NRS Brake Pads Review

NRS Brake Pads Review: Are They Worth Buying?

Safer, secure, more lasting and same stopping power for their entire lifespan, is what NRS Brake Pads promise. And this is no mean feat considering what brake pads are put through daily.

They wear thin, corrode, delaminate and have their stoppage power gradually decline in the course of their friction-filled life. What then is so unique about NRS Brake pads that would make them sustain their stoppage power for their entire lifespan, last so long, and keep you safer? To answer this, we start with the basics.

Brakes are the most important safety component of your vehicle. While playing this noble role of protecting you, they continuously take the blunt of friction and the end result is wear and tear (here is what happens when the brake pads wear down). 

This means that, for them not to be a safety hazard, they need to be replaced occasionally. The main part of the brakes that require this constant replacement are the brake pads. And one such braking pad is NRS Brake Pads.

Featuring a noise-canceling piston Insert, NU-LOK shims, a galvanized backing plate that never delaminates, among other cutting-edge technology, NRS Brake pads pack substantive technology not seen in most pads. 

To get an understanding of how different they are from the rest, our team compiled an exhaustive NRS Brake Pad review that covers all aspects you may need to consider and understand before you make your purchase decision. And to start us off is a sneak peek;

NRS Brake Pads

NRS Brake Pads

The hype and boasting that the galvanized brake pads have received can be traced to the galvanized plate they come with that has been touted as the rarest, most durable and strongest. 

Additionally, they make use of pads that rock premium friction material that is NUCAP Retention System (NRS) certified and PACE patented.

This technology consistently without ceasing ensures that friction material never delaminates from the backing material, the brakes don’t wear due to rust, and noise is kept to the minimum. 

The end result is a secure, corrosion fighting and long-lasting safety brake component. Here is a quick unpacking of the NRS Brake Pads;  

Premium Friction Materials

Were it not for brakes, vehicles could be left to entirely rely on time to be brought to rest. And this can cause significant risks to both the user, vehicle and other users. And this is where breaks come in.

Functioning of brakes

Upon stepping on the brake pedal, fluid is circulated through brake lines and into each wheel. 

This gradually and smoothly brings the vehicle to a stop. What this means is that the kinetic energy is converted into frictional force which in turn slows and finally stops the rolling tires. The brake pads are the main source of that friction.

What braking pads need to be

Now due to the extensive heat generated, brake pads need to have high heat resistant capability, be durable plus be capable of enduring high amounts of physical stress. And it is this that, plus more, that the NRS Brake Pads deliver.

What NRS Brake Pads are

NRS Brake pads use specially engineered friction materials that are so different from traditional organic brake pads or ceramic-based brake pad material. Instead of the low-cost organic materials, they make use of semi-metallic materials that are heat resistant, withstand extensive stress and are long-lasting.

The semi-metallic materials are efficient both in functionality and durability. They bring vehicles to rest sooner, last longer and produce noise that cannot be perceived by man (In other words, only bats can perceive the noise they produce).

Additionally, the pads being semi-metallic, feature some metallic properties including being good heat conductors. This makes them absorb heat more rapidly and dissipate it even quicker, making the pads cool down faster. The end result is a pad that is more suited to diverse uses that lie in between racing and daily commuting

Noise Cancelling Piston Insert

Noise Cancelling Piston Insert

An often overlooked braking system part is the brake shim. This integral component plays the silent role; that is it keeps unpleasant noise and vibrations to the minimum. Such shims come pre-installed in all vehicles. 

NU-LOK Shims

To better this great technology, NRS uses an, even more superior modern and durable shim in the name of NU-LOK shims.

The NU-LOK is a modern technology that blends the durability of the semi-metallic materials NRS uses, and the superior noise-canceling capabilities of its shims. The resulting shims are quiet, last as long the NRS Brake pad and outshine any other brake pads in the market today.

Where is the noise coming from

The worst enemy to you as the vehicle owner or mechanic is brake noise, harshness, vibrations or buildup of excess heat. The source of this noise is often the brake pad/brake caliper rotor interface.

How the works noise-canceling insert works

The insert is made to attack the noise known area and vibrations and has been shown to reduce noise by up to 90%. To achieve this noise cancellation, it uses the best dampening materials that effectively absorb all the frictional force reducing noise levels and deterring comebacks.

