Mevotech Review

Mevotech Tires Review: Is It a Trustworthy Brand?

Mevotech is a company that has been in business for about 40 decades. It helps people make the best auto parts decisions by providing industry-leading customer support, great coverage, and top-quality tire products. Learning what this company does can help you understand why it’s one of the leaders in the auto parts industry. 

Mevotech Brands and Standard’s Summary

To understand what the company offers, you need to have a look at the company’s brands and standards. We shall take a look at a summary of their standards to provide you with a better understanding of their brands. 

Mevotech Standards

Just like any service or manufacturing company, Mevotech has several standards it holds close to the heart. The following is a list of these standards and a small summary of what they entail. Read on to get more!

Focusing on the Needs of Present-Day Technicians

There is an increase in a trend towards lighter vehicles. This trend requires increased stress on the chassis over time due to softer suspensions. Mevotech engineers design their parts to accommodate platform-specific geometry and loads changes. The result is you can keep your vehicle riding smoothly for longer periods irrespective of their age.  

Innovative Engineering

This company claims to be an innovation-motivated engineering house./ they have 12 patented technologies as of 2020. Mevotech parts are engineered in North America to ensure extended service life and premium performance are not compromised. 

Some of their engineering processes include:

  • Rigorous testing
  • 3-D prototyping
  • Design optimization
  • FEA (finite element analysis)
  • Platform-based designs
  • Vehicle and part R&D

Vehicle manufacturers and owners have the option of communicating with the company to offer new product suggestions or ideas. If you happen to have one, you can contact their new product/suggestion support team here

Mevotech Products

Mevotech manufacturers several high-quality vehicles parts. Knowing them can help you get a high-quality part in case you need one. Let’s check them out:


When it comes to suspension, Mevotech offers the following parts:

  • Alignment aids
  • Coil springs
  • Bushings
  • Strut mounts
  • Stabilizer links
  • Ball joints
  • Control arms


For steering, Mevotech makes the following parts:

  • Rack and pinion boot
  • Pitman arm
  • Idler
  • Inner tie rod
  • Outer tie rod


When it comes to driveline parts, the following are the two parts made by the company:

  • CV boot kits
  • Wheel hub assemblies

Mevotech Testing

All products manufactured by Mevotech undergo a stringent testing process. This ensures the products are working and are of high quality. Knowing the process can help you understand why they are among the best manufacturers of quality vehicle parts. 

Performance Assurance

Mevotech has designed a unique testing program integrating suspension dynamics. This ensures global publications and standards to ensure each product delivers the performance you need while validating their designs. The following organizations are used:

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • General Motors Worldwide (GMW)
  • Metal Power Industry Federation (MPIF)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The mandate of their testing program is to create parts that deliver high durability. It’s also designed to provide a service life beyond what you get from aftermarket competitors. Mevotech ensures the best part in resilience and workmanship by measuring results such as pus and pull-out strength, swing and rotational torque, and radial and axial play. 

Pronged Testing Program

This testing program is the company’s ongoing commitment that validates their parts to achieve their stamp of approval, perform as intended, and are worthy of your trust. Two key functional areas are used to divide testing namely compliance and durability.

Durability Testing 

This testing is developed of SAE J 1367-2012-10, SAE J 193-2012-10, and the company’s internal vehicle load recipe. It’s based on real-life vehicle service load. To prove a product in extreme conditions, it’s augmented by the factor of three. 

Durability testing from Mevotech is focused on the extended wear, performance, and strength of their products. These tests validate the advanced technologies, upgraded components, and enhanced designs they use to build better parts for the consumer. 

Axial and Radial Play

These tests use SAE J 193-2012-10 standards to measure resistance loads. They are the loads that cause the ball stud to move side to side or move up and down. This kind of unwanted movement is the best measure of durability and wear. It’s critical in determining the expected service life.

