with no drone
  • Dual exhaust combined with side by side mufflers
  • Genuine Toyota Tundra parts don’t affect your warranty
  • Guaranteed to be compatible with most recent models


  • Doesn’t come with gaskets and bolts
  • Need to buy tailpipe kit separately

Flowmaster 817692

flowmaster 817692

Flowmaster is an exhaust designed for everything from muscle cars to trucks. Their cat-back system is a perfect fit for any Tundra manufactured from 2009 to 2018. The Flowmaster 817692 is not only easy to install but is also better than the stock exhaust. 

If you are a fan of aggressive exhaust systems, then this is your perfect match. You get a powerful sound thanks to the combination of the proprietary muffler system and dyno tuning. It roars the moment you open up the throttle (which may be too much for some drivers). It is not recommended if you prefer quiet exhaust systems.

This doesn’t mean sound is the only benefit you get. It has been well-designed for optimal drive power. The inclusion of mandrel bends provides efficient airflow. Made from stainless steel, the Flowmaster 817692 holds its own against extreme conditions. Additionally, you do not have to worry about corrosion and rust over time.

The majority of drivers were able to install the system on their Tundra in about three hours. Flowmaster Outlaw 817692 has an easy assembly, with the tricky part being installing the tips.

The clamps are a bit weak. If you do not want the pipes to hang, you may need to do some spot welding. Apart from these minor quibbles, it is the best Tundra exhaust system if you are looking for power. 

Flowmaster 817692 Outlaw Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System | Amazon

Flowmaster Outlaw Series exhaust systems are mandrel-bent for maximum performance and include specially designed mufflers.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Key Features

  • For Tundra pickup 4.6L/5.7L made between 2009 – 2018
  • Cat-back with mandrel bends
  • Made using 409S stainless steel


  • Easy to install
  • More engine power thanks to efficient airflow
  • Durable construction
  • Black ceramic tips
  • Most aggressive sound on this list


  • Piping clamps are weak and may require spot welding
  • Some drivers may find it too loud

Borla 140332 Cat-back

borla 140332

Are you looking for an aftermarket exhaust system that will unlock horsepower you never imagined your Tundra had? If your answer is yes, then the Borla 140332 cat-back exhaust system is the way to go. Keep in mind it is the most expensive system on this list. However, the same quality and superior construction cannot be found at lower price points. 

Horsepower gains you get from this system are the result of the technology used to craft it. All the components are machined with multi-core and precise technology. Additionally, more open airflow is realized thanks to the use of mandrel bends. The result is the best-fitting and straightest exhaust for your Toyota Tundra. 

Once installed, you will love how your truck sounds and feels. For starters, you save on fuel costs and your engine becomes more responsive. The acceleration tone is sonically the most noticeable improvement. 

When it comes to installation, this product is a perfect match everywhere it counts. Take note you need to make some aesthetics adjustments to the pipes’ positioning. This is a minor issue considering the overall performance of the system.

Borla 140332 Cat-Back Exhaust System

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02/18/2024 06:16 am GMT

Key Features

  • Compatible with 2WD/4WD 4.6L/5.7L Tundras made between 2009 – 2013
  • Cat-back exhaust style with mandrel bends
  • Made using stainless steel


  • Fast installation
  • No drone at highway speeds
  • Distinctive Borla sound due to mandrel bends
  • Smooth machining for maximum airflow and power
  • Increases the car’s drive power and fuel economy 


  • May require bending to get it into position
  • Pricier than other options

Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013


gibson performance exhaust 60-0013 system


If you are looking for a more affordable exhaust system for your 2007 – 2017 Tundra, then this is the product of choice. It costs about half the price of other exhaust systems that would fit the above model years. It is a high-quality system making it an excellent value at that price point. 

One of the benefits is it is easy to install a bolt-on system. It uses mandrel bends with the same stainless steel tubing you find on more expensive products. The tubes are large with factory-style hangers and a 4-inch diameter. 

When it comes to sound, the product has a decent roar. A big, deep rumble is the result of combining large pipes with a straight-thru muffler. Although it has a slight hum at highway speeds, it is low enough not to be offensive.  