Here is the kicker, it is compatible with open brake applications and it comes pre-installed in all compatible galvanized brake kits.

Fully Galvanized Backing Plates

Galvanized Backing Plates

What are back/brake plates?

Backing plates, also called braking plates, are dish-shaped plates that have holes and are found in drum brakes. 

They are made of steel and function as the rigid base for the drum base. Without them, all braking hardware would lack a place to grip unto.

How the other components are attached

For attachment to this back, the frictional material to the outside requires some adhesive. The common adhesive that most brands use is either paint or inconsistent adhesives to bond the friction material to the backplate.

The selling point of such adhesives is their low cost. This cost however is equally costly in terms of safety. This is because the adhesives have low thermal capabilities, thus easily degrade, wear out faster, expose you to higher risk, and need regular service and replacement.

The NRS Difference

With galvanized backplates, however, the protection is superb, durability is unrivaled and corrosion is a non-existent term. This is because the NRS zinc plate protects against corrosion guaranteeing you the user a robust lifetime rust inhibition brake pad.

Patented NRS Technology

As opposed to competitors who skimp on cost, and opt for adhesives that easily degrade on exposure to extreme heat, NRS banks on In-situ galvanized hooks called SHARK METAL.

These hooks, unlike normal adhesives, offer mechanical retention of frictional material, overcoming the challenges faced when using adhesives.

The upside to this technology is that the frictional material will forever adhere, leading to a longer, safer and more efficient pad.

Main Features of NRS Brake pads

  • Has corrosion resistance capabilities.
  • The Galvanized steel has a longer product life that outlasts the friction material.
  • Fit and function is enhanced, reduced returns, and has no audible noise
  • Premium product that matches OE
  • Visually appealing
  • Ensures optimal performance over time
  • Perfect for extreme environments 
  • 100% copper-free and asbestos-free
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

Pros of NRS Brake Pads

  • They are durable.
  • The shiny galvanized surface is corrosion resistant.
  • Has a mechanical attachment that strengthens bonds to friction material.

Cons of NRS Brake Pads

  • Relatively costly.
  • They have below-par performance in racing cars.

Reviews of NRS Brake pads

Most users feel that they get value for money with the brake pads, there is little to no noise produced as they work, they last longer, have no rust buildup and they are also eco-friendly as they can be recycled.

The drawback users note is that they are not designed for optimal performance especially for racing cars and are a bit on the higher price range when compared to similar brake pads.

Alternatives to NRS Brake Pads

Bosch Brake Pads

Bosch Brake Pads

Low dust, exceptional stoppage power, quiet operation all courtesy of premium platform-specific friction material that are ceramic-based, and all at affordable prices is the incentive Bosch Brake pads use. But are they worth it? 

Available within the US and other select countries, Bosch brake pads weigh an average of 2 pounds. As opposed to the PACE patented technology used by NRS Brake Pads, it boasts of a patented copper alloy that is often used in aerospace, and in quantities that are within the Copper-Free legislation.

For noise neutralization and cancellation, it uses a multilayer shim made of a rubber core. This just like the NU-LOK has excellent insulation capabilities against noise. But unlike the NU-LOK it is extensively strengthened to last giving NU-LOK a run for its lifetime guarantee.

In addition to the shim multilayer, which shifts the noise levels outside of the vehicle or shifts it to wavelengths beyond human perception, Bosch brake pads feature slots and chamfers.

Chamfer is an angled cut on the friction material that can be used to manipulate how the rotor and brake pads interact to prevent noise. To best achieve this, they expose a larger surface area of the pad against the rotor and brakes. The end result is double-pronged, lesser noise and better protection (check out a sample truck Bosch Brake Pad).

The chamfers are accurately designed to fit perfectly, function efficiently and protect with utmost capabilities. They also come with a synthetic lubricant that will absorb the thermal heat generated providing overall brake protection. 

To protect and extend the durability of the brake pad and rotors, it features a protective transfer layer that will guard the pad and rotor against the wrath of friction as the vehicle decelerates to stop. 

To better withstand fluctuating temperatures, the Bosch pads are taken through the thermal scorching process, making them better adapted to optimally functioning in both cold and warm weather.