Rotational Torque and Swing Torque Tests

In this case, SAE J 1367-2012-10 and SAE J 193-2012-10 standards are used. They determine the force or torque required to rotate or swing the ball stud in the housing. If the torque drops off, it means the ball joint has become loose and the part is failing. As a result, this is a critical test for measuring part longevity and durability. 

Pull-out and Push-out Strength

Mevotech uses this test to determine the point or amount of load at which the ball joint becomes separate from the housing. Such tests use SAE J-193-2012-10. The ball stud receives a continual perpendicular load. 

It’s used to determine the amount of force needed to fully separate the components. These tests validate the effectiveness of the assembly method and evaluate overall ball joint strength. 

Ball Joint Water Ingress Testing

The ball joint boot covers from Mevotech use an application-specific design. It improves durability by preventing debris, water, and dust from entering the ball joint. This water ingress test is based on GMW15459, ASTM E-203, and ASTM D-6869. High-pressure nozzles are used to direct water with slurry and mud to the ball joint. The move tests the boot’s rigidity, abrasive strength, and sealing performance. 

Environmental Corrosion Testing 

Mevotech uses both ASTM D-1654 and ASTM B-117 test standards to test their ball joints in extreme environmental conditions. To accelerate the rusting process, a salty environment, 100% RH, high humidity, and variable temperature are subjected to the parts. The test evaluates the performance of surface finishes used on the ball stud and housing. Ball joints made by the company are designed to withstand hot summer, sub-zero cold winter, salty, and harsh wet conditions. 

Compliance Testing 

This type of test is designed to ensure OE function and fit are met or exceeded. Compliance tests are the foundation from which the company begins its design process. The most crucial test is the Ball Stud Yield

Ball Stud Yield

Mevotech uses SAE J-193-2012-10 to measure the strength of the ball stud until it fails. Ball studs are developed with an excessive amount of strength. They are usually greater than the road and loading forces a vehicle is exposed to in real-life driving conditions.  

This test uses a progressive load on the ball stud. It’s meant to test the strength of the product in peak and normal operating zones. No permanent damage should occur in these areas. Additionally, the ball stud needs to go back to its original shape. 

Load calculations for each zone take into account various driving conditions. They include accelerated braking, curb strikes, potholes, and real-world driving encounters. The ball stud loads are increased consistently throughout the test. There is a point past the extreme zone where the ball stud is deformed permanently. Such loads are extreme to the point they are not relevant. 

Testing Partners

Mevotech uses several testing partners to perform their tests. These partners are recognized worldwide as the pacesetters for effective and valid testing. The partners are:


One of the leading independent providers of certification, inspection, and testing services is Element. These services are offered to a diverse range of industries where failure is zero-tolerated. 

Element has over 6,700 experts operating from more than 188 locations in about 30 countries. The experts deliver an extensive range of advisory, certification, inspection, product qualification testing, and material testing services.

The services are offered to the global Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and Environmental, Fire and Building Products, and Aerospace, Automotive, and Transportation sectors. The element ensures that the products and materials they certify and test for their clients are always fit for purpose, quality compliant, and safe. 

Some of the world’s best precision test equipment is manufactured and designed by Link Engineering Company. It also provides comprehensive testing services for civil engineering, industrial, off-highway, and transportation. 

The company has its headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan near Detroit. They maintain support facilities and test laboratories throughout the world. Most companies make test equipment or test your components, but Link does both.

This means you can mix and match to fine-tune your product, buy your system, or test in their labs. This unmatched flexibility delivers the most cost-effective and intelligent results. 

Certified Testing Systems Inc.

Certified Testing Systems is among the leading suppliers of non-destructive testing methods. They include visual, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and radiography (both digital and isotope/film inspection testing. They also offer hardness testing, ferrite testing, and positive material identification. 

CTS capabilities include testing services in the field by personnel or in their lab. Their personnel is qualified under one or more PED 97/23, AWS, CWB, ASNT SNT-TC-1A, ASNT, and CGSB. The company has been ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA since 2000 (Cert. No. 2689.01.