The power is the best thing about the Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013. The big pipes make it one of the most efficient systems you can put on your Tundra. You notice boosts in your torque and gas mileage from the exhaust system. Last, but not least, it is incredibly easy to install.

Key Features

  • Designed for 2WD/4WD 4.6L/5.7L Tundras manufactured between 2007 – 2017
  • Cat-back exhaust style with mandrel bends
  • Made using stainless steel


  • All-welded high-quality construction
  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Big, deep sound thanks to large mandrel bends
  • Black ceramic tips
  • An affordable option for 2007 – 2017 Tundras


  • Some highway hum
  • Does not have as much volume as some pricier systems

Walker 50459 Resonator Assembly

walker 50459 resonator assembly

Do you own a Toyota Tundra manufactured in 2005 or 2006? If you do, you know how hard it is to get an exhaust system replacement. Luckily, the Walker Resonator Assembly is specifically designed for these models. Furthermore, it is the most affordable as the prices do not exceed $200. 

The design of this exhaust system is for more of a replacement than an upgrade. It is built to match, and not exceed, original Toyota Tundra exhaust performance. You can notice a boost in your performance if your current exhaust system is worn or damaged. You also don’t get a massive roar. If you are looking for a quieter system, this is one of the choices to consider.

Unlike some systems in the market, the Walker Resonator Assembly does not include the hardware you need to install it. When you think about its total cost, it is evident that purchasing the additional hardware is a minor expense. The product is also built to resist road wear and moisture damage. It is not fancy, but it is pocket friendly and gets the job done. 

Key Features

  • Only for 2005 and 2005 Tundras
  • OE-style louvered tube
  • Made using aluminized steel


  • Resists corrosion and rust
  • Performs just like a stock Toyota exhaust
  • Installation takes a couple of hours
  • A great choice for people who want a quieter exhaust
  • Most affordable option


  • Uses aluminized steel which is not as durable as stainless steel
  • Not known for boosting exhaust volume or tone  

Toyota Tundra Exhaust Buying Guide

When you want to buy any item, there are various factors you should consider. For exhaust systems, you need to consider common factors such as cost, availability, and compatibility.

Apart from these, the following are key factors that will help you make an informed buying decision. 

Single or Dual?

Every Toyota Tundra owner has their preference when it comes to the exhaust system they want to use. The outer part of the system is a crucial factor to consider if you are keen on aesthetics. You can choose from different nozzle designs that are easily attached to the muffler.

exhaust system

Options vary in terms of shape, size, and diameter. Accessories made from stainless steel are the best as they increase your vehicle’s performance and life.

If loud exhaust systems are not your thing, you can find systems with modest sound or silent ones. Alternatively, you can install an additional silencer that will mute the tone. A well-maintained Tundra with a tuned exhaust has more torque and power. This in turn leads to an increase in fuel consumption.  

Single Exhaust

People who are working on a budget should consider a single exhaust as it is more affordable than its dual counterpart. Such aftermarket systems give your vehicle great aesthetics while providing additional performance benefits.  

Stock systems of this kind do not provide powerful sound immediately. However, some give a deeper sound when you are driving. There are many options available for people who want to look and sound great. 

Some of the benefits of a single exhaust system include:

  • Lighter in weight
  • Higher gas velocity
  • More affordable
  • Efficient

Dual Exhaust

Unlike their single counterparts, dual systems come with a more aggressive and louder sound. It may be the reason they are popular with muscle car fans. Look for such a system if you are willing to go all out. Apart from performance gains you also benefit from a desirable sound note. 

Take note dual exhaust kits are pricier than the single ones. Additionally, the velocity of the gas flow may be slower depending on the make and model of the exhaust system. Some of the benefits of dual systems include:

  • Increased exhaust flow
  • Reduced back pressure
  • Higher performance gains
  • Aggressive sound and look

X or H Pipe

The sound your Tundra produces is determined by whether you go from an X or H pipe. The latter produces a classical, smooth, and old-school muscle sound. The X pipe has a raspier and louder tone. 

Exhaust Type

There are three main types of exhaust types are:

  1. Axle-back
  2. Cat-back
  3. Header-back

Depending on your choice, aftermarket systems have some combination of tailpipes, mufflers, catalytic converter, crossover pipe, and intermediate or header pipes.