To minimize chances of improper fits across different vehicles such as SUVs and trucks (skip to best brake pads for trucks), the production process is made to simulate OE (Original Equipment) through Direct Molding Pressing Process. In the course of this process, the pads are also accurately balanced resulting in a crack-proof well bonded plate.

Buy yourself a Bosch Brake Pad (here is the Bosch Brake pad for trucks) or check out our detailed Bosch brake review.

Duralast Brake pads

Duralast Brake pads

Duralast is a brake pad brand that is synonymous with durability, optimal performance, minimal noise and quality that matches if not surpasses original equipment standards (skip to benefits of buying Duralast Brake Pads). Its low popularity, low costing and superior performance is a rarity that only a few have had a chance of enjoying.

Unlike semi-metallic brake pads featuring a mixture of metals with superior stoppage and higher noise levels, Duralast brake pads (skip to a comparison of Duralast Brake pads) use ceramic which has better performance capabilities and produces little to no noise.

Before packaging and distribution, Duralast brake pads are put through rigorous tests that simulate different weather conditions, vehicles including trucks and SUVs (check our guide on how to choose Duralast Brake Pads over their competition) and against different road terrains. The end result is a quality, all-road and durable brake pad.

To better their current quality, match industry standards, and pack newly discovered technology, Duralast continuously improves their products so that the consumer consistently receives an overall better brake pad. 

To reduce noise levels, Duralast just like their competitor Bosch brake pads, use slots and chamfers that increase frictional surface area, better their performance and match the OEM pad standards. Noise reduction doesn’t stop here. 

In addition to noise reduction by chamfers and slots, they complement this with shims. And it is not any other average shim. Theirs have not one, not two but three layers to better dampen and eliminate brake noise (check out the pros and cons of Duralast).

Recall reading about backing pads under NRS Brake Pads? Well, Duralast has a thing for them too. For Duralast, the backing plates are designed to withstand prolonged and repetitive abrasion. 

The backplates are designed to endure such abrasive force and endure shearing from the friction block. To ascertain that this endurance lasts, the plates are put through rigorous high speed and life-like weather conditions as is while on the road. 

For corrosion and rust, the Duralast Gold backing plates come coated with powder similar to that used by original equipment to keep rust at bay. Read a more detailed review of Duralast brake pad here or keep yourself safer by buying it here.

Duralast Brake Pads | Amazon

Duralast brake pads, rotors, and calipers provide OE design and formulation to get every vehicle braking better than before.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About NRS Brake pads

Question: Are OEM brake pads better than NRS brake pads

Answer: No. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brake pads may not always be the best when compared against aftermarket brake pads. This is because aftermarket brake pads, like NRS Brake Pads, have more advanced technology and focus more on improving the inadequacies or shortcomings of OEM brake pads.

Question: What are NRS Brake pads?

Answer: These are premium brake pads that don one on the rarest, the most durable and strongest friction material. They also guarantee a never-reducing stoppage power for their entire lifetime.

Question: What does galvanized NRS backplates mean?

Answer: This refers to steel that has been oiled and pickled so as to be able to protect it against corrosion that causes rust, dust and increased wear due to friction.

Final Thoughts: what makes the NRS Brake Pads unique and are they worth it?

NRS has for decades courted original equipment manufacturers. They continuously invented and sold their technology to the highest bidders, who obviously were never retail consumers like you and me. This was until recently when they produced the NRS Brake pads that were suited for the aftermarket consumers.

The NRS Brake pads rank as the few brake pads that outlasts the brakes, has a never reducing stoppage power and can withstand corrosion while offering a quiet performance.

They rock premium friction material that has been able to overcome the inadequacies borne by most pads that crack under extreme conditions. 

The Galvanized brakes are designed using the superior and award-winning NRS technology that prevents the backplates from delaminating, keeping users safer and secure for longer.

To give users an upper edge regarding binding, they rock patented SHARK-metal technology that has an indestructible bond and is superior to simple paint and inconsistent adhesives.

But to enjoy these durable pads, with superior technology, better stoppage power and quality that surpasses OEM standards, you have to part with a substantive amount. 

Here is where you can buy NRS Brake Pads.

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