Mevotech Tires: Do they even Exist?

We contacted Mevotech to find out if they manufactured any tires. Unfortunately, they don’t. However, they stated they may do so in the future. As such, we came with a list of the best international companies to substitute Mevotech tires. 

Our Top 5 Picks of the Best International Tire Companies

The top 5 picks below are a trustworthy choices. These companies offer you an excellent fit to better match your requirements. Take a look!

Michelin – The Best Overall

One of the renowned tire companies throughout the world is Michelin. It produces the best tire qualities in nearly all categories of tires. It is a French-based tire brand by the Michelin brothers; Andre Michelin and Edouard Michelin. They produce tires ranging from summer tires to run-flat tires and all-season tires.

The quality of rubber in Michelin tires has a reputation to ensure your car is secure on the road. Being the top-notch brand globally, MotoGP and Le Mans are some of the popular racing organizations in the world using these tires.

The company produces original replacement and equipment tires, all of which have a limited warranty for up to six years in any manufacturer’s defects. In addition, the company also offers a long-lasting mileage warranty for some of its models. It’s an example of the Michelin Defenders 80,000-mile coverage.

It doesn’t matter if you have a passenger car, a sports car, an SUV, or a light truck. Check out Michelin tires before you make a buying decision.


  • Tread-life warranty
  • Top-notch quality ranking
  • Wide variety range of tire models
  • Outstanding performance tires
  • Nationwide (and international) retail network
  • Top consumer ranking


  • This brand is a bit more costly than other rivals in the same segment

Goodyear – The Best Brand In terms of Durability

Goodyear tire brand is an American multinational company that produces high-quality tires across the world. For those drivers fond of durability, this is the tire to have on your vehicle. The brand was founded by Frank Seiberling in Akron, Ohio, in 1898.

These tires fit all types of vehicles, including motorsport vehicles and off-road trucks. Unfortunately for some consumers, the tires, being classified as some of the best tires in the business worldwide, come at a higher cost.

The company has a wide variety of products ranging from farm equipment, commercial trucks, race cars to SUVs, motorcycles, planes, and heavy earth-moving machinery. Up to 1976, the brand was popular in the manufacture of bicycle tires. In 2017, Goodyear ranked among the leading tire manufacturing companies in the world. It was alongside big brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, and Continental.

Before the company releases any tire model to its consumers, it first puts its tires through rigorous in-house and independent testing for quality verification purposes. A study by Test World (which is a Finnish company focusing on winter tire testing) recommends Goodyear tires. They state the tires outperform other companies in almost every condition and category.

Good year tires have a limited warranty cover for up to six years for replacement tires, depending on your purchase model. If you are looking for tires that will offer you the ideal performance in terms of acceleration, braking, snow-ice handling, and rainy weather driving, this is the perfect brand for you.


  • Numerous options for every tire size
  • High-average tread-life warranty
  • Free-shipping cost to your residence
  • Nationwide retail network
  • Winter-tire range
  • Standalone Goodyear tire shops


  • More costly than other tire brands
  • Most winter tires lack a tread-life warranty
  • Offers impartial wet performance on some models

Cooper – The Most Affordable Brand in the Market

Don’t let yourself research to find out who produces the best tires. Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is a great answer for you. Despite being founded in 1914, this company is considered the new kid on the block. It is renowned for producing quality and affordable tires.

Cooper has a huge portfolio of brands that manufactures excellent products to meet the needs of present-day drivers. Their products deliver maximum performance at a very competitive cost. Furthermore, Cooper is an independent tire manufacturer, unlike the Michelin and Goodyear brands.

You might find it a challenge for a Cooper tire since they are mostly sold online or via participating dealerships. Apart from the brand, their global network designs other tire brands. They include but are not limited to Avon, Dean, Mickey Thompson, and Starfire Roadmaster.

Cooper has a treadwear warranty coverage of up to 80,000 miles, depending on the model you buy.


