Best Fuel Tank Selector Valves

Best Fuel Tank Selector Valves That You Definitely Need to Try

A fuel tank selector valve is found in vehicles with two tanks. Usually, one tank is in the rear and the other is in the front. The valve allows the driver to switch from one tank to another without stopping their vehicle. Just like any auto part, these valves are likely to fail at one point. The cause of failure will vary depending on the type of vehicle and the manufacturer of the part. When it fails, you will need to replace it.

Check out the information below on 5 of the best fuel tank selector valves in the market. The information also includes common problems and solutions to the same. 

Our Top 5 Picks

Below is a list of the 5 best fuel tank selector valves in the market. We have researched and gone through various reviews and testimonials to come up with this list. Check it out to find out the best replacement for your vehicle. 

Orion Motor Tech 6C3Z-9189

Best Fuel Tank Selector Valves

If you are looking for a fuel tank selector valve that is made according to strict OE standards, then the Orion Motor Tech 6C3Z-9189 is a good option. It is designed to replace OE parts #6C3Z-9189-A, F5TB-9F271-AA, 5746352, and 6005966. 

This part is designed for some Ford models. They include, but not limited to:

  • 1987 – 1989 Ford E-150, E-250, and E-350 Super Duty
  • 1987 – 1988 Ford Ranger
  • 2000 – 2016 Ford Super Duty (F-550, F-450, and F-350)

1987 – 1989 and 1994 – 1997 Ford Super Duty 

  • F-350 and F-250

The Orion Motor Tech 6C3Z-9189 controls the tank that supplies the engine with fuel. It is a 6 port fuel tank selector valve that features robust plastic housing and an upgraded latch. These features guarantee lifelong uncompromised performance and improved reliability. 

It uses the 5 PIN FLAT configuration and it’s a plug-and-play valve. The product comes with yellow and orange caps. These are meant to protect the item when it is shipped. Make sure you remove them before installation. 

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer – Orion Motor Tech
  • Weight – 11.2 ounces
  • Dimensions – 6.69” x 4.33” x 3.34”
  • Availability – Found in the majority of online stores that sell auto parts 


  • Fits and looks just like the stock part
  • Affordable
  • Allows you to easily switch between fuel tanks
  • Easy to install 
  • Use 5 PIN FLAT configuration


  • Not easily found in brick and mortar auto parts stores
  • Does not come with new fuel clips
Orion Motor Tech 6C3Z-9189-A Fuel Tank | Amazon

This valve is plug-and-play and has a 5 pin flat configuration. Please note that the orange and yellow caps are for shipping protection and have to be removed before installation.

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Replacement Reservoir Fuel Tank Selector Valve

Replacement Reservoir Fuel Tank Selector Valve

A selector switch is used on this product to choose between the rear and front fuel tanks. This model is specifically designed for the following vehicles: 

  • 1996 – 1997 F-150
  • 1995 F-250 
  • 1994 F-150
  • 1989 – 1997 F-150
  • 1989 – 1997 F-250 and F-350

You can use this part to replace your fuel tank selector valve if it malfunctions. It comes with a switch to allow you to easily switch from one fuel tank to the other. Great for solving problems such as external fuel leaks, internal leaks from the valves, and electrical problems with the coil. 

The Replacement Reservoir Fuel Tank Selector Valve Assembly can be used to replace parts number F1UZ9B263B and F1UZ-9B263-B. These are commonly found in F-350, F-250, and F-150 1989 – 1997 vehicles. The product is mounted on the frame rails under the driver’s side. Observe safety measures when you are replacing the selector valve. 

All parts made by AA Ignition undergo strict quality control throughout the production process and during shipping. Multiple quality control checks are performed during each production step. This ensures each fuel tank selector valve lasts for years to come. 

Take note this is not a genuine OEM part. However, it’s a direct replacement meaning it works, fits, and looks like the fuel tank selector valve you are replacing. Installation needs to be done by a professional. If you decide to install it yourself, ensure you are in a fire-free and well-ventilated workplace. 

