Best Jeep Compass Lift Kits Guide

The Best Jeep Compass Lift Kits Guide

As an avid fan of Jeep vehicles, I couldn’t wait to test the early Compass models. I soon realized that their ground clearance is a few inches shorter than on Wrangler or Gladiator trims, making it difficult to avoid hitting rocks while off-roading.

Using a lift kit to add a few extra inches of ground clearance reduced the strain on the SUV’s frame and suspension system.

Most of the best Jeep Compass lift kits aren’t universal, and they only fit on specific Jeep Compass trims, so you won’t be able to use a kit designed for a 2014 Jeep Compass Latitude on a 2019 Jeep Compass High Altitude for example. So in this article, I’ll go over the features of these kits and recommend the models that might fit your vehicle.

Bottom Line Up Front

Rough Country Lift Kit 66531 is probably your best pick if you need a lift kit for one of the older Jeep Compass models. This leveling kit contains rugged, high-quality components and is affordable, so you won’t have to spend a small fortune on increasing your SUV’s ground clearance.

American Trail 35150002 or Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ09172BK should be your go-to option if you’re looking for a kit designed for the 2017 and 2019 versions of the Jeep Compass Trailhawk or High Altitude.

Jeep Compass Accessories Guide

My Top Picks At a Glance

Kit  JEEP Compass Trim 2WD and 4WD compatibility  Price range
Rough Country 2-inch Lift Kit 66532 2007 – 2016 Jeep Compass 4WD-only $$$$
American Trail 35150002 2015-2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk, Sport, Limited, Upland, Altitude and Latitude 4WD-only $$$$
Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ091711BK 2019 Jeep Compass High Altitude 2WD or 4WD $$
TerraFlex 1.5-inch Budget Boost Lift Kit 1351200 2018-2015 Jeep Compass Sport o 2WD or 4WD $$
RT Off-Road 2-inch Lift and Level Kit RT21053 2011-2017 Jeep Compass Latitude 4WD-only $$
Rough Country 2-inch Lift Kit 66501 First generation Jeep Compass 4WD-only $$
Rough Country Lift Kit 66531 All 2011 – 2017 Jeep Compass models 4WD-only $$
Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ09172BK 2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk 2WD or 4WD $$$
maXpeedingrods 2-inch Lift Kit All 2007 – 2017 Jeep Compass models 2WD or 4WD $

Types of Jeep Compass Lift Kits

You shouldn’t take the decision to increase your vehicle’s ground clearance lightly because lift kits might make steering, braking, or accelerating more difficult. Researching lift kit types and how they affect the SUV will help you avoid the potential downsides of installing this kit on your Jeep Compass.

Let’s take a look at the Jeep Compass lift kit types and what they offer:

  • Coil spring spacers – Mounting coil spacers onto the coil springs will add up to 2-inches of ground clearance and keep the suspension adjustments at the minimum. Most Jeep Compass owners use this lift kit type for cosmetic reasons.
  • Body lift – With these kits, you can lift your Jeep Compass for up to three inches, but they aren’t a good option if you’re planning on driving your vehicle through rough terrains.
  • Long and short arm lift kits – Besides increasing ground clearance, control arms featured in these kits offer excellent suspension angles and more wheel travel.
  • Coil lift kits – Flexibility is the most significant advantage these kits have over other options. However, they’re more expensive than other lift kit types.

jeep compass in the field

Contents of a Jeep Compass Lift Kit

Most kits contain the same parts, but their contents aren’t always identical. That’s why you must go through the kit’s part list to find out if it has all components you need to lift your vehicle.

Also, the contents of these kits depend on their type, so a body lift kit won’t have the same parts as a short arm kit. Here are some of the components you’ll find in most Jeep Compass lift kits:

  • Lift blocks
  • Strut spacers
  • Coil springs
  • Bar link brackets
  • Bolts and nuts

Short or long control and trailing arms could also be included, although they’re not a standard feature in all lift kits. It’s worth adding that installing these kits could require steering geometry, drive shaft, and brake line adjustments.

Moreover, some kits allow you to switch to larger tires, but you must check the maximum tire size a specific kit supports.

The Best Jeep Compass Lift Kit Brands

Nearly all the best lift kits for Jeep Compass trims released from 2007 onwards are produced by a handful of brands. Hence, your range of options will be limited if you’re looking for a kit compatible with the 2018 Sport or 2019 High Altitude versions of this SUV.