  • Very affordable
  • Perfect mud-terrain tires
  • Best for vintage muscle cars
  • Numerous performance options per tire size
  • Good tread-life warranty


  • Small product range
  • Most of the sedan tires lack a tread-life warranty
  • High-performance offerings are limited
  • Not easy to buy online

Bridgestone – The Best for Run-Flat Tires

Generally, if you have to talk about the top five tire brands worldwide, one of the most successful Japanese tire brands we have to mention is Bridgestone. This Japanese tire manufacturing company produces two major brands; Firestone and Bridgestone

Shojiro Ishibashi founded Bridgestone tires in 1931. It specializes in the manufacture of auto and truck parts. Additionally, it is an innovative player in the tire manufacturing industry. The brand is making strides towards the production of more environmentally friendly products.

The company offers numerous products like truck tires, SUV tires, and passenger car tires. By comparing the technology used in the North American and European hemispheres in developing tire products, you realize that Bridgestone only focuses on the manufacture of tires using Japanese technology.

Bridgestone offers you a cutting-edge run-flat-tire if you are a driver looking for peace of mind on the road. Like the name suggests (run-flat tires), they can support your vehicle’s weight for a short period. Usually, you get about 100 miles of range to find a puncture repair shop.

If you plan on going for long distances, Bridgestone is a tried-tested and correct option for you!


  • The SUV and truck tires have a good tread-life warranty
  • Perfect dry-performance
  • Perfect wet-performance
  • Good retailer network
  • Perfect winter performance
  • Variety of tires for every application


  • Costly than other competitors
  • Nowhere near other manufacturers breadth of models

Pirelli – The Best Tires for High Performance

Giovanni Battista Pirelli has been an Italian tire manufacturer in Milan since 1872. The company is well known for its good reputation in the supply of high-performance tires. Pirelli supplies tires to exotic and luxurious car dealers like Porsche, Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini, and BMW.

High-performance tires are a must for the manufacture of high-speed cars. Pirelli offers an excellent grip on the road in wet and dry weather conditions due to its specific tread pattern and build.

Besides bearing a sporty reputation, Pirelli also designs and produces tires for day-to-day passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks. On the downside, Pirelli’s high-quality products come with a high price tag. As a result, you spend more to purchase a high-performance tire for effective cornering and driving at high speeds.


  • One of the brands with the highest tread-life warranty
  • Top-notch quality ranking
  • Wide range of tire models
  • Best consumer ranking
  • Nationwide (and international) retail network
  • Winter-tire range


  • Limited common truck size options.
  • Lacks dedicated mud-terrain tires
  • Not that price friendly

Which Is the Best Type of Tires for Your Vehicle?

Irrespective of the brand of tires you go for, you need to know the type of tires you need to purchase. Different tire brands differ based on various parameters:

  • Vehicle type
  • Driving patterns
  • Terrain
  • Temperature resistance.

The best brand of tires mainly relies on your type of car and your driving skills. In our article, we have outlined the most common types of tires. Continue reading to learn more…

Passenger Tires

This type of tire is purposely designed for personal use vehicles like sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and crossovers. Listed below are the different types of passenger tires and their areas of specialization:

  • Performance – These tires are for speed, gripping, and control. You often find them on luxury cars and high-speed cars
  • Truck and competition – Racing and high-speed performance
  • Touring – Designed for comfortable drives having extra handling capabilities
  • Summer – Exclusively for hot or warm weather conditions.
  • All-season – You use these various road conditions (inclusive of muddy and snowy terrains)

The most popular option for an everyday driver is the all-season tires. We recommend you to check out the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max or the Michelin Defender model. Michelin tires boast a tread-life warranty of around 90,000-miles depending on the tire model.

Truck & SUV Tires

SUV and Truck tires are set up specifically for heavy load-bearing vehicles. These tires support not only the weight of the vehicle but also the cargo being carried. Larger SUVs and vans are designed for heavy-duty options. On the other hand, compact SUVs need only passenger tires.

