The Best Battery for Honda CRV [2020]: Top Options to Choose From

The Best Battery for Honda CRV [2020]: Top Options to Choose From

If you have a Honda CRV and you are having problems, you probably would like to get your car running properly as quickly as possible. One way that you can do this is by making sure that you choose a great high-quality battery when yours gets old.

While we are going to feature our four top brands and the favorite batteries that each of these brands carries, we are going to highly recommend the Duralast brand since that brand seemed to be the one that lasted the longest for us and was the battery that we wish that we had purchased for all of our vehicles, not just our Honda CRV. It is definitely the battery that we will continue to purchase in the future.

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Five Signs That You Need a New Battery

Knowing for certain that you need a new battery is important. There are some signs that you can watch for as these almost always indicate that you should be purchasing a new battery for your Honda CRV.

1. An Engine that Starts Slow – As your battery starts to break down and get older, you will find that it is going to be less effective. This means that when you start to notice that it takes a few extra seconds for your car to turn over when you are starting it, it is time to have your battery checked.

2. Your Check Engine Light Turns On – So many times when you see your check engine light, you start to panic. Of course, you are worried that this might be the repair that is too expensive or the one that sends you shopping for a new car. With the Honda CRV, if your check engine light comes on, you should check the battery to ensure that this is not the problem.

3. Issues with the Electrical System and/or Dim Lights – If you notice that your lights are starting to dim or that your electronics seem to be lagging or dimmer, you are going to need to check out your battery. Many people do not realize that their lights are getting dim until they are in an accident or pulled over. Try and think about when you first got your car each time that you go out and if you notice that you cannot see when you should be able to, the problem might be with dim lights.

4. You Are Struggling With a Bad Smell – One of the tell-tale signs that you have a battery issue is when you can leak gas. If you open the hood and get a whiff of sulfur (many people say it smells like rotten eggs), you need to have your battery checked as quickly as possible.

5. Damaged Battery Case – One of the things that you have probably never thought to look for or consider is what the state of the battery case is. If you happen to check out your battery and you notice that the case is looking wonky, it might be time to get a new battery. In fact, if the battery is any shape other than the original, there is no way that it is going to be working right.

How to Choose a Battery for Your Car

To be able to change the car battery you do not need any special tools or skills. The thing that you will need to do that is most important is to find the right battery for your needs and your CRV. There are five things that you will want to keep in mind when you are choosing a battery

Step 1 – Look at Your Owner’s Manual

Of course, the first thing that you should do is check out the owners manual so that you know what you are looking for. The first thing that you should make note of is what the original batteries dimensions are. If you are not able to find your manual, do not panic. Look at the battery to see if you can find the specifics or take the battery with you.

Step 2 – Find the Battery that is of the Right Size

When you are looking to find the right new battery, you have to make sure that you find the right size. This means that you will find a battery that is the right length, height, and width to be able to properly fit into the battery tray that is in the car. The BCI or Battery Council International uses a number that allows you to identify the width, length, and height of the battery for OE sizes. A size number is usually a simple number like 75, 65, 35, or 34. If you refer to the owner’s manual or an application catalog for your vehicle you should be able to figure out what size of battery you need.

Step 3 – Ensure That You Choose a Battery with the Right RC

Choosing a battery with the right RC or reserve capacity is very important. This is referring to the number of minutes that a battery will supply the minimum voltage needed for the car to run if the car’s alternator or fan belt fail. While many do not realize that is what this stands for, it is listed in the minutes. The longer the RC rating, the better the quality the battery that you are purchasing is. If you are unsure of the RC rating, just ask a store associate to help you find it and check your car’s manual to see if there is a recommended RC.

Step 4 – Look at the Age of the Battery

Make sure that you take the time to check the age of the battery before you make the purchase. There is a manufacturer’s date code that is stamped on the battery label or the battery case. This is going to help you with knowing that you have a battery that is going to last as long as possible.

You will want to look for the two letter character code that is used for the date. This commonly is shown as a two character code that features a letter and then a number. The letter stands for a month as followers:

A — January, B — February, C — March, D — April, F — May, G — June, H — July, I — August, J — September, K — October, L — November, and M — December.  The number after the letter stands for the year, for instance: 5 — 2015, 6 — 2016, 7– 2017, 8 — 2018, 9 — 2019, 0 — 2020, and so on.

So if you have a battery date label that is J9 that means that the battery was produced in January 2019. If the battery says C5 then it was produced in March 2015. The best thing to choose is the battery that is as close to the date that you are purchasing it as possible. The stores will typically choose to display the oldest batteries in the front so look to the back of the shelf for the newest one.

Step 5 – Look at the Cold-Cranking Amps

CCAs or Cold Cranking Amps are the things that measure the battery’s ability to start the car if the temperature is very cold. If you are looking for a battery that will start in an area that is extremely cold in the winter then you need to look for higher cold-cranking amps.

This will offer you the chance to find a battery that has the greatest power for starting a car when it is cold out. If you want to make sure that your car is able to start reliably, you should choose the highest CCA that is available at the time when you purchase your new CRV battery. Do consider looking at the owner’s manual before you decide what CCA you want the battery to have. Basically, while you can go a little above or below what the owner’s manual says, you do not want to go too high.

A Few of Our Favorite Batteries for the Honda CRV

Of course, we are going to share some of our top battery picks for the Honda CRV for you. These are the top batteries that are available from the most trusted and preferred brands.