Moreover, finding trim kits that fit Jeep Compass trims released after 2020 is challenging. Let’s take a look at some of the most reliable Jeep Compass lift kit manufacturers:

  • American Trail
  • TerraFlex
  • Daystar
  • RT Off-Road
  • Rough Country

Even though they produce a wide array of accessories for Jeep SUVs, some of these brands offer only a handful of lift kit solutions for Compass models. Rough County has the broadest selection of kits compatible with most Jeep Compass trims released between 2010 and 2017.

jeep compass

Installation and Upkeep

Even when done correctly, raising the SUV’s center of gravity and using larger tires can cause multiple issues with your Jeep Compass. So, attempting to install a lift kit on your own could jeopardize your safety as a slight misstep could cause breaking problems or suspension system malfunction.

Buying a lift kit for a Jeep Compass model before consulting a professional is also not advisable since you might accidentally get a model that is incompatible with your vehicle.

Once installed, these kits require frequent inspection and maintenance as the bolts that keep them in place often get loose and their lift arms get out of position. Moreover, you may have to upgrade your vehicle’s shock absorbers and braking system if you switch to larger off-road tires.

Cost and Warranties of Jeep Compass Lift Kits

The costs of having your Jeep Compass lifted a few inches goes beyond the kit’s price because, in most cases, you’ll also have to change the brakes, tires, and shocks. Moreover, the installation costs exceed $1,000, while the complete upgrade might end up costing you more than $10,000.

The least expensive lift kits for Jeep Compass trims cost $150 to $400, while high-end models cost around $1,000. Installing these kits doesn’t void the vehicle’s warranty, but if the kit damages some of the SUV’s factory parts, Jeep won’t cover the replacement costs.

Most kits come with warranties, but their duration depends on the model and the manufacturer, which is why you need to check the warranty conditions for each lift kit you consider.

Selection Criteria

All Compass models Jeep released since 2002 were available in several trims. The 2022 version of the SUV comes in a variety of trim levels and styles. So, your choice of a lift kit will depend on whether you have a Trailhawk, Sport, or Latitude trim and the year when the SUV was released.

The lift kits I included in the final selection aren’t compatible with all versions of Jeep Compass, and you can choose between kits designed for models released in 2007 or 2019. In addition, I considered the type, price, and brand reliability while selecting lift kits for this article.

Top 9 Jeep Compass lift kits

Rough Country 2-inch Lift Kit 66532

Rough Country 2 Inch Lift Kit

Getting the Rough Country 2-inch Lift Kit 66532 will enable you to increase the SUV’s ground clearance by up to two inches. This kit is compatible with most Limited, Sport, Latitude, Base, and High Altitude Jeep Compass models released between 2007 and 2016.

It comes with strut spacers, control arms with X-Flex joints, and bolts that allow for relatively painless installation. However, the kit is only compatible with 4WD Jeep Compass models, and you’ll have to perform a four-wheel alignment after the installation process is completed.


  • It keeps the front and rear of the SUV level
  • It adds two inches of ground clearance to the vehicle
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee


  • This kit is expensive

American Trail 35150002

American Trail Products 4.0


Owners of Latitude, Sport, or Trailhawk Jeep Compass models released from 2015 to 2020 can use the American Trail 35150002 kit to lift their SUVs for four inches. Rolled steel and aircraft billet aluminum parts aren’t prone to corrosion, and you’re unlikely to damage them during off-road rides.

Besides increasing the vehicle’s ground clearance, the kit lets you use 30-inch tall tires after a fender adjustment. This kit doesn’t reduce the ride quality or cause steering issues.


  • It contains all components necessary for installation
  • All parts are made from durable materials
  • The kit keeps the vehicle stable
  • It fits on most Jeep Compass models released from 2015 onward


  • Installing this kit might void the vehicle’s warranty

Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ091711BK

daystar lift kit

Manufactured by an industry-leading brand, Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ091711BK is one of the best options for Jeep Compass models released in the last five years. Besides 2020 Jeep Compass Sport or Limited, this suspension lift kit also fits 2007 or 2012 versions of these trims.

Its struts arrive fully assembled, so there’s no need to spend time putting these parts together during the installation. Moreover, the kit’s coil spacers are made from non-corrosive material.


  • An affordable price
  • Suitable for most Jeep Compass trims
  • Highly durable components


  • Lift height varies from model to model

TerraFlex 1.5-inch Budget Boost Lift Kit 1351200

TeraFlex Renegade 1.5 Inch Budget Boost Lift Kit

The TerraFlex 1.5-inch Budget Boost Lift Kit 1351200 might be one of the best options at your disposal if you’d like to increase the ground clearance of a 2018 Jeep Compass Latitude or Sport. However, this kit doesn’t fit models released before 2015.

Its strut spacers match the angle of the vehicle’s strut, allowing for intricate height calibration, while its rear control arm enables you to align suspension effortlessly. The maximum lift you can achieve with this kit is 1.5-inches.