Listed below are some of the different types of these tires.

  • Mud terrain – Recommended for those drivers who spend most of their time in sand, mud, or any other type of off-road terrain.
  • Highway – They are for SUVs carrying cargo across long distances or trucks having a high load capacity.
  • All-terrain – Largely for four-wheeled vehicles and frequently for off-roaders who want normal driving abilities.

BF Goodrich All-Terrain and the Hankook Dynapro are among the top all-terrain tires for off-road enthusiasts looking for Mevotech tires. All-terrain tires possess an extraordinary stability feature with exceptional durability built into their tread design. Generally, Hankook tires are developed for lighter loads. As such, they are not recommended for heavy or commercial trucks.

Specialty Tires

Specialty tires are mainly designed for specific road conditions. They include regions prone to cold or winter weather and mechanical scenarios such as a flat tire. Specialty winter and spare tires are commonly used by everyday drivers even though other specialty tires are still out there.

Points to consider include:

  • Winter – Recommended for ice, snow, or any other weather conditions that involve 45 degrees and lower.
  • Spares – To be used when a standard tire can no longer serve its purpose or for limited driving lengths.

Despite snow and winter tires not being necessary for some parts of the United States, Northern states drivers are not strangers to these specialty tires. We highly recommend the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 in case cold-weather tires become necessary. The performance of these tires is amazing! This may be attributed to the fact that Bridgestone has made the necessary changes to cater to this clientele in 2019.

Replacement vs Original Equipment (OE) Tires – Which is Best?

OE tires come with your vehicle when you are making a purchase. The car manufacturer specifically designs the tire brand to best suit your vehicle model. “Replacement Tires” is a fancy word for generic tire models that don’t suit only one specific vehicle.

As you look for tires, don’t forget to look at all tire buying websites. You will spot the difference between these two types of tires. Which are the perfect tires for your valued “on-road asset?” It will depend! Highlighted are the pros and cons of each tire type.

Original Equipment Tires Replacement Tires
Frequently required for highly specialized vehicles such as sporting cars. Sometimes they change how your vehicle initially used to drive based on the type of tires that you will buy.
They perform best for your vehicle based on their manufacturer-backed structure and assembly. They are more technologically advanced and have a fuel-efficient option.
They cost more and may require to be replaced regularly. They are cheaper and last longer.



Question: Is It Possible to Install a Different Set of Tires in My Car?

Answer: Professionals will recommend using a set of tires with the same age, size, and tread patterns to achieve the best performance possible. In case you use a different set of tires, you experience handling and stability issues. Nevertheless, some cars have different size tires in the front and the back. As such, it is wise to check on your owner’s manual.

Question: Do All-Season Tires Perform Well in Snow?

Answer: All-season tires perform optimally in areas with unpredictable weather changes. However, if you reside in colder or winter regions, winter/snow tires are ideal for you!

Question: Which Should Be the Best All-Weather Tires to Purchase?

Answer: The top 7 all-weather tires you can buy are:
• Michelin Defender
• Hankook Ventus ST RH06
• Michelin Pilot Sports A/S 3+v
• Yokohama AVID Ascend Radial Tire
• Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS All-season Radial tire
• Pirelli P Zero Nero
• Pirelli P Zero High-Performance tires

Question: Which Are the Best All-Season Tires for Snow?

Answer: The best all-season snow tires include Starfire WR, Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003, Bridgestone DriveGuard, Continental Extreme Contact, Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tire, BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S, and the Michelin Latitude Tour tires.

Bottom Line 

The selection of the best tires mainly depends on your driving habits and the type of vehicle you drive. As the saying goes, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” The same principle applies to tires. Therefore, your best tire fit will not be the best for another person.

The above information will guide you in terms of the best brand to purchase. However, you should also look at the vehicle’s tire and loading information or the owner’s manual to ensure you are buying the right tire for your specific needs.

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