Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 – 7 Top Options

Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 The GMC Sierra 1500 line of pickup trucks are big, powerful, and rugged, making them the perfect work truck or towing vehicle for those heavy hauling loads. Because of the sheer size and power of the GMC Sierra 1500, it's a pretty heavy-duty truck that requires some heavy-duty parts to function correctly. One of the most critical components of any large pickup truck is the shocks; shocks play an integral role in maintaining optimal tire-to-road contact at all times by mediating the movement and functionality of your spring system. A good set of shocks on your truck could mean the difference between barely feeling a bump in the road to a small bump feeling like your entire suspension system took damage after hitting it.  Shocks are often calibrated to meet the exact specifications of a particular vehicle line or type since every

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Lucas Complete Engine Treatment Review [2021] Does It Work?

Maintaining your engine’s efficiency and functionality is vital if you plan on keeping your vehicle running for a long time. There are several ways that you can maintain a smooth-running engine without having to do too much mechanical work. One of the best ways to care for your engine is by using an engine treatment to clean the chambers and passages that oil flows through. In the arena of engine treatments, there are several options to choose from that can make finding the right one for your vehicle quite challenging.  One proven and commonly used engine treatment product is known as Lucas Complete Engine Treatment. The Lucas brand has been reliable for years, and its engine oil additive is no exception. The specialized formula can be poured either in your gas tank or oil pan, and it is beneficial for lubricating and cleaning mu

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Monroe Quick Strut Review [2021] Are They a Good Choice?

The primary component of your vehicle that affects its steering and alignment is the struts. Struts provide additional support to your vehicle's suspension springs as they are designed to absorb some of the direct shocks that your vehicle's suspension system takes when driving. They also help support your car's weight to guarantee a smooth ride regardless of the road conditions you may encounter. Over time, your struts can begin to degrade in quality and reliability, inevitably leading to the need to replace them.  Some of the most obvious signs that your struts need to be replaced are things like accelerated tire wear, leaking hydraulic fluid, and more. If you notice any of these signs, you should begin looking for a new set of struts to install on your vehicle. One of the leading manufacturers of automotive struts on the market is Monroe. Monroe produces a wide variet

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The Best Carburetor for Ford 390 [2021] – Top 5 Choices

Carburetors used to be an integral component of all vehicles manufactured until about 1991 when they were replaced with computerized fuel injection systems. Fuel injection systems work much in the same way that carburetors used to as they feed air and fuel into the combustion chamber of your engine to allow it to start and operate. While newer vehicles don’t have carburetors anymore, older ones do, and one of those vehicles happens to be the Ford 390. If you have this classic vehicle and are trying to restore or repair it, odds are you need a new carburetor.  The good news is that there are several carburetors on the market for you to choose from; however, you need to make sure that you buy the right one to guarantee functionality once it’s installed in your Ford 390. Carburetors serve a wide range of purposes, primarily to mix air and gasoline with a highly combust

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Bosch Brake Pads Review: Everything You Need to Know

Bosch is a well-respected automotive brand that produces a wide range of different automotive parts including fuel pumps, diesel components, batteries, and more. One of the product lines that the company is well known for happens to be their brake pads. If your vehicle’s current brake pads are beginning to noticeably decline, you should consider changing them. Brake pads play an essential part in stopping your vehicle, which is obviously a crucial feature when it comes to you and other's safety.  Brake pads are found on disc brakes and commonly you will find that every brake caliper has at least two brake pads located inside of them. When your brake pads begin to deteriorate, there are a few signs that you will notice and should pay attention to so that you can keep track of their condition before they

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