  • The sway bar has a quick disconnect function
  • The kit contains installation materials
  • This lift kit lasts for more than five years


  • It doesn’t fit Jeep Compass models released after 2018

RT Off-Road 2-inch Lift and Level Kit RT21053

RT Off-Road 2 Inch Suspension Lift and Level Kit

I think choosing the RT Off-Road 2-inch Lift, and Level Kit RT21053 can be an affordable option for owners of older Jeep Compass models. You can mount it on most Sport or Latitude trims released from 2007 until 2017, but you won’t be able to use it with models from the second generation.

The level kit comes with a rear lateral bar link and front sway bar brackets link, as well as front and rear strut spacers. It also contains nuts and bolts for quick and straightforward installation.


  • All parts are corrosion-resistant
  • The kit is inexpensive
  • It fits most first-generation Jeep Compass models


  • Sorting out balancing issues can be difficult
  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty

Rough Country 2-inch Lift Kit 66501

Rough Country 2 Inch Jeep Suspension Lift Kit

Mounting the Rough Country 2-inch Lift Kit 66501 on a first-generation Jeep Compass will enable you to push the SUV’s ground clearance over ten inches or use bigger tires that handle rough terrains well.

Aside from upper and lower spacers, the kit contains lower control arm that improves articulation and side load management and makes the suspension alignment easier.

Even though the manufacturer claims the kit is compatible with all Jeep Compass models released from 2007 to 2017, I still think it’s advisable to check if you can install it on your vehicle.


  • The unique control arm design
  • It helps level the vehicle
  • It’s less expensive than similar lift kits


  • The kit might cause steering problems

Rough Country Lift Kit 66531

Rough Country Lift Kit 66531

If you’re searching for a leveling kit you can fit on Limited or Latitude trim, I suggest looking at the Rough Country Lift Kit 66531. In addition to giving your SUV an aggressive look, the kit will prepare it better for challenging off-road drives.

Although the manufacturer claims installing this kit is easy, I still advise against going through the process alone, especially if you don’t know how to align wheels. Moreover, you may have to replace the vehicle’s brakes if you decide to switch to larger tires.


  • It allows for rear and front alignment
  • Kit’s components don’t wear out quickly
  • Excellent warranty coverage


  • Kit installation is pricy

Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ09172BK

Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ09172BK

You can only fit the Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ09172BK Trailhawk models released from 2017 to 2020, so if you have an older or a more recent Jeep Compass trim, you’ll have to search for alternative solutions.

The kit contains coil spring spacers and top load strut extenders that lift the SUV’s body for 1.5-inches. This Daystar’s model is an aesthetic lift solution because it cannot provide the ground clearance Trailhawk needs for rides on challenging tracks.


  • It doesn’t disrupt the vehicle’s stability
  • Coil spacers don’t rub against the car’s metal parts
  • All parts meet industry standards


  • It’s only suitable for Jeep Compass Trailhawk models

maXpeedingrods 2-inch Lift Kit

Lift Kit for Jeep Compass Patriot MK 2007-2017

Despite the manufacturer’s claims that the maXpeedingrods 2-inch Lift Kit is a universal fit to all first-generation Jeep Compass models, you should still check if you can mount it on a 2014 Altitude or 2011 Latitude.

The kit’s contents include two front and rear lift spacers, a pair of control arms, and two sway bar brackets. Moreover, you’ll get two camber bolts and installation hardware if you opt for this lift kit. The manufacturer doesn’t include an instruction sheet in the kit to discourage DIY installation attempts.


  • It provides good value for money
  • The kit doesn’t lower the vehicle’s road performance
  • It extends SUV’s tire options


  • This kit might affect the suspension geometry

Frequently Asked Questions about Jeep Compass Lift Kits

Question: How long do Jeep Compass lift kits last?

Answer: These kits usually last five to ten years, although frequent usage in challenging conditions can shorten their lifespan.

Question: Do I need more than ten inches of ground clearance on a Jeep Compass?

Answer: All Jeep Compass models, regardless of the trim or style, have around 8 inches of ground clearance, which is more than enough for moderate off-road driving conditions. Adding two more inches will enable you to drive this SUV through rocky or muddy terrains.

Question: Can I remove a Jeep Compass lift kit?

Answer: Yes, you can. Ask your mechanic for more information about the costs of repairing or removing a lift kit.

My Verdict: Choosing the Right Lift Kit for Your Jeep Compass

I seek professional advice whenever I consider altering my Jeep Compass to ensure I won’t compromise its performance by installing an OEM part.

Even though they can make your SUV more visually appealing, I only recommend mounting a lift kit on your Jeep Compass if you often use it in off-road conditions. Rough Country Lift Kit 66531 is one of the most versatile options you can get but it only fits first-generation Jeep Compass models.

On the other hand, American Trail 35150002 or Daystar 1.5-inch Lift Kit KJ09172BK could be the right option if you have a recent version of this Jeep’s SUV.

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