See how Axle-Back compares to Cat-Back.


These types of systems replace everything from the tailpipes to the header collector. Header-back systems let you increase the diameter of the whole exhaust system by replacing all your exhaust system components. The result is a greater exhaust gas volume flow. 

tundra flowmaster

Keep in mind they are harder to install and will cost more than axle-back or cat-back exhaust systems. Why? You will be replacing more than 70% of the entire exhaust system. 


In this case, replacement starts from the catalytic converter going backward. Cat-back exhaust systems usually include a tailpipe and muffler. However, there are some makes and models that include a Y-pipe, H-pipe, X-pipe, or mid-pipe. It may be one of the reasons why such systems are among the most popular.

Cat-back exhaust systems are not complex. Basically, they are a simple modification designed to free-up exhaust flow. Ideally, you get power gains that don’t decimate your bank account. Keep in mind the design of the catalytic converters and remaining stock components determine the exact amount of horsepower.  

A freer exhaust flow is known to assist in a more efficient engine operation resulting in increased fuel economy. They also produce a more aggressive exhaust note. Because they still use the stock catalytic converters, they are typically emissions-legal.  


All the exhaust components from the exhaust tip to the rear axle are included in axle-back systems. Although header-back and cat-back systems deliver more power gains, there are many advantages of going for an axle-back system. 

Such a well-designed exhaust system gives you more power gains than a stock exhaust. Additionally, they cost less than header-back or cat-back systems. Lastly, the installation process is easy.

Exhaust Material

The most popular materials used in vehicle exhaust systems are stainless and mild steel. So what’s the difference? Mild steel is a more affordable option. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to corrosion and rust. 

Stainless steel is the best material if you want your exhaust system to last longer. This material is highly resistant to weathering effects, corrosion, and rust. It is recommended for snow or rainy climates. 


Question: Does a new exaust system improve the vehicle’s performance?

Answer: Yes! Some people install a new exhaust system to increase the noise from the muffler or as more of an aesthetic measure. However, what you may not know is a new system that provides a significant boost to the vehicle’s performance. Usually, you will see an improvement in horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Question: Will a new exhaust voide the car’s warranty?

Answer: Normally your car’s warranty is not void when you install a new exhaust system. Usually, the warranty is not affected as long as the new exhaust does not damage other parts of your car.

Question: Are there states with limits on the exhaust system you can use?

Answer: Each state has different laws for exhaust systems. For example, in California, loud exhaust systems are limited to a specific decibel. In January 2019, a new law was passed regarding these systems. The ‘fix-it ticket’ was scrapped and replaced with a fine. Check out this site to find out if your new exhaust meets the laws of the area where you live.

Question: Is there a way to know if my exhaust is faulty?

Answer: Yes, there is! strange noises are a sure sign of a faulty exhaust. Look out for loud, rattling, or rumbling noises. A hissing sound may be a sign of a crack somewhere in the system. A smell of sulfur (smell of rotten eggs) may be a sign of a faulty catalytic converter. Lower fuel efficiency is another sign to consider.

Question: Are faulty exhausts dangerous?

Answer: Not really. The main concern may be loud noises and reduced the performance of your car. Take not if it is leaking fumes, it can be dangerous and it may be fatal. Unfortunately, the fumes are clear and odorless, making them hard to detect. In rare cases, a fire can be started by a faulty exhaust system.

Question: Why is there so much exhaust from my car?

Answer: Thick smoke is not a sign of a bad exhaust system. Instead, it is a sign of problems with your car’s engine. Common causes for putting out so much exhaust include a cracked engine block, damaged cylinder, or a blown gasket. All these cause your vehicle to burn coolant.

If you see thick white exhaust smoke, it is usually an indicator of a coolant leak. The leak leads to your engine overheating. If you do not solve the problem, you are risking damaging your engine.

Final Verdict

All the exhaust systems mentioned above are great for a Toyota Tundra. All you need to do is determine the product that will best suit your needs. Decide by taking into account cost, compatibility, and sound. 

The good news is all the products are available on online stores such as Amazon. Use the above buying guide to help you find the best exhaust system for your Tundra.

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