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer – AA Ignition
  • Weight – 1.93 pounds
  • Dimensions – 7.4” x 7.24” x 6.26”
  • OEM part number – F1UZ9B263B, F1UZ-9B263-B


  • Fits and works like the original valve
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made using multiple quality control checks
  • Easy installation
  • Solves interior and exterior valve leak problems


  • Not a genuine OEM fuel tank selector valve
  • Limited to older Ford F series models



The MOSTPLUS F1UZ9B263B is a fuel pump reservoir tank selector valve made using robust plastic housing. This ensures you get a strong and durable product. It goes through various quality checks to ensure the item gets to you in the best possible condition. 

This part is designed to be compatible with the following vehicle models:

  • 1988 – 1996 Ford E-150
  • 1988 – 1996 Ford E-250
  • 1988 – 1996 Ford E-350
  • 1996 Ford Econoline Super Duty
  • 1994 – 1997 Ford F Super Duty 
  • 1989 – 1997 Ford F-150
  • 1989 – 1997 F-250
  • 1989 – 1997 Ford F-350

Get this fuel tank selector valve if you have any of the above-mentioned models. In the event you are not sure about the fitting and replacement, contact the company’s customer service. They will give you insight on the best part for your particular model if this one doesn’t fit your car. 

MOSTPLUS F1UZ9B263B is designed to ensure it solves your fuel tank switching problems. It comes with a 6 nozzle design to ensure various problems associated with a selector valve are solved. For instance, you can get this part if you are experiencing overflow and fuel tank switching problems.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer – MOSTPLUS
  • Weight – 1.91 pounds
  • Dimensions – 7.28” x 7.09” x 6.3”
  • OEM part number – F1UZ9B263B, 911-000, F1UZ-9B263-B


  • Perfect fit and OE design
  • Direct replacement
  • Great customer service 
  • Damage proof packaging for shipping
  • Robust plastic housing to ensure durability 


  • Fits older model Ford F series
  • Requires professional installation
MOSTPLUS F1UZ9B263B Fuel Pump Reservoir Tank

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ACDelco U7000 Professional Fuel Tank Selector Valve

ACDelco U7000 Professional Fuel Tank Selector Valve

Some of the vehicles on the road today have dual fuel tanks. If this is the case and you need a fuel tank selector valve replacement, consider going for ACDelco Professional U7000. It is a high-quality fuel tank selector valve replacement compatible with many vehicles. 

This valve easily replaces any faulty valve that was installed in a GM vehicle. The part is designed and developed to fit GM vehicles. As such, it ensures you get the same service life, durability, and performance expected from General Motors. 

Apart from General Motors, the part can be used in most makes and models that use a dual fuel tank system. The ACDelco U7000 Professional Fuel Tank Selector Valve is a high-quality alternative to OE products. It is manufactured to meet your function, form, and fit.


  • Genuine GM OE replacement part
  • Fits GM cars and other makes and models
  • Competitively priced aftermarket part
  • Enhanced technology and performance surpassing manufacturer’s performance
  • Specialty part hard to counterfeit 


  • Doesn’t come with connectors
  • The caps are not the best quality 

Ford Reservoir ASY

Ford Reservoir ASY

A common problem in dual tank Ford F-150 and other dual tank vehicles is the front tank feeding gas to the rear tank or vice versa. If you are experiencing the same problem on your Ford F series, the Ford Reservoir ASY can be a good solution to the problem. Additionally, it is more affordable than the majority of fuel tank selector valves in the market.  

When you install this part, ensure you have unplugged the return lines. The new selector comes with some caps. Use them to plug the lines on the old selector working on one line at a time. Switch a line from the new selector to the old one. Plug up the old selector’s line and move to the next one and repeat the process. 

The replacement will ensure you can switch from your front tank to the rear tank and vice versa. It also ensures you equalize the pressure of the sending unit. This means you may notice an improvement in fuel consumption. However, this is determined by the condition of the old selector valve.


  • Fits like an OEM part
  • Comes with new clips
  • Installation is easy
  • Works on older Ford models
  • Affordable 


  • It may need to be retrofitted on some trucks
  • It isn’t available in most auto parts stores 

Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems with Solutions

A fuel tank selector valve usually connects with a switch sometimes found under the seat of the driver. When the switch is flipped, it sends a signal to the selector valve to switch from one tank to another. This valve is usually found in Ford trucks.