Batteries from Duralast

Duralast batteries are considered to be some of the highest quality batteries that you can find on the market. There are many different options that you can find for your CRV. These are some of the ones that we wanted to note and share some of the specs on so that you can see that these batteries might be everything that you are looking for. They feature high-quality standards and everything that you might be looking for when it comes to finding a great quality battery.

Duralast Platinum Battery 35-AGM

duralast platinum car battery

The Duralast Platinum battery is our top choice offers an OE exact fit. It has  680 cold cranking amps and 835 cranking amps. It features 100 reserve minutes. The warranty offers a full three years of replacement. It is a battery that you feel confident with and rest assured that you are not going to have continuous problems or have to worry about anything.

Duralast Platinum Battery 51R-AGM

duralast agm technology

This version of the Duralast Platinum battery is another favorite. It works well but features 435 cold cranking amps and 540 cranking amps. This battery has 75 reserve minutes. It also features the full three-year replacement warranty. This battery is another that is not going to make you worry. It is going to ensure that you have everything that you need and that you are going to have a high-quality battery that is going to last.

Duralast Gold Battery 35-DLG

duralast gold

The Duralast Gold Battery is a solid choice if you are looking for something that is budget friendly and still has good ratings. This battery offers the PE exact fit. It has an alternative part number that is 35S-DLG. It features 640 cold cranking amps and 800 cranking amps. It also has 100 reserve minutes. The warranty offers three years of free replacement which is followed by an additional two years of prorated options.

Duralast Gold Battery 51R-DLG

duralast gold proven though

The Duralast Gold Battery is another great choice if you want a good battery for a decent price. This one has an alternative part number of 51RS-DLG. It features 500 cold cranking amps, 635 cranking amps, and 85 reserve minutes. The warranty offers three years of free replacement followed by two years or prorated options.

Duralast Battery 26R-DL

rugged dependability duralast

The Duralast Battery is a great choice. It features an alternative fit and has 575 cold cranking amps and 715 cranking amps. There are 90 reserve minutes. The warranty offers two years of free replacement and requires a top height adjuster and to check hood clearance.

Duralast Battery 51R-DL

duralast rugged

The Duralast Battery 51R-DL has an alternative part number, 51RS-DL. This battery features an OE exact fit. It has 425 cold cranking amps and 530 cranking amps. It features 75 reserve minutes. It also has a warranty that offers two full years of free replacement.

There is a wide range of additional Duralast batteries that you can find. Each one is sure to be a good high-quality battery coming from the Duralast brand.

Valucraft Batteries

Valucraft batteries offer good quality with standards that you do not see on other value-priced options. These batteries are some of the most affordable options that are available on the market today. In order to show you some of your options, we have chosen our favorite Valucraft batteries to share with you.

Valucraft Battery 35-VL


The Valucraft Battery 35-VL is one of the best values that you can find for a battery. IT features the OE exact fit, has 490 cold cranking amps, and 610 cranking amps. This battery features 75 reserve minutes. It has a warranty that offers one year of free replacement.

Valucraft Battery 26R-VL

Valucraft Battery 26R-VL

The Valucraft Battery 26R-VL is a great value as well. It features the alternative fit and is also known by an alternative part number, 26R-6. The battery features 450 cold cranking amps and has 560 cranking amps. It offers 85 reserve minutes. The warranty offers you one year of free replacement. This battery does require a top height adapter and you have to check the hood for clearance in your CRV.

Valucraft Battery 51R-VL

Valucraft Battery 51R-VL

The Valucraft Battery 51R-VL also has the alternative fit. It has 410 cold cranking amps and 510 cranking amps. It has a warranty that allows for one year of free replacement. It is a nice standard or basic battery that you will be pleased with if you are searching for a CRV battery.

Optima Batteries

The Optima Batteries are a battery that looks like it has come from the future. It is not shaped in a standard rectangular box as the others are. This battery is curvy and uses less plastic waste as well as less waste of space. It has everything that you are looking for in features and offers some nice options that are great to use.

Optima Battery D35

Optima Battery D35

The Optima Battery D35 is a great battery that features the alternative fit. It has 620 cold cranking amps and 770 cranking amps. It has 100 reserve minutes. Plus, it features a warranty that offers three years of free replacement. The yellow top deep cycle design requires a bottom height adapter and you have to check for hood clearance.

Optima Battery D51R

Optima Battery D51R

The Optima Battery D51R is a great alternative fit battery. It features 450 cold cranking amps and also has 575 cranking amps. It has 66 reserve minutes. The warranty offers a full three-year replacement. It also features the yellow top deep cycle style.

Optima Battery 35

Optima Battery 35

The Optima Battery 35 is another great alternative battery. It features 720 cold cranking amps and also has 910 cranking amps. It is one of the easiest to start batteries and one that will start in the most diverse conditions. This battery has 90 reserve minutes. The warranty offers three years of free replacement. It also has a red top and requires a bottom height adapter which means that you have to check the hood clearance.

Econocraft Battery

The Econocraft Battery line is another line that offers great affordable battery options. These batteries are great for people who want to buy one battery that is going to last as long as possible.

Econocraft Battery 51R-E

econocraft battery

The Econocraft Battery 51R-E is a great OE exact fit option. The battery has 450 cold cranking amps and 555 cranking amps. The battery features 70 reserve minutes. The warranty offers three months of a full replacement. This is the perfect battery to be located inside the engine compartment.

Econocraft Battery 26R-E


The Econocraft Battery 26R-E is another great budget battery. It has an alternative fit. It features 450 cold cranking amps and 555 cranking amps. It has 55 reserve minutes. The warranty offers a three-month free replacement. The battery is another that is great for when it is located in the engine compartment.

How to Change Your Honda CRV Battery