There are many models of Ford trucks such as F-150 and F-250. These trucks use a dual fuel tank system. This is why they have a fuel tank selector valve. There are some common problems associated with this system. 

The most common include:

  1. Fuel tank overfilling
  2. Fuel system problem
  3. The selector valve has problems resulting in the fuel tank not opening or closing
  4. The selector valve refuses to work in the starting position 

Problem 1: Faulty Tank

Faulty Tank

One of your tanks has a problem when the other is working well. It is a common problem on Ford trucks. In general, a selector valve comes with six valves. The selector valve has multiple return and sending functions. If the selector valve has malfunctioned, the fuel tank will not close or open properly. In this case, you can only access one fuel tank.


There is a step by step solution you need to follow:

  1. Check the fuel tank selector valve switch
  2. Check the wire to ensure the wire cable is not loose
  3. Take close look or let a professional check your small motor if you haven’t found any problems with the above items. It is connected to the valve switch and repairing it may solve the problem. 

Problem 2: Valve Doesn’t Respond When Starting Your Car

This is a common problem in old Ford trucks. You may face this problem if you bought a second-hand Ford truck. It may be caused by the previous owner removing the selector valve. If this is the case, you need to use the front tank only.


The following steps can help you remedy this problem:

  1. Remove the selector valve
  2. Add a check valve. It may perform better than a fuel tank selector valve
  3. Replace the old valve with a new fuel tank selector valve compatible with your model

Problem 3: Fuel System Failure

In dual tank trucks, the rear tank may not have fuel, but the front one does. Sometimes the switch fails causing fuel from the front tank to move to the rear tank. 


Fuel moving from one tank to another without the driver’s action is a common Ford truck problem. The solution is:

  1. Check if the rear pump is running. The pump doesn’t work with the selector valve. If it isn’t running, you won’t have the option to switch from one tank to another
  2. Unplug the frame of the pump and switch to the rear tank
  3. Run the rear tank by switching on your vehicle 
  4. Switch to the front tank. If it doesn’t respond, it means you have to replace your fuel tank selector valve

Problem 4: Overfilling


Sometimes fuel may leave the rear tank and move to the front tank. 


There are several methods you can use to solve this issue:

  1. Rebuild the selector valve
  2. If the fuel pump has malfunctioned replace it
  3. Remove the selector valve after ensuring you can use one of the tanks, preferably the front one

Other Problems

The above problems are common dual tank problems in Ford trucks. Other issues may arise. For example, in the 1996 F-150 models, sometimes fuel may leak. It happens when both tanks are filled and you start using the rear tank.

The leak usually occurs on the front tank. If you don’t know how to go about finding a solution, consult a certified mechanic.


Question: Is It Possible to Bypass a Fuel Tank Selector Valve? 

Answer: Yes, it is. You need to connect the return and feed from or to the engine to the return and feed from or to the front tank. A few hose clamps and two short fuel hoses are enough to bypass the selector valve. The downside is you have to cut all the connectors. This means reinstalling the selector valve back later will be a nightmare.

Question: What is the Location of the Fuel Tank Selector Valve?

Answer: In most vehicles, the selector valve is located on the driver’s side on the frame rail, just behind the cab. You may not see it if your front tank has a skid plate over it. 

Question: How Do I Use a Dual Gas Tank?

Answer: There is a switch on the dashboard. You use it to select the tank the vehicle will use when you are driving. The fuel gauge switches when you switch to the other tank. You drive until the tank you are using is almost dry. Switch to the other fuel tank without slowing down. Don’t wait for the tank to be empty because your engine will run out of fuel before you switch.

Question: What is a Fuel Tank Selector Valve?

Answer: It is a device that is designed to allow a driver to switch between the two tanks found in some vehicles. The majority of Ford trucks have dual tanks. A switch is connected to the selector valve. It is usually found to the right of the steering wheel or under the driver’s seat in most dual tank vehicles.

Bottom Line

A fuel tank selector valve is a crucial part of any dual tank system. If it malfunctions, you need to replace it before you encounter more problems. Use the list above to choose a fuel tank selector valve. The above information also gives you insight into common problems and their solution. 

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